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For almost three years, I enter the worlds of games and languages for Especially as a psychology student, it is still fascinating for me to see the enthusiasm, creativity, and perseverance that can trigger a few letters in human beings. To understand those word-addicts a bit better, don't hesitate to comment my articles or write me a mail!

Articles by Philipp Schröder

Scrabble for Kids

Scrabble for Kids – Scrabble Junior and more

Scrabble is the ideal way to learn and play with letters. Read the following three game reviews and choose the right one for your kid.

gnu dung - palindromes

Palindromes – a language’s 4-wheel racecar

What exactly are palindromes, what can you do with them, and what is so funny about them? Find out more on the longest palindrome, the longest palindrome sentence, or musical palindromes.

Word Mole

Word Mole FAQs 2.0

This articles gathers frequently asked questions on Word Mole collected during past years. Where can I play Word Mole online? Are there good alternatives? How do I play Word Mole? And many more. Feel free to submit further questions.

A Mastermind with Words – Jotto

Jotto is a simple but entertaining decrypting game with words. The only thing you need is a paper and a pencil. There are different ways to play. Here you can learn the rules and possible variations.

Scrabble word list compilation

Scrabble word lists help you get better in a game. Since luck is not the only aspect needed to improve vocabulary skills. Here is a selection of word lists.

How much does luck affect a typical Scrabble game?

Diehard Scrabble players know that it’s not enough to have inexhaustible vocabulary to win a game, but to have at least as much luck on your side. To what extend these two aspects influence a game, shows a study of a professor in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University, Andrew C. Thomas.

Words With Friends bonus – boost your score

It’s always advantageous to remember the rules! Get an overview of all the possibilities to receive Words With Friends bonus points that will boost your score. Learn more about how to use bonus spaces correctly, how to get extra bonus points and internalize the tile values.

Words With Friends free?

Is Words With Friends free? No worries, it still is. But read on to find out more about the pay-to-play-features and how hard they try to get at your money.

calculator words and anagram solver on Youtube

Two new videos on our Youtube channel: How to use the Anagram Solver? and How to find Calculator Words?

palindromes in word lists

In our category “word list overview” you can now find a new word list with Palindromes. Palindromes are words or sentences that may be read the same way in either direction. Examples are: rotator, madam or level. Find out how to search for more words.