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Since we are living in a digital society we are able to play word games not only online at home but also on the go with mobile devices. Sometimes it can be refreshing and wise to go offline and solve some good old pencil and paper word games. To spur you on to do so we prepared a brief overview of three different printable word games.

Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are probably the most popular word games in the offline world. Lots of newspapers provide a whole bunch of crosswords every day. In America the most prestigious and one of the most difficult crossword puzzles are published by the New York Times. One of their first crossword editors, Will Shorts, even founded and still directs the annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. It is the oldest and largest crossword tournament held in the United States.
The idea behind this game is simple and probably well known. A crossword game consists of a rectangular grid of white squares which have to be filled with letters. These letters have to form words or answers to questions located next to the grid. Shaded squares separate letters that do not belong to the same answer.
To get some help filling in remaining gaps or to proof answers you already found try our Word Grabber. Just select how many blank squares you have left and the letters you already found to get your answer.


Different to Crossword puzzles, Jotto is a word game for two players. You need a pen and a piece of paper. Special Jotto sheets are available as well. To start, each player has to think of a secret word consisting of five different letters that the other player has to guess. After each guess you have to reveal the Jots, i.e. the number of letters that are in both the guessed word and the secret word. If your opponents secret word is HEART but you guessed ZEBRA he replies three because E, A, and Z are letters existing in both words. You write down this number and consider this for your next guess. A written out alphabet where you cross out letters that are eliminated with Jot counts of zero and other tricks may help.

Word search

Another popular word game is Word search also known as word find, word seek, word sleuth, or mystery word puzzle. Here you have to form words out of letters that are arranged in a rectangular or square shape. The goal of Word search is to find and mark all words hidden in this mixup of letters. Sometimes all words are provided in a list where you can compare your findings to, sometimes the words you are searching for are related to a special theme or semantic field. You can make words out of these letters going diagonally, horizontally, vertically, and sometimes backwards. Similar to Crossword puzzles you can find Word search puzzles in newspapers, magazines, or puzzle books.
Here are some helpful hints for your next Word search game presumed words are given:
1. Look for the capital letter in the grid and its surrounding letters to find the word.
2. Look for outstanding letters like X,Y, or Q.
3. Look for double letters like ll, ss, or mm.

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