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Word Mole FAQs

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After releasing our recent article on Word Mole many visitors asked us to extend the information on this game. This articles gathers the frequently asked questions and their answers.

Where can I play Word Mole online?

Lots of people try to find out if it is possible to play Word Mole online. Quite a number of questions regarding this issue can be found in forums on the internet. Unfortunately, they are always ending up with the same answer: Currently there is no online version of Word Mole available. This is remarkable, considering all those request. We will keep you up to date if Blackberry is developing such a service for the internet. Maybe some day they realize the market value for that game and finally bring us a Word Mole online version. I think this would be advantageous for both parties.

Is there a Word Mole version for Android?

An existing Word Mole for android seemed to be more realistic at first glance. We wanted to give Word Mole a try on our Android systems and found some pages where you could download Word Mole for Android devices. No version we bought or installed from various websites was working. There has not even been a Word Mole version within the official Android Market Place. So we are sure, there is currently no official or at least a working Word Mole version for Androids out there. When you know where to find one or currently play Word Mole on your Android device, please write us.

Where can I find the Word Mole high scores?

You can submit a score to the Leaderboard on the Word Mole game web site at the end of a single-player game. If you do not submit your score when prompted you can submit your score at a later time. Therefore you have to go on the High scores screen, in the Username field, an type a user name. Afterwards you need to type a password in the Password field and click Submit.

Are there other games like Word Mole?

Since we found out it is hard to play Word Mole on other devices than Blackberry, we tried to detect some other word games that are similar to Word Mole. Try out Bookworm and link letter tiles to build words and keep the bookworm sated and smiling. You can play it on your PC, Mac or on different mobile devices. Another Word Mole alternative is Word Search King. It claims to be the most addictive word game for Android. Similar to Word Mole each level has a certain number of points needed to progress, each level required more speed and skill to conquer.

How to play Word Mole?

Word Mole focuses on a little mole and his garden that is divided into 36 sections. Each section contains a letter. All letters can be used to form words and earn points. You have to try to form a word using letters directly above, below or next to each other. Therefore you will receive new letters which can be used to form new words. There is also the possibility to use words that are not directly above, below or next to each other. This leads to holes in your garden, though. To get rid of those nasty holes just try to use a letter that is beside the holes when forming another word. However, the player can choose between a single-player game and a multiplayer game. To get more information read the following instruction.

Where can I find a Word Mole cheat? provides different helpers and cheats for different word games. To get some help playing Word Mole simply enter all letters from the board in our Word Finder and pick the best results to continue your game.

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33 Responses

    • Hi Simran,
      there seem to be no level-limit in Word Mole. We have found proven highscores to level 91. But there are reports, that people even reached highscores up to level 119.


  1. My current high score on word mole is 11765 (Level 38) but I can’t seem to submit high scores on my phone. Any reason why??

    • Hi vonnieisbonnie,
      first of all, congratulations on your high level! let us dig into your problem and we will get back to you soon

    • Are you playing Word Mole from a Blackberry or do you use an Android or iPhone app?

  2. Why does the game end at varying levels? Sometimes it seems like I’m scoring really well, and then it says ‘Game Over’. How does it determine when the game is over?

    • Dear Ellen,
      in the version of word mole we presented you have to receive 60 points within 120 seconds in level one. Every upcoming level is aggravated by 10 more points that have to be awarded. The time frame remains the same. Here are my assumptions to your question:
      1. Sometimes you build longer words that gets you more points than short words. Sometimes vice versa.
      2. Using vegetable bonus letters in a word earns you extra points and helps you reaching the demanded score earlier.
      3. Time bonus letters in a word buys you time to reach the demanded score.
      Hope I could help you – don’t hesitate to get back to us.

    • Hi eleanor,
      wow, congrats on your high score! Let’s see if someone else comes around here and beats that.

  3. might be a stupid Q, can we save the level we reached? everytime I fail in a certain level it takes me back to level 1!!

    • Hey Farah,
      as far as I know it isn’t possible to save the level you reached to continue at that point after you lost all your lives. You can only save the existing game. Good luck passing that level in near future 😉

  4. High score 49,569 level 73. Best garden score of 44 for 1,071 points. Appreciate any suggestions to get more.

    • Hi Bobbyc,
      I think it is you who should give others the advice how to beat that! 😉 Thanks for sharing and I’d really love to know your secrets.

  5. Hi
    Why does wordmole on my blackberry 9300 reject perfectly valid words like townhall
    Any ideas

    • Hi deepak, does this problem occur only on this specific device? We also missed some words and our best guess is, that the word list delivered with the game is incomplete. If you check our Scrabble Helper or the Anagramm Finder you find, that the SOWPODS word list does include townhall, but the TWL doesn’t.

      • I’ve only been playing two weeks and have had Word Mole reject a whole bunch of my proudest moments. “Quadruplets”. No word found. Let’s take that one a step further. “Quintuplets”? No. “Hexagon”. No word found. I’ve been watching the Olympics and was inspired to see the crowd singing to Paul McCartney in the velodrome, but was “velodrome” recognised? Nope. “Tampon” wasn’t one of my favourite word-finds, but even so (as a woman of 44 years experience) I’m pretty sure this has been a valid word for a very long time. There are heaps more too, I just cam’t think of them at this moment.I’m now shying away from longer words because I don’t want to waste the time keying them in only to hear that they’re not correct.

        • Hi NickyE,
          thanks for sharing your pain in this great written report. I also ran into the same problem. Word Mole is a quite addictive game, but comes with bugs through all its versions. We recently tested Mole Word, an adaptation of Word Mole and found it to be an interesting alternative. Maybe, its dictionary is also better. You can find our article on Mole Word here:

          Best wishes

  6. I can reach level 45-50 with ease now been playing for a couple years high score 119321. leve1 82 best words that are highest scoring, congratulations, misunderstandings, battlegrounds, battlefilelds, happybirthday,

  7. Hi jamey,
    thanks for sharing your amazing results. It seems you are a real pro on Word Mole.
    What is your secret? Do you use any dictionary, have a good memory or just a lot of training? How often a day do you play?

  8. Wow Jamie! 119000 is awesome! I’ve made it to 34000 and I thought that was impressive until I saw yours.

  9. I got up to the last level of the autumn season on word mole. I want to know which vegetable is in the winter season? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Trevor, I think a lot of readers are interested in the autumn vegetables. Maybe you could share it? Sorry, we also don’t know more about the winter season yet.

  10. I’ve played 6 months -have made it to level 17 and 3370 points and I thought that was some achievement until I read some of your scores here! Great job on that. But yes, I too have had many, many words get spit out as well. “no word found” ‘; )

  11. My son (6yr old first grader) LOVES word mole. He plays it on my Blackberry and has gotten up to level 8. His bonus round record is 14 peppers and 174 points!

  12. Hi,
    I would love to know how word mole determines game over. I can be playing with about 100 seconds left and the blue watering can half full (although I’m unsure what its for) and suddenly get game over. Why is that?

    I think there should be some instructions / explanations within the game.


  13. Hi
    I have newish Blackberry Bold. Having played Word Mole on other BB devices I am often frustrated that Word Mole automatically submits words before I have chance to extend them.

    Anyone know if I can stop this?


  14. I play on a Blackberry with a touch screen and have a simple question. Where can I find the EXACT scoring algorithm?

    It seems odd that nowhere can I find out precisely how scoring is determined. I know some letters must be worth more than others because some words of the same length have different scores….but NOWHERE can I find an answer to the simple queston of how scores are determined.

    Oh, and my high score is the game I just completed. Level 44 and just over 19,000 points. I can’t even conceive of how people can get scores over 50,000 and up to 100,000! I’ve been playing over a year and 19,000 is by far my highest!


  15. Hi Ed,
    the scoring algorithm seems to be a mystery even for us. Blackberry’s user guide only states that you gain more points by using longer words, less common words, bonus letters, need less time etc.
    Congrats for your high score!

  16. Eric, I find hitting the score bar below instead of submit button let’s me submit away from the letter areas. The submit button is smaller and harder to reach quickly so I use the score bar to submit.
    I am hopelessly addicted to this game. I gave reached about 7000 and have deleted it twice to try and cure myself. No luck, though, I just end up reloading it again…sigh…

    • Right, word games can be really addictive. You think it is just a small game and doesn’t eat much time, but than you spend hours playing it.

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