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Scrabble HelperBecome the best you can be in Scrabble! On this page you’ll find all the tips and tricks, the basics and the best cheats for Scrabble. We have put together over 100 articles with important information about the game for you. Enjoy!

How Do I Become a Scrabble Champion?

champion in scrabble

created on by Rhys Pugatschew

Become a Scrabble champion in no time with these beginner steps towards fame and fortune! » read more

Hit the High Score with the Longest Word in Scrabble

the longest word in scrabble

created on by Thadeus Geodfrey

Most long words are worth more than 50 points, with many being worth between 300 and 400 points. There is one person in Ohio, Dan Stock, who not only figured out the longest word, but also the one with the most points. This word has yet to be played in a game of Scrabble, but it does help that he knows it exists. Just read on and we will tell you which word we are referring to! » read more

Evan Berofsky Talks Scrabble Training Ups and Downs

scrabble training hints from berofsky

created on by Stefanie Holke

We met Evan Berofsky, international Scrabble player and the winner of this year’s MISO, to prize some training secrets out of the Scrabble pro and talk about his view on the North American Scrabble scene. » read more

Playing Scrabble in Malta: The Malta International Scrabble Open 2017

Scrabble in Malta 10th MISO

created on by Stefanie Holke

The 10th MISO is played, sealed, and delivered to your home screen. Read more about the tournament, its top-ranking players, and exciting finale. » read more

Playing Scrabble and Learning English in an Open House

playing scrabble and learning english in germany

created on by Anja Goritzka

Peggy Fehily likes to play Scrabble tournaments. Therefor she travells all aorund the world. And she wants to get more people enthusiastic for English tournament Scrabble. Her idea: etaplishing an Open Scrabble House in her café Cornwall - The Tearoom in Bad Wimpfen near Heilbronn, Germany. The Open House will start on 13th May. Read more about her idea and playing Scrabble in Germany. » read more

Young Scrabble Champion Criticizes the Promotion of the Game in UK

scrabble player from uk

created on by gerryc

This time Gerry Carter met the 2014 World Youth Scrabble Champion: 16-year old Jack Durand from London UK, who criticized the lack of promotion of Scrabble among the youth. » read more

Outrunning Your Opponent in Scrabble

scrabble with gerry carter outrunning in scrabble

created on by gerryc

In this feature, Gerry Carter tells us something about Scrabble strategies like “leave one in the bag” or “outruning” your opponent. He shows us how this works based on an example playing against Ikekeregor Dennis. » read more

Watch out Nigel – Scrabble Player A-Cubed is Coming for You!

scrabble player pakistani wunderkind

created on by gerryc

Gerry Carter had the opportunity to speak with Ahmed Abdullah Abbasi, called A-Cubed or AAA. The 26-year-old man is one of the Scrabble wunderkinds coming from Pakistan. Just read more about his path to getting involved in tournaments and his thoughts about Scrabble worldwide. » read more

Words with only Consonants in Scrabble

words with only consonants in scrabble

created on by Juliane Fritz

A rack full of consonants is pretty useless in a Scrabble game. But you will be surprised how many interesting words with only vowels are valid in Scrabble! In this article you will get to know words like CWM and PNW. Have fun! » read more

Learning Scrabble with Gerry Carter – About Stems

Learning Scrabble with Gerry Carter

created on by gerryc

Gerry Carter, 1998 Scrabble Champion of Asia and the Pacific, tells us some important things about Scrabble stems and learning the longer Scrabble words so you can get in the game. » read more