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Creativity Takes a New Spin on Crossword out of the words – A Review

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The App Crossword out of the words is a swipe and fill crossword game, with interesting goals to achieve. The premise of the game is simple, and that is to fill in the crossword with the right letters to complete the words. This simple, yet fun game is brought to you by Open My Game. Now for the fun part – that is in the theme.

The game takes you through an Island Paradise with each stage of the game being a different island to visit. Within each island, there are several levels that you need to go over. You can also enjoy life under the sea when you are playing this game. As you visit each level, you will find that nothing is static. There is a gorgeous pink octopus that floats around, adding an element of joy to your gaming experience. Look out for the fish as well that will sometimes swim through the letters. There are bubbles too that keep the game interesting, and give it a fresh feel.

A Touch of Colour at Every Stage

The moment that you start playing, you will notice that there is something that makes this game stand out from all the other options out there. It all comes down to the theme. While you are filling in the boxes of the crossword, you will notice that some of the boxes have flowers within them. When you fill in such a box, the flower will move from that box to the island, where it will get planted there. By the time you have finished the stage, you will find that your island is dotted with colourful flowers.

Begin Your Crossword Journey

When you go into the game, the first thing that you will see is an Island, and the choice to go in and Play. When you do so, there will be a set of letters that are arranged in a circle at the bottom of the screen. The letters will be in random order. Your task is to link the letters so that they can form a wide. Once you have formed a word, you will see the letters fill in boxes at the top part of the screen. The top part has blank squares which form up the crossword.

You may go beyond expectation and find a word that is legitimate, but which does not appear in the crossword. When this happens, you will get some extra points which can then be transferred into hints later. It is worth noting that each word that you create counts.

Each level gives you a chance to learn new words and build upon your current word power and knowledge.

In line with this, it is also possible to elevate your word power the more that you play. Word power improves because the levels become more complex as you advance through the game. There are also additional chances for you to get flowers and lots of free tips as well.

Making Each Day Count

Each day, there is a daily puzzle for you to complete. This daily puzzle is normally more challenging than the puzzles in the levels. It is great to get the day started. Where in the other crossword, you have flowers within the puzzle, in the daily puzzle you can collect coins. The coins can then be used later to give you an edge in the game. In addition to the coins, there are also light bulbs that appear in some of the squares. When you fill these in, you will increase the number of hints that you have in the game. This makes it much easier for you to complete the crosswords in record time.

Give Yourself an Edge

As you progress from one stage to the next, you may find that you need to get a little bit of help to move you along. Two buttons can help you with this. The first is the shuffle button, which will move the letters around for you so that you can get a new perspective on them. Shuffle may help you to discover a word that you had not noted before. You can shuffle for ‘free’ at any time of the game.

The other button is the Hint button, where you will see a small number above the button. This number tells you how many hints that you have for free. When you select the hint, a letter will position itself on the board, making it easier for you to guess the word that you want to play. Once the free hints are complete, you will need to earn or purchase some more hints.

This is where your collected coins come in. Each time that you complete a stage, you are awarded a few coins. It is also possible to get some free coins by watching an advert. In the event that you run out of coins, you can purchase some from the store within the game and play for longer with ease.

Link to Your Social

On the welcome page, you will find that you can log onto your social media page, particularly, Facebook. You will not be able to play together with your friends, or against your friends in the game. However, what you can do is track and see where your friends have made it when it comes to visiting the islands. In the water surrounding the islands, little boats are floating, and each one will have the figure of your friend in the game. You will be able to tell whether your friends have sailed past you, or you are still on course to be the best.

Advertisements When Playing

One of the best elements of this game is there are limited advertisements that interrupt gameplay. Actually, for the most part, you can choose whether you want to watch an advert or not. If you do watch an advert, you will receive a reward of several coins, which you can use to purchase hints later on in the game.

Experience Crossword out of the words today

Get ready to play for hours when you decide to spend time on this brilliant crossword game. There are more than 2000 levels for you to play, and all of these are highly unique. The game can be played on both Android and iOS phones and tablets. You can also enjoy playing whether you are online or not, as it works without a Wi-Fi connection. Challenge yourself to figure out simple crossword puzzles and play Crossword out of the words.

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