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Infinite Word Search Puzzles: Tutorial, Review and Download.



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If you like crosswords and mobile word games, you might have come across “Infinite Word Search Puzzles” by “Random Logic Games”. This word puzzle has more than 100 word categories and several modes to choose from. It only comes in three languages though: English, Spanish and French.

With more than 10.000.000 downloads and a 4.1 star rating it seems to be played and enjoyed by a broad audience. There are only a few negative comments – mainly complaining about their native language not being included, which is crucial for a word game.

If you want to learn more about this word search game, you can read our review. If you need some support and hacks on how to succeed, I recommend you to read our tutorial. Finally, you find more information about the developers and how to download the game here.

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Tutorial – How To

“Infinite Word Search Puzzles” provides you with a multiplayer and a single-player mode. For all modes, you will see a board full of seemingly random letters and a list of words beneath it. Your task is to find all those words on the board as fast as possible. The words can be written forwards and backwards, from top to bottom and vice versa and diagonally as well.

If you choose to play in the single-player mode, you can select one of many word categories. You can also decide if you want to play in the “Infinity” or “Progression” mode. If you choose the latter, you have a certain time on the clock to find all the words. With leveling up, the period becomes shorter as well. If you’ve decided on the “Infinity” mode, you won’t have this timer and can play more relaxed. There are hints to help you too. You can click on the marker symbol on the right top corner and it will mark a randomly searched word, which can be a lifesaver if you’re just about to run out of time. After succeeding in certain levels or for watching some ads, you will be rewarded with more available hints.

In the multiplayer mode, you can compete against an opponent in real-time, meaning you both are searching for the words at the same time. It can happen that the word, which you just found, gets marked by the other player just a split second before you are able to. So, you better hurry up even though there is no timer in this version. After finishing a match both parties can decide if they want a rematch or look for a new opponent.

You can check out the video below to see more about the game.

Infinite Word Search Puzzles - Android

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Review – Infinite puzzles, infinite amount of ads

There are many trending mobile word games on the market. So, let’s have a look at what makes this one unique and special.

Graphics (1/2)

The graphics look very clean but the screen is a bit overwhelming with an ad at the bottom at all times. It distracted me so much that I didn’t even see the words, which I was supposed to look for, in the beginning. Besides that, I like the placement of the clock as time seems to run out fast in this game.

Sound (0/2)

There is no background music in this game. All you get is some sound effects for finding a word and a ticking noise when you are very close to run out of time in the single-player mode. On the one hand, this helps you to realize that you really need to hurry to finish a level (maybe with the help of a hint). On the other hand, it puts more pressure on you as it keeps ticking and isn’t a one-time-signal. There is the option to turn off the sound though.

Balance (1/2)

The game itself starts easy and gets harder with each level. The increase seems pretty balanced and is motivating to keep the gamer playing. I also like the mode to either play alone or against other players, which is giving you the option to play how you prefer it.

The down point in this category is that there are too many ads. There is an ad on the bottom at all times, you are asked to watch an ad to get more hints or more time to keep solving a puzzle or just in between levels. Wherever and whenever possible, there will be an ad.

As I’ve mentioned, the ad zone is more eye-catching than the words you are supposed to find.

Controls (1/2)

The controls are pretty easy. You just need to swipe to connect the letters when you’ve found a word. In some cases though, there was an automatic connection to the next letter, which I  originally didn’t want to include and made me fail finding a certain word. Since this game is all about detecting words fast, this should be fine-tuned or else it becomes annoying really fast.

Gameplay (2/2)

The gameplay itself is so much fun. The increase in the difficulty of the levels adds to the challenge, which makes the game very enjoyable. You can also play against a randomly chosen player or Facebook friends, which always adds the fun of real competition. However, if you feel too much pressure, you can play in the single-player mode and use the hints or choose a category instead, in which you feel more confident, or switch into the “Infinity” mode, which is greatly entertaining for many different gamer styles.

The Verdict (5/10)

“Infinite Word Search Puzzles” offers a lot of variety and is a great mobile word game to spend some spare time on, if you don’t mind to see a lot of ads.

10 out of 10 points!

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If you want to get started playing, you can download the game in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store. It’s also available on Amazon and you can play it on Facebook as well.

In case you want to check out more games by “Random Logic Games”, you can visit the official website. Additionally, you can contact the developers there and find frequently asked questions.

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