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Wordfeud Helper

Wordfeud is one of the most famous word games besides Scrabble® and Words With Friends. The strong sides of this digital word game are the different languages in which you make words with letters and the international community. This is why we’ve created a Wordfeud Helper, the little Wordfeud Cheat to complement our other word generators. If you haven’t used this tool before, please look at the instructions below.

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You can make words from letters for Wordfeud by simply typing your letters into the first field and an optional pattern into the second. You’ll find more detailed instructions below and a list of signs for bonus squares under the pattern input field. Since you can randomly generate your Wordfeud board, our pattern is the most flexible way to find words without being bound to a specific Wordfeud board type.

Highlighted Results

The Wordfeud Helper highlights blanks and letters from the pattern within the result table. Blanks are underlined and letters from the board are bold with a white background.

Quick Help for Wordfeud Helper


Letters and Patterns:

  • The upper input field of the Wordfeud Helper only accepts letters from a to z, and it isn’t case sensitive. Letters entered here are likely to appear in the Wordfeud Helper results, but don’t have to.
  • By using a white space or dot you can shift the blank selection whether you need one or two blanks. When you set a third white space or dot the selection will move back to zero.
  • You can optionally use the pattern field to match the results to a specific situation on your Wordfeud board. For the meaning of the special characters, see the table below.

Symbols you can use:

  • a-z for letters already on the board
  • . (dot): empty field
  • 2 : empty field with double letter score
  • 3 : empty field with triple letter score
  • 4 : empty field with double word score
  • 5 : empty field with triple word score

Please note, that if you use patterns, the results will be no longer than the number of characters you entered into the pattern field. So you can limit the length of the results by using a number of dots.

Have a look at this tutorial for more information on the pattern field.

Other Wordfeud Helper options


You can use up to 2 blank tiles. The results can be sorted by length or number of points. Currently, you can generate words for Wordfeud from the international SOWPODS word list or the Tournament Word List (TWL), mainly used in the USA, Canada and Thailand.

Click here: for an example and more information on the Wordfeud Helper, Scrabble® Word Finder and Words With Friends Cheat.

About Wordfeud Helper



Wordfeud is a popular word game you can play online or on your mobile device. You could say that Wordfeud is as popular online as Words With Friends, but with Scrabbles® international appeal. You can play it in different languages online or on your mobile device. Another interesting fact is that you can choose between a pre-set or randomly generated boards to make words from letters.

Our Wordfeud Helper was created for training purposes and not primarily to be an unfair Wordfeud Cheat. Many visitors have reported that our word generator tools help them widen their vocabulary and language skills playing Wordfeud and other word games against more skilled opponents. We suggest you tell your opponents if you are using the Wordfeud Helper, giving them the chance to use it themselves. Doing so you can both train your vocabulary and your ability to search for the best placements for words on the board.

You can also use the Wordfeud Helper to check the spelling or the meaning of a word. Wordfeud Helper and in general do not provide any advice or scripts to hack the game itself or cheat unfairly in Wordfeud.

Wordfeud Word Lists

The English version of Wordfeud uses the same word lists as Scrabble®. The SOWPODS list is for international use and the TWL focuses on American English words and expressions.