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Angry Words Cheat

Do you want to cheat in Angry Words? Our Angry Words Cheat helps you to find words from letters.

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It’s simple, put the letters you want form words from in the Angry Words Cheat and optimize your search results with the use of a pattern and or search options like the number of blank tiles. For more detailed information take a look at our Scrabble® instructions.

Highlighted results

The Angry Words Cheat highlights the blanks and letters from the pattern within the results, so that blanks are underlined in two ways and letters are displayed on a brown background.

Quick Guide

1. simply insert the letters you want to generate words with

2. By using a white space or dot you can shift the blank selection whether you need one or two blanks. When you set a third white space or dot the selection will move back to zero.

3. match the results to a specific situation on the Angry Words board by using the optional pattern field

use these symbols in the pattern field:

  • a-z for letters already on the board
  • . (dot): empty square
  • 2 : empty square with double letter score
  • 3 : empty square with triple letter score
  • 4 : empty square with double word score
  • 5 : empty square with triple word score

Please note, that if you use patterns, the results will be no longer than the number of characters you entered into the pattern field. So you can limit the length of the results by using a number of dots.

Click here to see an example and read more information on the Angry Words Cheat. Problems with the pattern field? Have a look at this tutorial.

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