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Mobile Word Games: The Ultimate List

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This list isn’t about the Top Ten of any word games, it’s neither a “Here are a few apps, we’ve accidentally found”-list, nor just a sponsored who-is-who of word games. No, this one is the real deal, the never-ending, unstoppable, ever-growing word game list: The Ultimate Edition!

It has the golden old classics, the often imitated but never reached top games, the hidden gems, the colorful ones, the simple ones, the easy ones, the too-hard-to-solve ones! Sooner or later you’ll find them all while we update the list regularly. So, before you start reading, don’t forget to save this page as a bookmark. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it! The apps are in no particular order, so read it carefully so you don’t miss any top games. Happy scouting!

Note: There’s also an ultimate list of mobile word games only available for Android.

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1. Word Mocha

If there’s coffee involved in any way, it can’t be a bad game, right? Exactly: With a 4.8 rating coming from over 10.000 reviews, “Word Mocha” by “PeopleFun” seem to be the right choice not only for coffee lovers. Or Android users.

However, being a caffeine-addict will help you twice. First of all, you’ll have the power to sit through over 1.800 levels and secondly, there are plenty of different coffee drinks you can uncover in this original anagram game.

Did someone say anagrams? Yep and in case you need help, we’ve got you covered.

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2. Wordster – Offline Scramble Words Friends Game

“Wordster” by “Gamesters” is more or less (a pretty good) Scrabble clone. Thanks to the well-developed AI, “Wordster” is a great solo game and perfectly designed to train your skills by learning new words from the computer’s moves. Both for Android and iOS.

Although the game is based on the Collins Scrabble Dictionary (and not our very own word list), you can still use our Scrabble Word Finder, in case you’re stuck somewhere.

The only drop of bitterness in this sweet word game: There is no multiplayer option, which is also the reason why it has been only rewarded with a rating of 4.3 stars.

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3. Wordz 2

The predecessor, “Wordz” is a modern classic, but “Wordz 2” is the cream of the crop in the portfolio of “Fugo Games” for Android and iOS.

The game is simple and intuitive, as you just have to drag your finger across the board in order to create words. It’s both possible to play the game alone (against the computer) or to compete with over 10.000.000 players worldwide.

So, if you’re sick of boring hours, empty servers and unacceptable waiting times, “Wordz 2” will cure you until you’ve completely recovered.

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4. Hangman

But now we’re off for something compl… Just kidding. 😉

“Hangman”, published by “Senior Games” (or Tellmewow, if you prefer the iOS version) is not the one and only, but definitely the best hangman game for mobile devices. This absolute classic is suitable for all ages, especially for those who want to practice their language skills and vocabulary.

Since hangman can be quite tricky, it’s no shame to ask for a helping hand. And whenever there are words to discover, we’re the first to help. And you don’t even have to cheat here! Check out these simple hangman tactics to improve your skillset in order to master the game.

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5. Mary’s Promotion- Wonderful Word Game

Many, many years ago, when the whole mobile gaming boom started, I’ve reviewed games splitting the rating into a couple of different categories. One of those categories was “Story” as I thought, having a story or at least a well-thought-out setting should be a must-have, even for mobile games. Oh, what a terrible mistake. It soon turned out that all successful Android games, from “Cut The Rope” to “Doodle Jump”, have everything covered – except a story.

Quite the contrary, “Mary’s Promotion” is not only a word game as you’ve seen it a hundred times before, but it does actually come along with a background story, as you’ve got to solve all these riddles to boost the career of Mary, the main character. Cute idea, isn’t it? Also available for iOS.

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6. BattleText

When you envision battles, you probably won’t think about texting and chatting, but about weapons and war. But after you’ve tried “BattleText – Chat Game with Friends” by “Random Logic Games”, it possibly will be the first thing to come to your mind as this is a cut-throat, fast-paced and challenging text battle word game. And in this case, your weapons will be words, fast reaction capacity, bulked up finger muscles and a razor-sharp intellect.

The design is laid out like a messaging app and the goal is to find better, longer words than the opponent, formed out of the letters on the keyboard. They also have to start with the same letter that the opponent’s previous word ended with. An additional difficulty lays in the challenge to type faster than your partner.
There are even two game modes: A story and a multiplayer one. You can play against in-game challengers or other people respectively.

If you pride yourself on your fast typing skills, I suggest you give this app a go! It is also available for iOS.

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7. Word Academy

If not battles but academic training is your forte, maybe you take a fancy to “Word Academy” by “Scimob”. The game was downloaded more than 5 million times and rated 4.5 stars by almost half a million people.

To earn your diploma you need to solve the grids and find the words that are hidden within and in every direction. Each of the grids has a theme that gives you a context of the solutions. But be careful! You also need to pay attention to the order in which you type in the words.

Thus, if you want to be promoted from the lowest teddy bear level to a mad scientist, show what you’ve learned so far and will be even able to do in the future. The game is available for iOS as well.

Cover art8. Jumbline 2

Jumbline 2? What about Jumbline 1, you ask? Well, for one: it is not available in the Apps stores anymore. And secondly: Why settle for the first part, when you can try the second, improved one? And a 4.6 and 4.7 stars rating does sound favorable indeed. The developers “Brainium Studios” even promise you “the most addictive word game” and it is also available for iOS.

So, what makes this app so special? Among others, it is the fact that you’ve got three different game modes. All of which have a charming design and most importantly are fun to play. You can either rearrange the scrambled letters into words and underline them to score or you try to pop as many clouds as possible by spelling the correct words out of the letters each cloud contains or you’ll try to build a word tower on sinking grounds to try and reach the stars. Either way, you’ve got more than 20.000 puzzles waiting for you!

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9. Puzzly Words

After finding the most addictive word game, now we take a look at an app that claims to be more than just a classic word game: “Puzzly Words” by “SIA Fufla”.

It is a great game that has a clear strong point: the time-limited multiplayer challenge. When you play the game, you need to drag the letters to form three unique words. Interestingly, each of the rounds only lasts 60 seconds, and as you try and find the words, other players are doing the same. Hence, you not only battle against the time, but against your own vocabulary abilities and most importantly other people as well.

Unfortunately, it is only playable with a Facebook account. But the developers are currently working on another solution. At least it is also available for iOS.

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10. Word Town

“Word Town: Search, find & crush in crossword games” by “Hi Studio Games” is a classic word game: In more than 3000 puzzles your task is connecting the letter blocks to find the missing words that are compiled into different topics. All puzzles take you on a journey around the world and through various cities like Paris, Kyoto or Irkutsk. Additionally, the altitude of the sun shows you when you’ll unlock the next background. With further completions of puzzles, you unlock different beautiful city themes.

More than 1.000.000 people joined the worldwide expedition and 60.0000 of them rate the game with 4.6. stars. It is available for iOS too.

Cover art11. Magic Words

“Magic Words: Free Word Spelling Puzzle” by Clever Apps Pte. Ltd. is another top-notch word game for Android and iOS.

It has been downloaded more than one million times and people have rewarded the app with a good rating of 4.5 However, you might ask yourself: “Alright, then. But where’s the magic in this game?”

It’s part of its design! Looking at “Magic Words”, you’ll get a whole bunch of gimmicks coming right from a box of tricks, no matter if it’s a card deck, a magic hat or a wand: The whole design is truly enchanting! Actually, this app might be a good candidate for our list of the most beautiful word games ever.

Cover art12. Word Journey

Things stay magical and they even get some kind of spooky-supernatural! With “Word Journey” by “Brain Training Games Dev” you’ll get one of the best word games with a perfectly implemented Halloween theme. Well, at least in October. So, if you’re into pumpkins, bats, spiders and the color orange (which is maybe the most gruesome and horrifying among these things), you shouldn’t hesitate and wait until “Word Journey” is getting a Christmas theme.

And with over 5.000 different topics, time is not on your side.

You don’t care about Halloween at all? No worries, the iOS version is still the good ol’ plain Word Journey people are used to playing.

Cover art13. Crosswords Free

Speaking of crosswords, how about this one? “Crosswords Free” by “Benjamin Lochmann New Media GmbH” is a German crossword game, that is available in English as well. The developers have shifted a lot of board games to the mobile world (like “Chess”, “4 in a row” or “Sudoku”), but this app is maybe the best example of their portfolio.

And we’re not alone with this opinion! With more than one million downloads and a great rating of 4.5 stars, this free app is very popular within the community. And it’s also available for iOS!

Cover art14. Puzzle Page

Finally, there’s something for every taste! “Puzzle Page – Crossword, Sudoku, Picross and more” by “AppyNation Ltd.” is a great collection of board and word games, that’ll please anyone with a sense for versatility and who doesn’t want to swamp their mobile phones with too many apps. And actually, I totally understand that. I also like to keep my mobile as clean and tidy as possible and having this kind of word gaming hub definitely fills a niche in this market.

On the con side, many people complain about performance issues due to a lack of compatibility for several Android devices. So, you should definitely test this game before you subscribe to the ad-free version or try the iOS app.

Cover art15. 94 Seconds

Do you know “Stadt, Land, Fluss”? Well, if you do, you’ll know that the game provides a fun and thrilling game experience. The developers “Scimob” brought this game into the App-sphere with their app “94 Seconds”. First, you get to choose whether you want to play against the another player or the computer. Then, you’ll get various categories and one letter for each one. Your task is finding as many correct answers as possible while the time passes. Depending on the rareness of your answer you’ll get points. Correct answers in a row give you additional points too and will boost your score.

Sounds good? If you can’t wait to try this game now, we can’t blame you for it, but keep in mind that a lot of players seem to have trouble accessing the game, which is why it currently only has a rating of 3.9 stars. We didn’t experience any performance issues, however. Still, you might want to wait for an update. In case you don’t even want to too loose 1 second of gaming time, let alone 94, go ahead and download the game. Here’s the link to the iOS version as well.

Cover art16. Arrowword

“Arrowword PuzzleLife” by the “Keesing Media Group” is a rising app in the Google Play Store. So far, it has been downloaded more than 100.000 times and has a good rating of 4.3 stars. It is also a new addition in the Apple store.

“Arrowword” is a classic crossword puzzle game, that you can either solve in the classic or in the anagram mode. In case you need help with the latter, you can always rely on our Anagram solver to save some coins.

For the stats nerds among yourselves there is a great bonus function: You get to see detailed information of your performance and are able to compare it to that of the other players. Another great feature is the possibility to enlarge the puzzles, so they fit comfortably every screen size.

Cover art17. Letterpress

“Letterpress” by “Solebon LLC” is another great ascending star in the word game genre in the Google Play Store. It only has 10.000+ downloads, but a great rating of 4.6 stars and even 4.7 stars in the Apple store.

In this game two players take turns spelling words using the letter shown on the board and the player with the most points wins the round. You can play against your friends, other players or against the bot. Like in the app mentioned above, you can track your performance with statistics and leaderboards as well.

And while a lot of word games claim to improve your vocabulary, “Letterpress” takes it a step further and has an integrated dictionary to help you with the meanings and definitions of words.

Cover art18. Word Battle

Rated with 4.6 stars “Word Battle” by “SIA Fufla” is an exciting word game. The competing players are given the same random nine letters to which various values are assigned. Then each person gets 40 seconds, in which they need to come up with a word that rakes in the highest points as possible.

The opponents in this real-time, multiplayer word game will either be your acquaintances or someone out of the Facebook user audience. You even get the chance to chat with each other.

If you want to join the 100.000+ players, download the game by clicking on the link above. It is available for iOS as well.

Cover art19. Dingbats

“Dingbats – Between the lines” by Romain Lebouc does not only have an unique name and an interesting icon, it also seems to be challenging but fun nonetheless according to the reviewers, that rated the game 4.6 stars.

Here you need to solve puzzles called “Dingbats” with the help of pictures and words and the answers can be either (mainly British) idioms or common phrases just as the icon suggests (“Read between the lines”). Since the app is truly demanding, here is the solution to the first riddle to help you ease in: _ENTURY equals “Long time no see” (see as in “c”). Now the penny has dropped, hasn’t it? This game is a great way to train your brain. If you want more, get it right now! You want to play on iOS? No problem, just download it here.

Cover art20. Improve English

“Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Word Games” by is not a word game per se, at least if you compare it to all the other fun apps in this list. However, it is listed as a word game on Google Play (and Apple’s App Store) and if you extend the narrow definition of what’s a game and what’s not, you could classify this one as a learning/edutainment game and everyone’s happy.

And indeed you could say that this app is one of the best ways to improve your English skills by having at least a little bit of fun. Learning can be exhausting, but thanks to the colorful presentation and a bunch of mini-games included here, this app will brighten your way to becoming a master of the English language.

Cover art21. 4 Pics Puzzle

Can you guess the word by looking at four images? You should, since there are a really a lot of “4 pictures games”, so that it could already represent a whole new sub-genre within all word games. Anyway, “4 Pics Puzzle” has been developed by the famous and popular games studio “BitMango”, which should be at least one reason to give it a shot.

The second reason should be the countless levels with a great variety of categories. The third one should be the great built-in help function, a magnifying glass, that you can use to to reveal a letter. Very cool! And also available for iOS.

Cover art22. Words By Post

“Words By Post” by “Games by Post” is a game similar to Scrabble. Like in the old classic, you get tiles out of which you need to form words and lay them across a board. Besides the fun (and multifariously approved) game play, there are two advantages that this app offers: For one, it is available on many platforms: for iPhone, Android and Windows Phones, as well as for Microsoft Windows. Therefore, chances are high that your friends will be able to join your gaming round.

Secondly, the app keeps track of your skill level and matches you against other players with similar abilities. You can also play as many simultaneous games as you want, which will make sure, that you never run out of matches to play or get bored.

If you want to join the 100.000+ players, that rated the game a solid 4.1 stars, download it by clicking the link above. It is of course also available for iOS.

Cover art

23. Cryptic Crossword Lite

In case you prefer a gold old crossword game over Scrabble, this one might be for you. “Cryptic Crossword Lite” by “Teazel Ltd” was installed more than 100.000+ times and rated 4.6 stars in the Google Play Store.

The free and ad-free(!) version offers 24 complete puzzles. Admittedly, 24 puzzles don’t sound like much, but you still be occupied for a while since these ones are intended for seasoned crossword enthusiasts, meaning that these crossword games are not easily solved. Additionally, the full version features 260 crosswords. Since this one will make your head spin, the game itself provides some cheats, highlights your mistakes and checks your answers. If you still need more than that, let us lend you a helping hand with our crossword solver.

For our iPhone users out there, here is the download link for the Apple store.

Cover art

24. Word to Word

Word to Word®, is the original word association game and comes with 1000s of puzzles and six different game modes: Definitionado, in which you need to find the solutions based on the clues given, Word to Word, Word to Word Themes and Word to Word Seasons, in all of which you need to match pairs of associated words, 4 Words, where you need to find the one solution with the help of the 4 words given, as well as Word Link and Spell n Link.

As you can probably guess, there is lots of content to test out and enjoy and the users rated the game, that is playable without an internet connection as well, with great 4.6 stars out of 5. It is also available for iOS.

Cover art25. Word Toons

“Word Toons” by the developer “PeopleFun” welcomes you with an adorable mascot. But it doesn’t only offer a cute companion, but also some fun mini-challenges – or “bite-sized games” as the devs call it themself- besides the main one.

The classic mode comes with a standard interface, that you are probably used to from various other apps. There you need to find words by connecting the letters. The additional fun begins when you start unlocking the bonus games starting from level 5. Then you can save safari animals, help Arthur the Alien collecting cattle for his experiments, assemble pictures by looking at shapes and lines, combine word bubbles in an aquarium and so forth.

More than 100.000 users have downloaded the game so far and rated it 4.5 stars. You could be one of them! Even as an iOS player.

Cover art26. Just Jumble

If 4.5 stars don’t impress you much, what about 4.8 stars by almost 19.000 people? It’s not an easy achievement, but “Just Jumble” by “Adveractive, Inc.” achieved it. You might wonder what make this game so popular? Well, the app is spinoff of the official “Jumble® puzzles”: “More than 600 newspapers and over 100 Internet sites carry the daily Jumble® puzzle” as it is said on the website. The creators Jeff Knurek and David L. Hoyt created the app to give you the finest selection of the Jumbles.

Here, the clues come in the form of fun comics and the letters hide the answers. If you are stuck, David, one of the creators, shows up in comic form and gives you a special hint. Additionally, you can “unjumble” words to gain bonus coins. Since these always come in handy, you are better better solving them. Try using our Unscramble tool, if you need help with that. Here’s the iOS version of the game.

Cover art27. Word Sushi

What Sushi and Word games have in common? Well, besides being great inventions, the finest components are getting combined to form a spectacular overall outcome. Furthermore, they are combined in this word app:

“Word Sushi” by “WePlay Word Games” is a classic word game. You need to swipe across the letters to line up words and you’ll get bonus points for each additional word. Of course there is a hint button as well if you don’t know how to proceed.  The design, the different themes and more than 2000 challenges are the key points of this game.

And in case the great 4.8 star rating above didn’t convince you: This game was rated 4.9 stars. It can’t get much better than that! It’s available for iOS as well.

Cover art

28. Word Jumble Champion

In “Word Jumble Champion” by the developer studio “BitMango” your task is to arrange the scrambled letter blocks to form them into real words. And whether you are the type to swipe or to tap, in this game you don’t have to follow the preset input mode, you can just choose the way you like to have the controls. A rare but great feature to come across!

The game itself offers two modes: the Classic Challenge to train and master your skills, and the League mode in which you compete against your friends and other players around the world.

The app was downloaded 500.000+ times and has been given 4.5 stars by almost 6000 people. It is available for iOS as well.

Cover art29. Guess The Emoji

The next game on our list is not exactly a hidden gem, but rather a well-known, fun-inducing game: “Guess The Emoji – Emoji Trivia and Guessing Game!” by the developers “Random Logic Games, LLC”, which you might know from our reviews of some classics like “Crossword Quiz” and “Infinite Word Search Puzzles“.

“Guess The Emoji” was downloaded more than 5 million times (!) and rated 4.5 stars by about 77.300 people. The game principle is as simple as it is brilliant: You get to see a series of emojis and emoticons. Additionally, you are also given a set of letters – and then you need to put two and two together and find the solution based on the emoji hints. While it sounds easy, some levels ensure some fried brain cells! ? Find the iOS version here.

Cover art30. Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

No matter if you are an Android or Apple gamer with kids, the next app will surely put your little ones in a happy mood: “Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen” by the “Sesame Workshop”. It is indeed an official game by the well-loved and all around the world well-known Sesame Street.

This app is a vocabulary-building game best suited for children Ages 5 and under, that playfully helps with practicing early literacy skills, learning vowels and new vocabularies. In the alphabet kitchen of the Cookie Monster, for example, the kids can create letter cookies and decorate them with frostings, sprinkles, fruits and more. Chef Elmo is there to support as well!

Join the baking fun and more than 1.000.000 people, that downloaded the game already and try it for yourself! The lite version is free, to unlock all of the features you need to pay 2.99$ once.


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That’s it! – for now! As promised, we’ll keep this list updated regularly, so feel free to check in every now and then.

In the meantime, have fun playing!

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