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PathWords Alternative

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In our recent Word of Word Games article Suman was asking whether Facebook’s PathWords can be downloaded or found somewhere else since it is no longer available. We did some research about this and tried to find some alternative word games for PathWords.

PathWords rules

The word game PathWords was developed as a Facebook app by Zynga, the same company that invented Words With Friends. You play it on a board that looks like honeycombs with every comb containing a letter. The aim of PathWords is to form words and score as many points as possible in this letter salad. A user can click any letter that is touching the starting letter, and cannot use the same letter twice. The player has to click as many letters as possible to build a kind of word path. After submitting a created word the word disappears and the letters collide.
This game sounds interesting and quite addictive, but unfortunately Zynga pulled PathWords from Facebook last autumn. We tried it out ourselves without success and without finding an official statement on the internet. That is why we want to give you a PathWords alternative:

PathWords alternative

Word Path iPhone app


The goal is simple: from a large, scrolling grid of randomly chosen letters remove as many words as you can    find. A word’s path through the grid doesn’t have to be strictly horizontal, vertical or diagonal; it can twist, turn and cross over itself and the grid boundaries. It is availible on Apple’s App Store for a small amount of money.

Wordaholic android app


Wordaholic is a free word puzzle with a twist – you look for words in a hexagonal board. With two game modes, easy and hard, you can decide which level of difficulty you want to play. This PathWords alternative can be downloaded on the Android Market for free.

Tumble Bees online game


For someone who has no moblie device and is looking for a PathWords alternative Tumble Bee should be perfect. It is free and can be played online. Help the bees with their honey supply by spelling as many words as you can before the honeycomb fills up with letters. Each word you make will fill the honey pot with honey. Fill the pot to win the game and score tokens. Quite funny and a lot of interesting key features.

PathWords board game


For board game fans we found a PathWord alternative that is called PathWord. Strange. This game was not published by Zinga but by Thinkfun last year. The question is who bought who. Maybe this is the reason why Facebook users are not able to play PathWords anymore. However, this word game combines Tetris and Word Search but is not 100 percent similar to the original ParthWords game. You have to place the puzzle pieces onto the selected challenge so the letters under each piece spell a word. Words are read forward or backward – letters will not be scrambled. Sounds interesting.

What do you think about our PathWords alternatives?
Feel free to leave a comment if you found better alternatives or know anything about the Facebook – PathWords issue. Apart from that, enjoy finding the right path through the letter jumble.

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