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Pictures Take on New Life with Guess the Word

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Stop whatever you are doing because word games have taken on a new twist. Guess the Word is a word association game, where you need to guess a word based on stunning pictures. It is the best game for any word puzzle player, whether you appreciate riddles, word games, association games, logic games or simple puzzles. The aim of the game is to select the right letters and fill in a word that links to for different pictures. For this to happen, you need to draw deep into your general knowledge, and piece together words using your logic.

One key feature that players will appreciate about this game is its simplicity. Once you start playing, you move from one level to the next. Moving through the levels requires one to fill in words correctly. Here is how to make that happen.

Pick apart the pictures

This is a unique word game, different from the numerous swipe and win games that you will find with word puzzles. Instead, this game features pictures, and from these pictures, you need to create a word. Each puzzle features a total of four pictures, all with something in common that will help to form the word. Below the pictures, you will see some empty boxes. Underneath those are twelve letters that have been jumbled up. You need to create a word using letters from the jumbled-up selection.

When you get the word correct, you can move on to the next level. If you do not have the right letters, you will find that you need to keep trying as you will not move forward. This is where it becomes handy to make use of the hints.
It is also possible to magnify a picture so that you can make it clearer. To do this, press on the picture and it will get larger. You can make it smaller again by simply pressing on it again.

Medals to Keep You on Your Toes

Earn medals and get coins as you play. These medals can be found under the achievements. For each achievement, you have the chance to win a total of three medals. Every time that you get an achievement, you get a medal and then the achievement gets elevated so that you can get the second medal. The closer you get to achievement, the more you can focus on meeting the goal. Some of the achievements you will find include:

  • Complete 150 levels
  • Use 45 hints
  • Earn a total of 1000 coins
  • And so much more

Earning Coins to Push You Forward

You will find that most games give you a chance to earn coins, though, in this game, they are very important. The more you play, the more challenging the words become as they are less obvious to figure out. Buying hints to keep you going will help immensely. This is where the coins come in.

Each time that you complete a level, you will be rewarded with a total of four coins. You will also find that each time you get an achievement, you get a reward in the form of coins. This is where you should play the best game possible, all the time, as you can get up to 500 coins for meeting a goal.

There is also a daily reward option. This has two levels. The first one simply gives you a reward for logging on and playing for a new day. The number of coins that you get goes up a little bit each day. Then there is a second option, and that is to play the daily quest. When you get the word right, you will receive a total of 16 coins, four times the amount that you would get from competing at a normal level.

If you have run out of all the free options to get coins, you will find that you can purchase some coins to get you ahead. Should you have time rather than money to spend, then you can watch a video to get a few free coins.

Move Forward with the Hints

This game needs you to think deeply and make associations between the pictures to guess the word. The higher the levels you climb up, the more challenging it becomes to figure out the words. The words also become longer too. This is where the hints will come in handy. There are two hints that you can choose from. The first allows you to select a random letter, while the other will allow you to eliminate all the letters that do not appear in the word. These hints are pricey, so you should only select them if you are truly stumped.

When you choose to select one letter from the word, you will find that the letter selected is random. It will appear in the word in bright green, against the contrasting white letters. This is the hint you should use if you have an idea of what the word could be but are finding it a challenge to fill in the boxes. For this hint, you will need a total of 60 coins for each letter.

The second hint eliminates the extra letters. Each puzzle presents a total of 12 letters to form the words, though most words are between three and ten letters. Eliminating the excess letters makes it easier for you to guess the word. With this hint, you will need a total of 80 coins.

The Quirks of the Game

There are some quirks that this game has, which make it different, but can also be annoying. One of these quirks is in the number of levels. When you get to 50 levels, you will find that you are unable to move forward until you download an update. This is something that you typically do not find in word puzzle games, as it interrupts the entire gaming experience. This can also throw you off if you feel you are on a roll. It is also worth noting that this is something which will happen every 50 levels that you finish.

Another quirk that makes this game fabulous is that you can take as much time as you need on each puzzle, as there are no time limits for each level. This feature helps make it ideal for players of all ages, as it brings down the pressure and makes the game more fun.

Competition to Keep you Revved Up

Should you be a player who enjoys competition, then you will appreciate what this game has to offer. There is a leader board available that shows you your rating against lots of other players around the world. You need to collect as many trophies as possible, which happens when you move up the different levels.

The Annoying Adverts

The more you enjoy this game, the more adverts that you will need to contend with, especially if you have decided to play for free. The adverts pop up after every three or so levels. For the most part, you will be able to skip them after five seconds, though there are some that you will need to watch for longer.

Another annoying pop up that keeps coming up is the Liked the App? pop up. If you have not liked the game, you will feel as though you are almost being forced to since it consistently shows up. When you finally decide to rate the game, it will stop appearing, though players should not feel compelled to like the game to have a great gaming experience.

Guess the Word – Word Games Puzzle is Worth It

Here is a game that is worth every moment that you playt. Now is the time to stop everything that you are doing, download the game, and immediately start playing. There are lots of levels to experience, and amazing pictures to figure out. This game needs quick thinking, coming to conclusions, and tapping into your knowledge to make word associations. The categories in the pictures may need you to choose a subject, a connecting link, or even a colour. It just needs analysis. If you want to pick your brain and build your mind power in a brilliant way, then this is the game for you. It is great for players of all ages.

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