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Are you hiding in the washroom, desperately trying to find a solution to a Scrabble game with your friends?

Did you brag about your epic Scrabble skills and now you are losing both the game and your dignity?

Our tool is the best Scrabble Word Finder on the internet. Not only will we help you stay discreet while looking smart, but our helper is easy to use and intuitive. All you need to do is just input the letters in for the juiciest solutions.

How to use our Scrabble Word Finder

To use this tool, type in the letters that you have into the form above. It will then reveal the best words possible from the provided letters.

Our cheat covers specific scenarios that will happen in the middle of a game, but it also features different dictionaries and word lists that’ll adhere to Scrabble’s rules. That’ll silence the people that argue about how your answer doesn’t look like a word.

But wait! Why would someone cheat on Scrabble?

Let’s be real.
Scrabble is hard.

It is also a really fun game. Remember those times when you used to compete in spelling bees as a kid? Or those times when all those online word games were so popular that people were sending game requests instead of saying hi? They were fun, right? Crazily competitive, but fun.

There’s also something cool about bragging how big your vocabulary is. There’s no bigger honor than winning a Scrabble game when it comes to that.

Barack Obama regularly plays Scrabble with his family to win bragging rights within the household. If the former president uses Scrabble to earn bragging rights, it just goes to show how much respect winning a Scrabble game gets you. There’s nothing more seductive than winning it in Scrabble.

But in case you are really wondering, here are some of the reasons why people start considering using a Scrabble word generator or a Scrabble helper:

  • They are fed up with losing. Losing your fifth game in a row is seriously not fun!
  • They realized someone else might be cheating and decided to make the game fair again. After all, if your opponent is getting some extra help, why not you as well?
  • They just couldn’t save themselves from the worst rack you could ever get on Scrabble. They just want a little help, and they’ll go on to win the rest of the game with their natural skills.
scrabble word finder
Pic 1: A rack with different letters: Which words are possible?

Don’t worry. Regardless of the reason, Scrabble Word Finder is here for you.
You could subtly check your phone, pretend to be typing a message to your mom. No one will know better as you are quickly inputting your letters into our Scrabble Word Finder.


Your answer is there.

Suddenly, the game is in your favor again. You swipe the window close and put your phone away. You have the competitive edge back.

Using Our Scrabble Helper to Learn

Alternatively, using our Scrabble Word Finder is a great way to learn new words and figuring out how to be strategic in the game.

Yes, Scrabble has strategies! Not only is it essential to know the words, but it is also important to plan your moves.

The legitimate way of learning the game would be to buy an official Scrabble dictionary and hardcore memorizing it. Or you could even just remember the 20 most essential words in playing Scrabble to start.

But who has the time for that? Most importantly, how is that fun? You learn faster by playing the game, and you’ll likely enjoy it more too!

If you don’t want to be sweating bullets about secretly cheating in a game with friends, you could talk to them about allowing access to our Scrabble Word Finder as a tool.
By allowing Scrabble helpers and assistants, it can make the game more exciting because it will suddenly turn extremely strategic. You quickly learn that words with the highest score value won’t always win you the game.

It is also a great way to introduce newcomers to the game without making them feel extremely self-conscious about their vocabulary. By giving them a tool that can search words up, they’ll be able to be creative with their moves instead of focusing on what words they know.

Next time your friends pull out Scrabble, try playing this variation of the game and quickly realize how cutthroat and exciting Scrabble really can be!

About the Game

History of Scrabble

Scrabble has a long history behind it Mattel and Hasbro licensed it. Named LEXIKO initially, it was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts, an architect that was out of work during the Great Depression.

Unfortunately, this version of the game was rejected time and time again by different toy and board game manufacturers. No one wanted it. The iconic game board of Scrabble didn’t even exist then!

LEXIKO looked like it was doomed to failure. That was until Butts met James Brunot, an entrepreneur that loved board games.

They tested the game out and refined the rules and designs of it. With Brunot’s help, Butts was able to create the addictive word-centered board game that we now love today. They also then changed the name from LEXIKO to Scrabble.

Even then, it wasn’t an instant bullseye. While Scrabble slowly gained popularity, it wasn’t until the early 1950s when Macy’s (yes, the Macy’s that still exists today!) discovered the game. Once the renowned department store featured the game, Scrabble’s popularity skyrocketed.

That’s how Scrabble came to be the classic game that we have come to love.

How to Play

In this classic word-based game, players draw seven tiles from a bag filled with extra tiles. These tiles also called letters in the game, and they are used to form words on the game board.

scrabble helper
Pic 2: A Classic Scrabble game board.

Each letter has a different value assigned to it. The harder it is to use the letter, the more points they usually have. Letters with higher points are also rarer. For example, E has existing 12 tiles, while there’s only 1 Q tile for every game. You could see how many points each letter have below:

D: 2E: 1F: 4G: 2H: 4I: 1J: 8K: 5L: 1M: 3N: 1O: 1P: 3Q: 10R: 1S: 1T: 1U: 1V: 4W: 4X: 8

letters and their points
A: 1B: 3C: 3
Y: 4Z: 10

The board also has bonus squares, and they come in all sort of variations. There are bonus squares that’ll double or even triple the score of the letter or word! The first player to use these squares gets the bonus. This means that going for the most complicated word might not always yield victory if you want to be the best Scrabble player!

For inspiration, here are a few moves that a player can take during their turn. Any combinations of these moves are also allowed:

  • Adding one or more letters to an existing word. For example: [ANGST]Y, [FAKE]RS, UN[INTERESTED].
  • Extending a word and playing perpendicular to the current word on the board. For example, playing UNDER by hooking it to the U from UNINTERESTED.
  • Playing parallel to an existing word to form several short words. For example, playing CON under JACK to form [J]O and [A]N at the same time.

There are also a few ways to end a Scrabble game:

  1. One of the players have played every single tile on their rack, and there are no more extra tiles in the bag.
  2. At least six scoreless turns have occurred between the players, and the players themselves have agreed to end the game.

Once the game has ended, each player’s score is reduced by the scores of the unplayed letters. The player with the highest total score wins the game!

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