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Words with Letters in Order

words with letter

created on by Dominik Wachsmann

Isograms, pangrams, palindromes and anagrams are phrases or words with letters, that are arranged in a specific way. » read more

Elo Ratings in Scrabble

Ratings in Scrabble

created on by Stefanie Holke

Elo ratings are an issue in the Scrabble world. Though useful for tournament directors, there are differing opinions about them among players. » read more

An Introduction to the New Vowel Dumps in Scrabble

new vowel dumps in scrabble

created on by Juliane Fritz

The advanced Scrabble player knows: It's good to have a balance between vowels and consonants on your rack. To keep this balance, you might need so-called "vowel dumps". Here we introduce to you the new vowel dumps in Scrabble. » read more

Advanced Speaking Lessons with German Tongue Twisters

german tongue twisters

created on by Kim Katzer

You can improve your articulation of German words by training with German tongue twisters. Professional presenters use them to warm up before a speech and use tongue twisters in foreign languages to get used to the pronunciation. » read more

Playing Words with Only Vowels in Words with Friends

created on by Kim Katzer

You have only vowels on your Words with Friends rack. Don’t panic, we can help you to get on with the game and form valid words with only vowels in Words with Friends. » read more

The Balance between Consonants and Vowels in Scrabble

created on by Guest Post

Mike Corbet likes to play Scrabble. He is a supporter of the balance between consonats and vowels in scrabble. Why? He will tell you in his guest post he wrote for us. » read more

Tongue Twisters Twist: Let’s Twist Again

tongue twisters

created on by Kim Katzer

If you’ve ever tried to say “Williy’s really weary” thrice really fast you know what I mean. I bet you quickly felt like your tongue was twisted. Tongue twisters are usually used by professional speakers to train their articulation and to warm up before a speech or a presentation. You can use them too, to untwist your tongue. » read more

No Matter How Bad They Are: You CAN Make a Word Using These Letters

Making wors using these letters

created on by Kim Katzer

Has Murphy’s Law hit you again with the meanest and rarest letters there are in Scrabble? Don’t blame yourself! Make the best of it and make incredible words using these letters. » read more

Frustration Over Invalid Words in Words with Friends

frustration over invalid words in words with friends

created on by Juliane Fritz

Sometimes word games are confusing. Why is SWEDEN among the invalid words in Words with Friends – whilst JAPAN is allowed? We discovered the most frequent valid and invalid word errors in Words with Friends. » read more

New Three Letter Words in the Collins Scrabble Word List

new three letter words in scrabble

created on by Juliane Fritz

We'd like to introduce to you all the new three-letter words in the CSW15 – they are easy to learn and with them you will quickly improve your Scrabble skills! » read more