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Our Wordle solver helps you to find the best choices for solving todays NYTs Wordle.
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Wordle is a short, varied and addictive online word puzzle. At the end of 2021, the New York Times took over the popular letter game from inventor Josh Wardle and it became a huge success within a very short period of time. The goal of the game is to find a valid five-letter word with as few attempts as possible. Sounds simple?!

It's not quite that easy to find exactly the right answer from 2500 different possibilities. The player has six attempts to guess the word correctly. Unlike the classic crossword puzzle, there is no clue to the correct solution word.

The New York Times publishes exactly one new Wordle every day. The popular word puzzle has created a fan community that grows daily and is especially active on Twitter, where players can share their results (but still hide the correct solution). Meanwhile, there are also many other websites that offer the popular letter game. Whether in the morning during a cup of coffee, at lunchtime or after work - Wordle is a short and exciting word game for in between.


Wordle gaming rules are quite simple - you enter any five-letter word in the first line, hit Enter and your letter choices get highlighted in three different colors:

  • Green background: Letters that appear in the same spot in the solution word
  • Yellow background: Letters that appear elsewhere in the solution word
  • Gray background: Letters that do not appear in the searched word

Now you have the possibility to approach the solution word in the five following lines by considering the different coloring. The goal of the Wordle word game is to find the searched word in as few tries as possible.


Word-Grabber.com supports you in your search for the correct five-letter word. And this is how our Wordle Solver works for you:

  1. Five green fields: Write down letters, which you already know for sure, in the correct spot
  2. Yellow typing field: Write down up to 5 letters, which appear in your Wordle, but are not yet in the right place
  3. Gray typing field: Note up to 19 letters which you can exclude from your Wordle

PRESS Enter!

Our Wordle Solver will now suggest all possible word variations that are still possible based on your preselection. In addition, we recommend the best possible word for your next try and show you how often or likely it is to use additional letters.


Now we'll tell you the best strategies to solve this innovative letter puzzle. We have summarized some tips and tricks for you.

  1. Start with the same word every day
    The most common strategy is to start with the same word every day. The word should consist of five different letters. In the best case, these are frequently occurring letters, like A, E, S, T, N etc.
  2. Start each game with a different word
    Of course you can also start each Wordle with a different word - but this requires a certain creativity. Again, make sure that you choose different and frequently used letters.
  3. Start with a word with many vowels
    A very proven strategy is to start the search with a word that contains many vowels. Since there are only five different vowels, there is a high chance that you will have some correct matches right in the beginning. Your first guess should have at least three vowels. The most popular words here are: ADIEU, OUIJA or AUDIO.
  4. Start with two different words in the first two lines
    Even if it sounds illogical at first, you can already exclude or confirm a lot of letters if you use two completely different words in the first two lines. A good start for this Wordle solver strategy is for example the combination of ADIEU and ROTLS - with this combination you can already check all vowels and the most common consonants.
  5. Avoid duplications
    Always check the keyboard at the bottom of the Wordle screen. There, all used letters are highlighted in green, yellow and gray. This way you can avoid duplications.
  6. Letters can appear twice
    Of course, some letters can occur more often than once (e.g. proof) and therefore must be used twice in your Wordle Answer.