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On you can find different word generator tools to make words from letters for different word games like our Scrabble® Helper, the Words With Friends Cheat and our Anagram Solver.


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To get an overview of what you can do on, visit our What-Can-I-Do-Here page. You can learn more about word games and word trivia in our article section. Find our most recent articles below.

Scrabble®-Helper, Wordfeud Helper and other tools

Scrabble® Cheat

The Scrabble® Cheat or better the Scrabble® Helper finds words using letter combinations for the popular board game Scrabble®. Our Scrabble® Cheat not only sorts letters into Scrabble® words, but also creates words for a specific pattern including bonus scores and blank tiles. » Scrabble® Cheat

Words with Friends Cheat

The Words with Friends Cheat makes words from letters for the famous word game Words with Friends. You can type in letters to create a word, but also a pattern to be matched or the number of blanks to use. » Words with Friends Cheat

Wordfeud Helper

Our most recent word generator is the Wordfeud Helper. Like the other tools you can simply enter your tiles and make words from letters that are valid for Wordfeud online. » Wordfeud Helper

Anagram Solver

Our Anagram Solver finds words that match the exact number of the letters you entered. So you can make words from letters of a different word or any kind of string. » Anagram Solver

Letter Sorting

Use our Letter Sorting Word Generator to unscramble words from up to 15 letters of any word game. This word maker helps you to find solutions for word games, newspaper riddles or your homework. You can also use a pattern to sort letters. » Letter Sorting

Grabber, the Word Finder

The Word Grabber is designed to make words from letters. The difference from our Scrabble® Cheat is the possibility to enter up to 15 letters and a pattern in only one input field. This simple word finder was designed to help you with any kind of word game or crossword puzzle. » Grabber, the Word Finder

Word Chums Cheat

Take the Word Chums Cheat to find words for your next online word game match in Word Chums. » Word Chums Cheat

Crossword Solver

Need help solving a crossword clue? Our easy to use crossword solver is great to find the answers to a lot of clues around. » Crossword Solver

Articles on word games and more

On you can find various information about word games. We’ve divided our articles section into information about word games you can play, word trivia to learn less important facts or the in-depth information section about words and letters. We’ve also added word lists where you can find interesting selections of words and from time to time we play with words on twitter.

Information on words and word lists offers you a wide range of information on words sorted according to criteria like alphabet, word length or attributes such as Palindromes. You can access all this through a choice of different options.

Word Search

Here you can browse through all our word lists searching for specific words. This word search can also be used as a test to check the validity of a certain word in a certain word game. » Word Search

Word List Overview

Here you find word lists that could help you in word games like Scrabble®, Literati, Words With Friends or Word Mole. Sorted by alphabet, length, etc. » Word List Overview

Words from A to Z

Search for words and their word profiles to get information on word value, meaning or grammar. A alphabetic navigation will help you here, too. » Words from A to Z