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Words With Friends FAQs

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Who created Words With Friends

Many people wonder who is behind all that success with Words With Friends. Played be millions of people every day Words With Friends is one of the most played online games of all times. The brothers Dave & Paul Bettner and their crew developed this game in 2009 and probably could not imagine what success they would achieve. Dave previously worked for Microsoft on the Halo Wars and the Age of Empires games. Paul also has been building video games for many years. It was merely a matter of time before both of them put their talents together.

Where can I download Words With Friends?

Words With Friends is available on Apple’s App Store for iPhones, iPads and iPods, on the Android Market and can be played on Facebook. Thus Words With Friends is one of the best available word games so far.

How to use the Words With Friends buttons?

There are four buttons to make this game more active and complex. The Swap button is to get completely new tiles. The Shuffle button is to shuffle tiles on the tile line and get different letter placements. Thus you can see how to create words out of this letters. The Pass button passes the turn to your opponent. And finally the Resign button that is to admit you are defeated.

How to play Words With Friends?

Words With Friends is quite similar to the Scrabble word game. To understand the differences we compared Scrabble to Words With Friends in our word games section. Most of the rules are similar:
To start playing Words With Friends you get seven tiles out of this tile pool. Now you have to make a word out of these letters. Place it on the star in the center of the board. Your opponent has to add another word horizontally or vertically so that at least one tile is shared. Afterwards it is your turn again. Multiple words are possible. For every word you get points depending on the score of the tiles. Additionally, there is the possibility to get special points by covering squares on the grid that double or triple either the value of the tile on it or your created word.

Where can I find a Words With Friends cheat? provides different helpers for different word games. To get some help playing Words With Friends we build a special word search called Words With Friends cheat. Words With Friends cheat is using the ENABLE word list, the official word list for Words With Friends. ENABLE is the abbreviation for Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon.

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5 Responses

  1. I do not like the automatic shuffle when I move the iPhone. I figure out a word, then set the phone down, then the word is shuffled and it is quite irritating.
    Can you tell me how to turn off the automatic shuffle feature?
    If I cannot turn the automatic shuffle off, then can you recommend to Zynga to put a button in settings to stop the automatic shuffle feature?
    I have sent this request to them multiple times. But I don’t know what their response is. Thanks

  2. In the personal statistics, there is a category titled”bonus tiles played per game”I cant figure out what the percentages mean. Anybody know?

  3. I’m not absolutely certain, but my best guess is that it is calculated like this

    Bonus Tiles played per game Percentage = (number of bonus tiles you played) divided by (sum of bonus tiles played by both players)

    Then it must just take your average of all games played.

    So for a single game, if you played on 6 of the double word tiles, your opponent played on 4 of them, and 2 of them were left unused (there is 12 in total on a board), then your percentage for that game would show as 60%

    Again this is just my most educated guess. The only other one that would even make sense to me would be it did number played by you divided by number on the board. But since 3 of those numbers for me are over 50%, that seems unlikely. I can’t imagine that even after subtracting the unused bonus spaces and the ones used by my opponent that I’ve averaging using over half them. Unless I hog those spaces way more than I actually realized.

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