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Words With Friends Cheat mostly correct

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A few weeks ago, we discovered, that not all results from out Words With Friends Cheat are accepted by Words With Friends. You can read more on this topic in my initial post about Words With Friends and the correct answer and Philipps article on the ENABLE list and differences to the Words With Friends Word List. To discover more about the differences, we started the poll you find below. Thanks to all participants for helping us to see, how often this problem occurs.

Words With Friends Cheat almost never fails

50% of all votes never had a result from the Words With Friends Cheat that wasn’t accepted by Words With Friends. That is definitely more than we expected and calms us down a lot.

Almost a third of all voters sometimes run into a word that is not accepted by the famous online word game and the rest of 18% often had this problem.

Words With Friends doesn’t accept words from the Words With Friends Cheatcheat-accuracy


updating Words With Friends word list

As a result from all this we are going to publish a word list based on the differences between the ENABLE list and the official Words With Friends word game. This might help you to discover problematic words. We are also going to update the current list to make it more suitable with the word game. Unfortunately, we don’t know how often the official Words With Friends word list is going to be updated and might not always be able to keep pace with Zynga.

Please, let us know, if you discover any problematic results or unexprected behaviour of our Words With Friends Helper in the future. We really appreciate your feedback.

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