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Words And Letters

Words and Letters

A carefully selected collection of articles on language, words and letters. What’s an anagram? What is a palindrome? And how can you use both in word games? Find it out here!

Words with Letters in Order

words with letter

created on by Dominik Wachsmann

Isograms, pangrams, palindromes and anagrams are phrases or words with letters, that are arranged in a specific way. » read more

Names with Counterintuitive Pronunciation

Names With Counterintuitive Pronounciation - Stiffkey

created on by Dominik Wachsmann

Counterintuitive pronunciation is a language phenomenon that occurs when the phonetic rules of your first language clash with another. Mispronouncing names can be very embarrassing - and very amusing. » read more

Review: “Word Games, Anagrams and More – A Fun Way to Learn New Words” by Norman Wei

created on by Stephanie Napp

LEOTARD, MORIONS, FESCUES – three rarely used words with one thing in common. They all appear in Norman Wei’s latest publication “Word Games, Anagrams and More”. The book brings together more than 800 cartoons as well as lists and phrases to facilitate the learning of uncommon words for word games. » read more

Funny Anagrams – A Selection

created on by Stefanie Holke

We present you a fine potpourri of funny anagrams from politicians, musicians and other artists. » read more

When Words Collide – Homophony and Its Hues

Picture of Brad pitt and a picture of bread.

created on by Dominik Wachsmann

Lettuce from the Editor: What else is the sun, but a night in shining armour? And what else is Homophony, than the sound of two words colliding? What tells us this? Fine doubt for yore's elves! » read more

A, B, C: How We Make Words with These Letters

How to make words with these letters

created on by Guest Post

Here you learn something about how we make words from letters, how they work, where they come from and how and why we can read them. » read more

Palindromes – a language’s 4-wheel racecar

gnu dung - palindromes

created on by Philipp Schröder

What exactly are palindromes, what can you do with them, and what is so funny about them? Find out more on the longest palindrome, the longest palindrome sentence, or musical palindromes. » read more


Spoonerism "Sarah Palin - Parah Salin"

created on by Dominik Wachsmann

At first, mankind was given the ability to speak in different tongues. But soon the tongues got bored and started the Syllabic Shuffle… » read more

The Pure Artistry of Anagram Tattoos

created on by Guest Post

An article about the beauty of anagram tattoos, aka ambigram tattoos. A word play that gets under your skin. » read more

The Most Beautiful Words in the English Language

beautiful english words

created on by Kristin Bußmann

The English Language includes a lot of words that people find beautiful. These words seem to follow certain characteristics that sort them into certain groups. Some examples will help specify why people find these particular words beautiful. » read more