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Letter Sorting Word Generator to Unscramble Words

The Letter Sorting Word Generator helps you to unscramble words from letters with the option of using a pattern. This word generator or rather word maker is not bound to a specific word game like Scrabble® or Words with Friends but it might help you to find words for competitions, newspaper riddles or your homework. We constantly update the word lists of our word maker you can use, so you have a variety of options to unscramble words.

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How to sort letters?

To start sorting a word’s letters, just enter the word or any given letters into the first input field at the top of the word generator. The results don’t need to contain all letters you typed in. If you only want to search for words with exactly the letters you entered, feel free to use our Anagram Solver.

The results will be sorted by length and in alphabetical order.

Using a search pattern


Our Letter Sorting word generator gives you the opportunity to search with a pattern. There are two kinds of characters to consider here. First of all, you can use any letter you want to appear in the results. Please note, that the letters in the pattern are in addition to the letters you enter into the letter field. An E in the letter field and in the pattern field can lead to results with up to two E’s inside.

The second kind of characters are dots (.). A dot marks an empty and optional field. Please note, that if you use patterns, the results will be no longer than the number of characters you entered into the pattern field. So always be sure to use plenty of dots here. If you don’t type anything into the pattern field, there is no maximum length for the unscrambled words.

For more information on the pattern field have a look at this tutorial.

Words beginning with...

You can also search for words with letters at the beginning or the end of the word. To search for words with BE at the beginning, simply type BE……. in the pattern and enter the letters you allow to follow.

Sorting Example

Think about the following set for an example:

  • Letters: abcdefg
  • Pattern: …o..

In this example, all the words created will contain an O, with up to 3 letters before it and 2 letters after it. Thus, the longest possible word would have 6 letters. In this case, the word maker sorted the letters to words like CODA, CODE and DOGE. As you can see, not all letters need occur.

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