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You have probably reached because you love words and word games. Building tools that help you to create words from letters, we have learned a lot. A few month ago we started to share our insights on word games with you. Now it is time to give you an overview of our work and look back at what interesting word facts we have gathered so far.

Scrabble helper and more

Beside our tools to create words from letters like our Scrabble helper, the Words With Friends cheat, or a helper for other word games, we provide the latest information on recent updates and fixes we made on in our news section. Furthermore, to keep you up to date on word games we have divided our article section into information about word games you can play, word trivia and word lists. So you are well informed about the world of word games.

word games

To have it more structured we have categorized the games into four categories: the traditional board word games, word games for mobile devices, paper and pencil word games and online word games.

1.) The most article suggestions in our inbox were made in this online word games category. Thanks to Suman we got to know PathWords and tried to find alternatives for this game since it is no longer available on Facebook. Words With Friends is quite a popular word game that challenged us to do a lot of research. So we published different articles on this issue as well.

2.) In the mobile word games category the word mole article is the most popular. We gathered information on this famous BlackBerry game and tried to find exactly this or similar games for other mobile operating systems. This topic is still keeping us busy since there is no satisfying equivalent so far. We will keep you up to date.

3.) Paper and pencil word games like Word Search or Crossword Puzzles are the most played word games in daily or weekly newspapers and magazines. To give you an overview we recently published an article with three different printable word games. Doing some research for our German parent site we came across the Word Polygon Puzzle and devoted this game its own article on our English Scrabble helper website

4.) Last but not least, the board games with words category is dedicated to classical board games like Scrabble. An article on different board games with words should show you some Scrabble alternatives. If you are feeling lost in finding words from letters try our scrabble helper.

word trivia

You love word trivia and interesting facts about words? So do we. This word trivia page is following our affinity and is going to list articles about interesting word facts or unknown English language trivia. So far we tried to teach you Oðblgshezi – the language of your calculator.

word lists

Since we know you don’t only love word games and word trivia we also want to provide you with word lists as a comprehensive information to be of use in intellectual conversations or playing word games. Most of these word lists where created using the Scrabble helper on Learn more about ENABLE, TWL, or SOWPODS.

About the authors

To provide you with this load of information Thomas, the creator of this website, works hand in hand with me, Philipp. While Thomas enables you to browse this website without any disturbances and maintains everything from Scrabble helper to Words With Friends Cheat, I support him as an external worker by researching and writing most of the articles.

You can help us by sending us information about the word games you love. Even better, if you are the creator of a word game yourself and can provide us with some insights.

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