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Free Word Game Reviews

We really LOVE word games. Not only because good word games are addictive. Puzzles or word games train the brain. The most popular word game apps are played by millions of players daily and there are always new games to play. We play and review not only the well-known games like Words with Friends, CodyCross or Word Chums for you. We look at the new releases every day and tell you which game is really worth playing. And of course we have the best word game cheats for you!

What You Should Know About Word Crossy

How to play Word Crossy

created on by Anja Goritzka

Word Crossy is one of the most popular crossword games you can play. Over 100.000 people rated Word Crossy five stars in the app market. We take a look in the game and show you how to play. » read more

Wordscapes Answers for ALL Levels + Review

Wordscapes Review & All Answers

created on by Dominik Wachsmann

Wordscapes is a lovely letter-based wordgame for Android and iOS by PeopleFun, and it's as addictive as it is easy to play. » read more

Word Snack Review

Word Snack Review

created on by Dominik Wachsmann

Word Snack is a cool, new, and tasty word game for iOS and Android developed by APNAX Games. Like similar word games such as Word Guru, the goal is to connect letters and make words. » read more

Word Cookies Review

Word Cookies Logo

created on by Anja Goritzka

Being addicted to word games of all kind, we've reviewed "Word Cookies" by BitMango, the latest trending word game, in which we started the promising career as a pastry chef. Read this review to check out if it was worth it. » read more

How to Play Words With Friends: A Word Game Review

How to Play Words with Friends

created on by Anja Goritzka

Thousands of users cannot be wrong: Words with Friends is one of the most popular word game apps, without a doubt. If you are not already into the game with letters and words, we’ll show you how to play Words with Friends.» read more

Playing Scrabble Online? Without This Scrabble App!

The Scrabble App

created on by Juliane Fritz

Playing Scrabble online can drive you mad these days/ After an update, the Scrabble app has many quirks. We have a brief overview here. » read more

Thieves of Words Have Fun with Wordox

Wordox Wordplay on facebook

created on by Anja Goritzka

Wordox is a quick word game for android and facebook. We have played it for you and we think with this game you can easily train hook words for Scrabble. » read more

Playing the Facebook Scrabble League – A Review

The Facebook Scrabble League

created on by Juliane Fritz

Do you want to get new Scrabble buddies and do you like competitions? Then the Facebook Scrabble League is just perfect for you! If you want to find out how it works, check out our review! » read more

Words with Friends Solo Play

created on by Guest Post

Words with Friends has been around for quite some time and has found a home on the mobile devices of millions of users. People haven’t just used it for entertainment, but also stay in contact with friends and family. This mobile app allows you to play with people all over the world, no matter where [...] » read more

Words with Friends Dictionary

created on by Guest Post

The update of Words with Friends made the game more user friendly. The dictionary enhances the gaming experience and improving the user’s vocabulary skills. » read more