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Anagram Solver

Our Anagram Solver unscrambles a string of letters, and finds the existing words the letters make up. Please find further instructions below.

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You can use our anagram solver to find anagrams for competitions and contests, or build your own anagrams from existing words. So, start making words from letters! The anagram generator builds anagrams from the exact number of letters you type in.

If you want to build anagrams for Scrabble® or Words With Friends or use a specific pattern, then use our Scrabble® Helper or Words with Friends Cheat.

How to use the Anagram Solver?

The Anagram Solver is designed to solve anagrams from random letters or to create them from other words with the exact same number of letters. You can use the anagram finder by just typing the letters into the input field above. You can get additional information about the anagrams found from the result lists, which are sorted in alphabetical order.

Every letter from the given anagram is used exactly as often as it occurs in the input field of the anagram solver. It is not case sensitive. Special characters and spaces are not accepted.

WORDS has two anagrams

As an example, entering the word WORDS into the anagram solver gives you three results. The first is DROWS, the second is SWORD and the last is the original word WORDS. You can also enter random letters to see if they match any existing word in the English language.

What is an anagram?

An anagram is a word composed of letters from another word. They are part of many word games like the board game Scrabble® or Words With Friends.

You can also encounter them in newspaper competitions, or in TV shows, or other areas like culture and recreation. Very complex anagrams can be found in the field of secret agencies, but the most effective are probably too hard to solve with our anagram finder above.

You might also find it interesting to use the Anagram Solver as an Anagram Generator to find new words from names or random letters by just unscrambling the letters.