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On you can find different word generator tools to make words from letters for different word games like our Scrabble Word Finder, the Words With Friends Cheat and our Anagram Solver.



To get an overview of what you can do on, visit our Word Finder page. You can learn more about word games and word trivia in our article section. Find our most recent articles below.

Scrabble®-Helper, Wordfeud Helper and other tools;

Crossword Solver

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Do you prefer crosswords? Just try out our Crossword Solver. Here you are sure to find the right clues to solve the crossword. » Crossword Solver

Scrabble® Word Finder

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Are you hiding in the washroom, desperately trying to find a solution to your Scrabble® game with your friends? Our Scrabble® Word Finder is the best tool on the internet and easy to use. Just enter your letters and get the best words to win your game! » Scrabble® Word Finder

Anagram Solver

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Anagrams have a long history as deceptively simple puzzles made for fun. However, it turns out there is much more to anagrams than you ever thought. Find out more fun facts about these tasteful puzzles of yore and how to use our Anagram Solver right here at word-grabber. » Anagram Solver

Words with Friends Cheat

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Use the best Words With Friends Cheat and read all about the fabulous word game! Find the best words for your game. Enjoy the special word game with your friends. If you will score high give us a chance with our Words With Friends Cheat!» Words with Friends Cheat

Letter Sorting

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Use our Letter Sorting Word Generator to generate words from up to 15 letters for any word game. » Letter Sorting

Word Unscrambler

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Were you enjoying your morning coffee, doing your morning brain games, and then you just suddenly encountered a hint that looks like someone typed into their keyboard while raging? What does RTTEHGNSS even mean? Why is a puzzle based on knowledge and trivia suddenly throwing gibberish at you? No worries! Our Word Unscrambler will help you unscramble through those difficult puzzles. » Word Unscrambler

Wordfeud Helper

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Our most recent word generator is the Wordfeud Helper. Like the other tools you can simply enter your tiles and make words from letters that are valid for Wordfeud online. » Wordfeud Helper

Word Chums Cheat

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Take advantage of the Word Chums Cheat to find words for your next online word game match in Word Chums. » Word Chums Cheat

Wordscapes Answers and Cheat

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With over 3700 levels, Wordscapes can get tough pretty fast. Have no fear, word-grabber is here! We can help you out with our Wordscapes Answers and our Wordscapes Cheat. Just try it out! » Wordscapes Answers and Cheat

Trend App Tutorial and Reviews

Are you looking for the newest word apps and the best hints, clues, and cheats to master them? Check out our tutorials and reviews of trending word games by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Articles on word games and more

On you can find various information about word games. We’ve divided our articles section into information about word games you can play, word trivia to learn less important facts or the in-depth information section about words and letters. We’ve also added word lists where you can find interesting selections of words and from time to time we play with words on twitter.