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Are you searching for high-scoring words for your favorite word game like Scrabble®, Words with Friends, Word Chums, Angry Words, Wordfeud, or Lexulous? At rest assured that you are in the right place!

Here you can find all Word Finders by and of course our Crossword Solver for crossword addicts. Every generator we provide is described using detailed instructions on each Word Creator page. A concrete example will also help you understand the helper.

Words with Friends Cheat Make the Best Words

Words With Friends Cheat
Words with Friends is a popular online word game you can play against your friends all over the world. Our WWF Cheat can help you learn new words for the game. You can type in letters, but you can also enter a pattern to be matched or the number of blanks to use.

Get Help from Our Scrabble® Cheat

Scrabble Helper
Scrabble® is recognized as a great word game all over the world. But sometimes you may be at a loss for the right words. Our Scrabble® Helper shows you the best words on your rack. It also creates words for a specific pattern – with bonus scores and blank tiles included.

Word Chums Cheat for a Cute Word Game

Words Chums Cheat
What players of Word Chums love most is the little figures called Chums, which give it special character. Sometimes you may be at a loss for how to deal with the different situations in this online game. Our Word Chums Cheat can help you find possible words.

Unscramble Words with Our Letter Sorting Tool

Letter Sorting
Our Letter Sorting tool is a simple way to unscramble up to 15 letters. This word generator helps you to find solutions for word games, newspaper riddles, or your homework. You can also use a pattern to sort letters.

More Helpers for Your Word Games

Need more help? We have got some other Word Creators for you.

Other Word Game Helpers

Anagram Solver

Our Anagram Solver finds words that match the exact number of the letters you entered. So you can make words from letters of a different word or any kind of string. » Anagram Solver

Lexulous Cheat

The Lexulous Cheat supports you to find different words from letters for Lexulous game. » Lexulous Cheat

Angry Words Cheat

Angry Words Cheat is a helpful word generating tool for Angry Words and Aworded. » Angry Words Cheat

Wordfeud Helper

Our most recent word generator is the Wordfeud Helper. Like the other tools you can simply enter your tiles and make words from letters that are valid for Wordfeud online. » Wordfeud Helper

Different Word Games, Different Word Lists

Be patient and choose the right Word Creator for your game: the words that are important for Scrabble are different from those important for Words with Friends or Word Feud. The reason is that there are different word lists for each word game. In Scrabble® we use the TWL14 and CSW15 word lists to find the right answers. In Words with Friends most of the words you can use derive from a list called ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon). It is a public domain list used by many word games.

How to Use One Word Generator the Right Way

But let us take a look at how to use our Word Creators in general.

First you have to choose the right generator, then type in your letters from your rack or letters that you want to make words with.

Optional Pattern Field in Different Word Generators

As you can see, you can use a second field for other options in the Words with Friends Cheat, the Scrabble Helper, or the Word Chums Cheat for example. We call this field the pattern field. You can use the optional pattern field to play strategically in your word game. Here it is possible to show if there are double- and triple-letter scoring fields or double- and triple-word scoring fields around the position you want to use to make a word.

Using a Dot for the Joker in the Word Creator

To use a joker in your word game you can switch the blanks in the pattern field from 0 to 2, type a dot (.), or use the empty button on your keyboard in the letters field of your favorite word generator. As you can see, the blanks switch to 1 when one dot is used, to two when two dots are used, and to zero when three dots are used.

Different Points in Different Games

For each word game, we will show you how many minimum points you can make in the game. You just have to sort the words our word generator makes out of your letters by points. Usually they are sorted by length.

Special Word Creators with Other Functions

As you can see, our Letter Sorting Helper has the same fields for using up to 15 letters to make a word with. But here you can sort the words by length and in an alphanumeric way.

word creators letter sorting tool

Our Anagram Solver uses sorting by length and alphanumerics too, but here you cannot find an optional pattern field.

Our Crossword Solver does indeed have other options: Here you can easily type in your crossword clue and we will show you the ideal answers for the clue.

word creators crossword solver

Searching Special Words

Are you looking for words that must contain a certain letter, have a certain length, or start with a certain letter? We provide word lists that help you to find these special words. We have word lists with palindromes, for example, too. Here is a little selection from these different word lists:

To search new words you can also use our Dictionary. Here you can type in the word and after pressing enter you get more information about the word in each word profile. For example, you can see the word game it is suitable for, how many basic points you can get for it, and which back and front hooks are possible for this word.

More about Words and Word Games for You

When playing your favorite word game you have to know the right words. We can help you with our Word Generators and we can inspire you with our articles about the different word game worlds too. On you can read articles about mobile word games, online word games, and printable word games. You can play with words in other ways too. What about making an anagram out of your name? We explain to you how this works in our games with words section. We also profile different gamers. We speak with them about their passion for word games and write interviews for you to read on the Speaking about Words Page.

You are missing the right tool to make words from letters? Contact us and we may build it!