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Wordscapes Answers and Cheat

From PeopleFun, the makers of Word Chums and Adventure Smash, comes Wordscapes: A mix of crossword puzzles, word searches, and anagrams. Put your skills to the test and get help with our Wordscapes Answers and Cheat!

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Wordscapes is easy to play: instead of having to decipher purposely vague riddles, you must find the words within a selection of letters in the shape of wheel. Each word you find on the board connects to the next word, giving you more and more clues — theoretically, anyway. If you think this sounds like a fun challenge, you are sure to love Wordscapes. You can download the game for Android or iOS from the Google Play store and App store respectively.

Put Your Skills to the Test: Levels, Chapters and Design

Despite the simple concept Wordscapes is based on, the puzzles can be quite difficult and frustrating, especially when there are 5 or fewer letters to work with. In the latter case, fewer letters means less room for letter pairings like EA, OU, IE, SH, and TH. As such, it can become increasingly difficult to find more than one word that uses all the letters, or all but one. So, don’t worry. Even when you know the answer is right in front of you, there is a reason why you can’t see it.

Obscure Words and Abbreviations

For those who can muscle past such challenges, Wordscapes provides a whole new level of difficulty in the form of obscure words and abbreviations on advanced levels; this game has over 3700 levels that truly put your skills to the test. This rather obscene number of levels is a great way to keep you hooked by working in small victories. In this game, a win is always one more word away and one more bonus word to add.

Advance from Chapter to Chapter in Wordscapes

Wordscapes is designed in such a way that you will never play just one level at a time, it will always be at least three — or ten. As you advance from chapter to chapter, Wordscapes increases the difficulty exponentially to the point where each level will properly challenge you to learn new words (and build them too).

Stunning Backgrounds and Subtle Animations

Speaking of Wordscapes’ design, the game features stunning backgrounds and subtle animations. Each chapter has a different nature theme that generates a specific board and letter highlight colors as you progress. This makes each victory a little more exciting, so you don’t have to stick with the same color for 3700 levels.

Wordscapes Answers

Whether you’re on level 4 or level 3244, has all the sources you need to get through any difficulties. Wordscapes answers will provide just that, a list of answers to every level thus far in the game. If you’re not quite ready for the exact answers, word-grabber has a great Wordscapes Cheat to use whenever you’re stuck. Not all puzzles have answers, however, as Wordscapes features daily puzzles we can’t predict. As such, word-grabber is here to help with a few daily puzzles tips and tricks. Read on for more!

wordscapes levels answers
Wordscapes image of level 82 completion and progress.

Our Wordscapes Cheat is one of the best out there. Again, we have one of the largest dictionaries guaranteed to provide all possible bonus words on each level. The Wordscapes Cheat is also custom-built by the talented folks at word-grabber, and we are proud to say that you won’t find another quite like it. It is very easy to use and features a custom pattern search. Whatever pattern your heart desires, you can input it into our system.

For example, say your word wheel is ALUCARD.

If you would like the word to end in “L” than you must type in “……L” with a dot for every letter that does not require a pattern.
You can do this with more than one letter as well, like EA, SH, QU, etc.
Frankly, this kind of pattern feature is tailor-made a crossword style puzzle like Wordscapes.

Wordscapes Daily Puzzles

Outside of the 3700 levels, Wordscapes daily puzzles are the only ones we cannot provide answers for — besides the ultimate word-grabber Wordscapes Cheat of course. The daily puzzles are randomly generated by the developers, PeopleFun, and cannot be easily predicted in advance of their arrival. As such, if you are not ready to use our Wordscapes Cheat yet, please take a look at these daily puzzle tips and tricks for the many challenges Wordscapes throws at you.

Wordscapes daily puzzle
Screenshot of Wordscapes daily puzzle

Hit Shuffle

Sometimes a new perspective is all you need. Anytime you’re struggling, hit that shuffle button until you see something that makes the light come on. Though the shuffle button has a tendency to just turn the wheel clockwise, have faith and keep hitting it. You’ll see something different eventually. Even if the solution you discover isn’t a real word, it might still lead you to the right one. For example, at one point I built the word CUAES only to immediately see the word I needed was CAUSE Just seeing those letters in the wrong order allowed me to put them in the right order. Trust me, the shuffle button can work wonders.

Hence Hints

Do you have coins to spare? Use those hints! They are there to help you! You either earned them with bonus words or paid for them, it is your right to use them as you see fit. Just as shuffling can provide a different perspective, hints can give you that one last push to find the word or words you need.

Driven To Distraction

If, like everyone else, you used up all your hints and you think microtransactions are the love child of EA, I highly suggest looking away from the puzzle. Any kind of distraction will do: gaze out the window, gauge the weather, take a sip of tea or coffee, yawn, or whatever you want. Even if you distract yourself for only a few seconds, it could do the trick.

Once you come back to the puzzle, you might see it with new eyes and get the answers right away. It’s as easy as that! This trick is all about providing a different perspective. Sometimes your brain can get really used to seeing the word wheel and eventually, it might get harder and harder to see the patterns within. As such, it is important to take a break once in a while to reset your brain. A small distraction is all it takes, though sometimes you might need a little longer if you find yourself getting too frustrated.

English Language Patterns

For those who haven’t studied the origins of English, it might come as a surprise to realize that every word in English follows similar rules from three other languages: German, French, and Latin. For example, French is where we acquired words like “critique”, or most words ending in “tion” (transformation, attention) and “able” (table, comfortable).

German is where words like young and sun originally came from. It took a while for them to be spelled the way they are today, but the sounds certainly came from German.
Latin is in nearly every other word, since it is one of the base languages of French too. “Escape”, for example, can be broken down from the Old French eschaper (see that German SCH there) to the Latin ex (out) and cappa (cloak).

As such, from French we can remember letter pairings like OU, OUI, ABLE, and TION. From German, SH, EI, IE, EA, and plenty more. From Latin, we get a lot of prefixes and suffixes, like PER, PRE, ANTI, UN, and PRO or AGE (wreckage, damage), ER, FUL, LY and many more.

Of course, there is so much more to this “trick” than what I’ve discussed, as I haven’t touched the subject of sounds (like the German hard S, or the French vowels). But feel free to research further to find more patterns that English follows and comment below!

Learning how English was originally formed makes it much easier to build words you may not know yet. For example – and I’ve done the puzzle twice now, so I know I can’t help it – there was a level where I had only two of the letters in the last word. I knew the pairings (AL and IE) and I knew it ended in N. Turns out I was spelling ALIEN and never realized until it was over. So knowing pairings does help, even if you already know the word.

Wordscapes cheat chapter
Image of Wordscapes forest chapter with sections pine and dew.

Row Row Your Boat

For a true-born Scrabble player who started before these newfangled mobile games, having the letters in a row can go a long way in solving the puzzle. To do so, select all the letters until they appear in a row above the wheel and just hold it there while you shuffle them in your head. Or if you prefer, pick a different order for your row until a word pops out at you.

Rhyme, Dime, Shine, Dine

As you can already tell, rhyming can go a long way in finding more words to spell. Much like letter pairings, words that rhyme often end in the same set of letters. If you have INE, OW, ER, etc. you can make quite a few words rhyme. This method is sure to get you plenty of bonus words and perhaps any you happen to be struggling with.

Peter Piper

You can’t talk about rhyming without alliteration. In any word game, especially Wordscape, finding words that start with the same letter (dine, die, dye) or sound (phase, faze) is tantamount to finding all the words on the board and bonus words.

Popular Suffixes

Suffixes are letters that usually give a word tense or tell us whether there are more than one. For example, ED is usually past tense and ING is usually present tense. That is not to forget the suffixes discussed under English Language Patterns and the power of Es and S. In Wordscapes, this strategy is just as valuable as it is in Scrabble. In fact, Wordscapes seems to be particularly fond of this trick and often uses all three versions of a word.

suffixes in wordscapes
Suffixes are possible in Wordscapes


Scrabble players will find this tip especially frustrating, as abbreviations are strictly forbidden in that game. Unfortunately, I am here to confirm that Wordscapes is very much in love with very particular abbreviations. Thus far, I have been able to record the more popular ones as: demo, dub, bod, alt, and pic. There are many more I either did not record or have not encountered yet, so be sure to try as many as you can.

More about Wordscapes on word-grabber

Those are all the tips and tricks I’ve got up my sleeve for Wordscapes daily puzzles, but there are plenty more in the links provided above. Word-grabber’s answers page provides a convenient list of words Wordscapes likes to use, but that aren’t immediately obvious for some players, like ICED and ALE. Our Wordscapes Cheat is even better, as you can enter any word pattern that fits the board you are working on — no need to scroll through three pages worth of three-letter words.
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