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Mobile Word Games: The Ultimate List for Android

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Here we go with the real deal for Android devices, the never-ending, unstoppable, ever-growing word game list for Android.

Unlike our Ultimate List, this one will only feature games, that are solely available on Google’s popular operating system.

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Cover art1. Word Crush

“Word Crush” by “LionGame” is an Android app, in which you search words on the letter block square according to the clues. Clues? Right! Each and every stage features a clue that you have to use in order to find related words.

That’s why people love that game. With more than 4.500 reviews and a total score of 4.7, “Word Crush” is among the top-rated word games on Google Play. The downside: It’s a bit too crowded with ads, which also seems to be the only point of criticism captured in the many user reviews.

Download it to see if you’ll find another one. 😉

Cover art

2. Word Bound – Free Word Puzzle Games

“Word Bound” by “Matcha Sauce LLC” has a fantastic rating of 4.8 stars from over 12.000 different reviewers, who tested the game. It’s so seldom that the developers receive any negative feedback, that they even take the time to react when someone criticizes their app in public.

So, what’s the secret of “Word Bound?” Well, it’s safe to say that this word game has one of the best learning curves within the genre. It starts as an easy word game that’s perfect for beginners and gets harder and harder as you level up. Plus, the weekend challenges are a neat extra providing free bonus coins and more riddles every week.

Cover art

3. Codeword

And now for something completely different. – Well, not completely, but we all have to agree that crossword puzzles are a comprehensive subgenre, that stands for itself. And with “Codeword” by “Havos Ltd.”, the subgenre has a great exponent with more than one million (mostly happy) users.

The game is available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, many, many other languages and more to come. Of course, it’s also available in English, meaning that you can make use of our helpful crossword solver.

Cover art

4. Word Fire – Free Word Games

“Word Fire” by “Twisted Bamboo LLC” has 4.8 stars on Google Play and is one of those games, you have to play on a daily basis to unlock its full potential. You’ve read that right, it comes along with daily bonus coins (and trust me, you’ll need them to get some free hints) and also a daily challenge, for more riddles and even more coins.

The scope itself is pretty amazing as you’ll get over 2000 unique and well-designed stages stimulating your gray matter. So, is there a fly in the ointment? Well, it’s the ads. It’s (almost) always the ads people complain about, but as the developers say: “It’s understandable that ads can get annoying. Unfortunately, we need the revenue from ads to keep our games free to play.” Enough said.

Cover art5. Tasty Words

You know what goes well with traveling (and some people might see it a the main or even sole reason to travel)? The food all over the world. Therefore, the following app seems like a great addition to the one above. “Tasty Words” by the developers with the tasty name “Matcha Sauce LLC” is only just starting out with around 100.000 downloads, but it already has a great rating of 4.8 stars!

The gameplay is like in other word game classics: You need to connect the letters on your plate in any direction to form the hidden words to gain coins and golden apples. The beginning is easy of course, but later on, you will need to use hints and in case you are running low on coins, check out our Word Unscrambler tool. It will surely be helpful to you!

Bad news for our hungry iOS gamers: This app is only available for Android.

Cover art6. World’s Biggest Crossword

Claiming to be the developer of the “World’s Biggest Crossword” is quite a bold statement, isn’t it? Anyway, “AppyNation Ltd.” has dropped it and they might be right: With over 10,000 unique clues, giant grids of over 350 crossword puzzles and a new collection of 100 extra-large puzzles, this app lay it on thick.

We can’t prove if this mobile game is the biggest one, but if you’re craving for crossword puzzles, you should definitely try it out in order to still your hunger. And don’t forget: If you’re stuck somewhere, ask our crossword solver for help.

Cover art7. Word Shuffle

Among all these apps, that you’ll find in our ultimate list, “Word Shuffle” by “Words Puzzle Games” might be the most comprehensive and complete one. On a scale from zero to perfection, it’s actually pretty close to the shiny top. Why? Because “Word Shuffle” has got it all covered: It looks fantastic, it’s very intuitive to control, it has a great scope with over 2.000 levels and the build-in help is actually very useful.

Collective Intelligence is a thing and if over 20.000 people give the game a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, there is a high chance that they might be right to do so. Only iOS users won’t be able to play this excellent game, as it’s only available for Android.

Cover art8. WordMix

“WordMix” by Sascha Hlusiak is similar to Scrabble and Anagram games but it comes with a nice gimmick: It is a word dice game in a 3D design.

Instead of tiles, you toss dices and then arrange the letters forming valid words. You can place the dices both horizontally and vertically while you try using as many of them as possible before the time has passed as you get points deducted for every unused letter. If you need some help, you know where to find the Scrabble word generator.

Unfortunately for the iOS players out there, the game is not available for you. It is available in the Amazon App Store, however.

Cover art9. What am I?

We all know that game, where you have to write a term or a person on a post-it and stick it on the forehead of your fellow player, who has to guess the correct word. It’s called “Who am I?” or “What am I?” and the development studio “2Minds Dev” has brought this evergreen offline game right onto your mobile device.

In “What Am I? – Family Charades (Guess The Word)”, you choose a deck from more than 20 different categories and “stick” your phone on your forehead, that will magically display the word you have to guess with simple Yes – or No-questions.

Needless to say, this game is a lot of fun. And if you answer in the affirmative that you need a computer chip (on an Android phone) to generate ideas for this guessing game, you should definitely download it.

Cover art10. Word Legend Puzzle

“Word Legend Puzzle – Addictive Cross Word Connect” by AURORA STUDIOS is a word connect puzzle game with various themes and special mode gameplay.

It has been downloaded more than 100.000 times on Google Play but is – unfortunately – not available for iOS devices.

The game is very well balanced, both challenging for the ambitious player (1800 word puzzles! Global Highscore!), but also relaxing enough for the casual gamer, who just wants to play a few easy rounds.

Cover art11. Codewords Lite

Codewords Lite comes along with 47 complete puzzles and enabled features, although it’s just the free version. And like the full one, it comes along with a twist – unlike the crossword games you’re used to, there are no clues here. Instead, each letter from A-Z is represented by a random number (1-26), with the same number representing the same letter throughout the puzzle.

Sounds like a crazy game for masterminds? Don’t worry: It is challenging indeed, but thanks to this fresh and unique approach, it’s totally worth it. Only available for Android.

Cover art12. Charades Free

Do you get flashbacks to your childhood when you hear “Charade”? Flashbacks to board game afternoons and fun weekends with friends staying over? Well, now you neither have to travel back the memory lane nor do you need to invite friends over. Instead, you can play a round of Charade whenever you feel like it.

“Charades Free” by “Klikapp” brings the classic game to your mobile phone. Similar to the party word guessing game, your task is to guess the words from your friends’ clues, before the 60-180 second timer runs out. The words derive from various topics: From guessing movies, over items from the Harry Potter universe to cities, landmarks and dinosaurs – the variety makes sure there is a category for each interest. And you are allowed to sing, dance, mime and describe the clues.

Almost 2.800 people rated this game 4.5 stars. Go and test it for yourself!

Cover art13. Word Wars

“Word Wars” by “PlaySimple Games” is a multi-player scrabble word game. After currently 100.000+ installs, it was rated 4.6 stars by around 7.200 people so far.

Just like in Scrabble, you need to form words out of the letters from both your rack and the ones on the board. Ideally, you make the most out of the bonus squares to get more points. How to do that? Well, first off by choosing the right words with the help of our Scrabble Cheat.

With this game, you can take your friends or randomly chosen players to war, to word wars that is. And in case your opponents are on the slow side, while you just wanna have fun playing word game after word game, don’t worry. You can play an unlimited number of games simultaneously. Furthermore, “Word Wars” is an asynchronous, cross-platform, multi-player game.

Cover art14. Word Game

After reviewing “4 Images 1 Word” by “The Angry Kraken” we are back with another game by the developers. Admittedly, the game literally called “Word Game” won’t win a prize for the most creative name, but the strong points are evident elsewhere:

For one, the design is easy to the eyes. It features nice background images and vibrant colors. Secondly, the controls are easy to use and work smoothly. This way, you will have a pleasant time finding the hidden words by swiping the letters and thus advance through the levels. It is possible to play the app offline as well.

If that sounds good to you, do it like 100.000+ people before you and download the game. It is rated 4.2 stars by 4.000 people currently.


Cover art

15. Scrolling Words

“Scrolling Words” by “Rolling ABC” is an innovative word game. It has over 100.0000 downloads and manages to get a 4.8 stars rating, composed of the ratings of more than 5.700 players. What is the secret of success of this game?

Besides the professional design, it combines the classic principle of finding words with the thrilling experience of a scrolling screen! Here you need to spot every target word of a specific category from scrolling letters. As the difficulty increases the speed increases as well. Just by reading that, you feel your heart rate going up, don’t you? (Luckily, there is a freeze button to slow down the screen if you need more time!)


Cover art

16. Make Words

“Make Words” by the developer studio “Mobiloids” is a game that doesn’t hide its purpose: The goal is to make words. It is easy as that! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But what makes this game stand out so that more than 500.000 people tried it and 10.600+ raters gave it 4.3 stars?

For one, the game principle to find as many words as possible out of seven letters is very beginner-friendly.

Secondly, there are three kinds of dictionaries out of which you can find the solutions: The Basic Dictionary includes basic words only and is best suited for kids and beginners of learning English. The Standard Dictionary contains widely used English words and fits native speakers and advanced learners most. The Extended Dictionary includes also rare and archaic words. Give it a try and compete with other players in the Global Scoring System!

Cover art

17. Word Piles

“Word Piles – Search & Connect the Stack Word Games” is a free Android word game by “Brainit Games”.

The goal is to find the correct words out of the letter piles, but not only do you need to consider the specific topic of the level, you also have to keep the word length in mind as well as the order in which you find the words. The layout will change as you discover the solutions and therefore remove tiles from the board.

The app comes with more than 2000 levels and is possible to play offline as well. – No wonder that it was downloaded more than 100.000 times and rated 4.4 stars as of yet.


Cover art

18. Word Games AI

“Word Games AI” is a word game that you can play against an AI in an offline and online mode. But not only that, you can also play it with your friends and family through Bluetooth! More than 100.000 people did already try the app that was rated 4.4 stars in the Google Play Store.

Like in Scrabble, in this game you need to find the best words out of your tiles and lay them across the board. The base for the solutions are four dictionaries (OSPD5, SOWPODS, TWL6, Common Nouns) and you can even add your own personalized one!

As the developers “AK Games” mentioned in a review answer, the AI uses the official Scrabble Dictionary. So in case you need a bit of help and want to do the same, try our Scrabble Word Finder.


Cover art31. Spin of Fortune – Quiz

Maybe you’ve already tried the original “Wheel of Fortune” by “Scopely” (a game that we’ve rated a whopping 10/10!) and are on the hunt for another game that’s alike?

Well, look no further, as “Spin of Fortune – Quiz” by “Simplicity Games B” might already fill that gap as it did for over five million people. Even close to 94.000 players rated the game 4.2 stars.

While you travel all around the world and visit different cities, you need to win against various opponents to gain your fortune. And playing becomes more and more challenging over time. The game covers a variety of topics and comes in a colorful design in comic style.


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That’s it! – for now! As promised, we’ll keep this list updated regularly, so feel free to check in every so often.

In the meantime, have fun playing!

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