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Wordscapes Review & All Answers

Wordscapes Answers for ALL Levels + Review

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Wordscapes is a great new letter-based wordgame for Android and iOS, developed by PeopleFun. In this game, you have to make words by connecting letters with your finger. Though very similar to games like Word Guru and Word Cookies, the main differences lie in the aesthetics of Wordscapes.

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The Visuals of Wordscapes

Wordscapes is very appealing to the eye. The background settings are mediterranean, sylvan, rural, rocky, tropical, wintery and with much more from the naturalistic palette.

Getting Started with Wordscapes

The game is very, very easy to play. By simply connecting the letters with a finger of your choice, you have to find a certain number of words in order to complete each level.


After completing each level you are rewarded a certain number of coins. You can also watch a video every now and then for an extra 25 coins. Unlike other fake currencies those coins are indeed worth quite a bit!

Wordscapes Shuffle Hint Button
Picture 1: tap shuffle or hint button in case you find yourself lost for words

You can either buy yourself free of advertisements or use your coins to pay for help in case you find yourself lost for words. Be careful though, because each hint will cost you 100 coins! Why not save yourself the trouble and use the word-grabber letter sorting word generator?


Wordscapes Crosswordscapes
Picture 2: boxes are arranged like a crossword puzzle

Each word that you find by connecting the letters in the right order is automatically put in the respective boxes above. Those boxes are arranged like a crossword puzzle. This helps a lot with finding the next word.

Bonus Words in Wordscapes

Wordscpes Bonus Words
Picture 3: Bonus Words are words that aren’t in the puzzle but are rewarded anyway.

…and the award for most rewards goes to… Wordscapes!

Wordscapes Daily Rewards
Picture 4: Receive your daily gift.

The word game certainly does not skimp on praise. During and after the completion of each level your wordsmanship is appreciated with words such as GREAT!, SPECTACULAR!, MARVELOUS, AWESOME!, IMPRESSIVE! or WELL DONE! The level of your wordsmanship ist measured in BRILLIANCE. There is a Daily Reward and a Daily Puzzle as well that can get you even more coins.

Daily Puzzle – Follow the Butterflies

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle
Picture 5: When the daily puzzle pops up, the butterfly will show you which words to find next.


“Listen. Don’t listen to ME, listen. You can find the others if you are brave.” (Butterfly, The Last Unicorn)

Wordscapes Answers & Cheat

RISE, GROW & SHINE Level Answers


Rise Level: #1: Cat, Act

Rise Level: #2: Own, Won, Now

Rise Level: #3: Are, Ear, Era

Rise Level: #4: Tap, Pat, Apt

Grow Level: #1: Dip, Tip, Drip, Rid

Grow Level: #2: Far, Air, Fair, Fir

Grow Level: #3: Den, Tend, Ten, End, Dent, Net

Grow Level: #4: Ark, Park, Par, Rap

Shine Level: #1: Nut, Not, Ton, Out, Unto

Shine Level: #2: Lady, Day, Lay, Lad

Shine Level: #3: Beat, Ate, Eat, Bat, Tab, Bet, Tea, Beta

Shine Level: #4: Nab, Barn, Ran, Bar, Ban, Bra, Bran

PINE Level Answers


Pine Level: #1: Grand, Nag, Ran, Rang, Darn, Grad, And, Rag, Drag, Dang, Rad

Pine Level: #2: Loved, Love, Dove, Lode, Dole, Old, Doe, Ode Dev

Pine Level: #3: His, Sit, Sigh, This, Sight, Hit, Tis, Gist

Pine Level: #4: Art, Car, Rat, Tar, Cartb, Tart, Tract

Pine Level: #5: Ace, Ate, Cue, Cut, Eat, Tea, Cute, Acute

Pine Level: #6: Bad, Ban, Lab, Nab, Bald, Band, Land, Bland

Pine Level: #7: Age, Ale, Gal, Gee, Gel, Lag, Leg, Glee, Eagle

Pine Level: #8: Tie, Dice, Diet, Editb, Tide, Cited, Ice

DEW Level Answers


Dew Level: #1: Cab, Cabs, Scuba, Cubs, Cub, Abs

Dew Level: #2: Ore, Rose, Lose, Sore, Roles, Sole

Dew Level: #3: Con, One, Lone, Clone, Cone, Once

Dew Level: #4: Thin, Hit, Ink, Kit, Think, Hint, Tin, Kin

Dew Level: #5: Apply, Pal, App, Lap, Play, Pay

Dew Level: #6: Peaks, Peas, Sap, Spa, Ask, Sea, Ape, Peak, Speak

Dew Level: #7: Silo, Soil, Oil, Lid, Idol, Sold, Sod, Solid, Sold, Sod

Dew Level: #8: Arc, Claw, Crawl, Raw, War, Car

Dew Level: #9: Pan, Piano, Pain, Nap, Pin, Pon

Dew Level: #10: Gag, Aging, Gain, Gin, Gang

Dew Level: #11: Dice, Did, Diced, Ice, Dice

Dew Level: #12: Led, Dug, Glued, Duel, Glue, Lue

FLOW Level Answers


Flow Level: #1: Then, Tent, The, Tenth, Net, Ten, Hen

Flow Level: #2: Satin, Stain, Saint, Tan, Sin, Its, Tins, Sit, Ant

Flow Level: #3: Sly, Yet, Style, Yes, Set, Lest, Lets

Flow Level: #4: Dim, Dice, Medic, Dime, Mice, Mid, Iced

Flow Level: #5: Grand, Ran, Nag, Darn, Grad, And, Drag, Rag, Rang

Flow Level: #6: Thin, Tin, Inn, Hint, Ninth

Flow Level: #7: Tube, Rut, Bet, True, Brute, Tuber, But, Rub

Flow Level: #8: Sure, Rug, Urges, User, Surge, Rue

Flow Level: #9: Porch, Pro, Chop, Cop, Crop, Hop

Flow Level: #10: For, Force, Core, Foe, Fore

Flow Level: #11: Rind, Rid, Rain, Raid, And, Aid, Drain, Ran, Darn

Flow Level: #12: Alike, Like, Leak, Lake, Lie

Flow Level: #13: Rug, Urged, Dug, Drug, Urge, Rude, Red, Due

Flow Level: #14: Are, Bear, Bare, Ear, Bra, Bar, Era, Brace, Care, Race

Flow Level: #15: Was, Wars, Swat, Straw, Saw, Rat, Art, Sat, Tar, Art, Star

Flow Level: #16: Marry, May, Ray, Army, Arm, Mar, Ram, Yam

FOG Level Answers


Fog Level: #1: Baked, Beak, Bake, Bad, Bed, Bead

Fog Level: #2: Bay, Bye, Aye, Babe, Abbey, Baby

Fog Level: #3: Basil, Bail, Lab, Ails, Slab. Ails, Sail, Abs, Bils

Fog Level: #4: Lein, Nail, Lie, Alien, Lane

Fog Level: #5: Bacon, Bon, Ban, Can, Cab, Nab

Fog Level: #6: Gin, Owing, Ion, Now, Own, Wig, Win, Won, Gown, Wing

Fog Level: #7: Gap, Par, Rap, Hag, Harp, Graph

Fog Level: #8: Ill, Ski, Kill, Silk, Skill

Fog Level: #9: Ask, Ash, Has, Hay, Say, Shy, Sky, Yak, Ashy, Shaky

Fog Level: #10: Dog, Lodge, Ego, Gel, God, Leg, Log, Old, Gold, Lode

Fog Level: #11: Air, Arc, Rag, Rig, Cigar

Fog Level: #12: Pet, Put, Ups, Use, Pest, Step, Setup, Upset

Fog Level: #13: See, Tee, Eek, Seek, Skeet

Fog Level: #14: Lot, Out, Lost, Lust, Slot, Soul, Lotus

Fog Level: #15: Ale, Meal, Blame, Elm, Bam, Able, Balm, Beam, Lamb, Lame, Male

Fog Level: #16: Pie, Sip, Pic, Epic, Ices, Spice

LIFE Level Answers


Life Level: #1: Ace, Ape, Cap, Pea, Cape, Pace, Peace

Life Level: #2: Doe, Demo, Dome, Dove, Mode, Move, Moved

Life Level: #3: Ice, Tie, Wet, Wit, Cite, Twice

Life Level: #4: Per, Purse, Super, Sue, Ups, Rep, Rue, Pure, Sure, User, Spur

Life Level: #5: How, Now, Own, Who, Won, Show, Snow, Shown

Life Level: #6: Bud, Doubt, But, Dot, Duo, Out, Tub, Bod, Dub, Bout

Life Level: #7: Den, Dye, End, Yen, Deny, Need, Eyed, Needy

Life Level: #8: Ate, Tale, Latex, Exalt, Axe, Eat, Lax, Let, Tax, Tea, Axle, Late

Life Level: #9: Hip, Pitch, Hit, Pit, Tip, Chi, Phi, Pic, Chip, Itch

Life Level: #10: Fed, Defer, Fee, Red, Deer, Feed, Free, Reed, Reef, Freed

Life Level: #11: One, Son, Nose, Once, Cones, Cons

Life Level: #12: Her, The, Here, Tree, Thee, There, Three

Life Level: #13: Eye, Pew, Yep, Ewe, Wee, Yew, Weep, Weepy

Life Level: #14: Dam, Meal, Dame, Mead, Meld, Medal, Elm, Lad, Mad, Deal, Lame, Lead, Made, Male

Life Level: #15: Ago, Gal, Lag, Nag, Goal, Loan, Long, Along, Anglo

Life Level: #16: Ear, Relay, Era, Ray, Rye, Earl, Real, Rely, Year, Early, Layer

SPIRE Level Answers


Spire Level: #1: Arm, May, Oar, Ram, Ray, Yam, Army, Roam, Mayor

Spire Level: #2: Are, Ear, Era, Dare, Dear, Read, Raze, Razed

Spire Level: #3: Bun, Bus, Son, Sub, Sun, Nub, Snub, Bonus

Spire Level: #4: Ash, Has, Cash, Hack, Sack, Shack

Spire Level: #5: Ego, Ore, Our, Urge, Euro, Ogre, Rogue, Rouge

Spire Level: #6: Con, Nor, One, Cone, Core, Corn, Once, Crone

Spire Level: #7: Ask, Par, Sap, Spa, Park, Spar, Spark, Ark, Raps

Spire Level: #8: Ale, Sea, Case, Lace, Sale, Seal, Scale, Aces

Spire Level: #9: And, Brand, Bard, Bad, Ban, Bar, Nab, Band, Barn, Bran, Darn

Spire Level: #10: Awe, Oak, Owe, Wake, Weak, Woke, Awoke

Spire Level: #11: For, Fry, Rot, Toy, Try, Fort, Forty

Spire Level: #12: Its, Sim, Sit, Mist, Most, Moist, Omit

Spire Level: #13: Flu, Fun, Gun, Lug, Gulf, Lung, Flung

Spire Level: #14: Net, Rye, Ten, Yen, Yet, Rent, Entry

Spire Level: #15: Rib, Sir, Ski, Risk, Irks, Brisk

Spire Level: #16: See, Sew, Wee, Weep, Sweep, Seep, Pews, Ewe

ROCK Level Answers


Rock Level: #1: Gal, Gas, Lag, Nag, Sang, Slang, Snag

Rock Level: #2: Aye, Day, Dye, Had, Hay, Hey, Head, Yeah, Heady

Rock Level: #3: Aid, Air, Rod, Rad, Raid, Road, Arid, Radio

Rock Level: #4: Rot, Store, Set, Toe, Ores, Rest, Rose, Sore, Sort, Tore

Rock Level: #5: Pit, Pot, Tip, Top, Opt, Atop, Patio

Rock Level: #6: Ace, Fad, Cad, Cafe, Deaf, Face, Fade, Faced

Rock Level: #7: Ant, Lap, Nap, Pat, Tan, Tap, Apt, Plan, Plant

Rock Level: #8: Fed, Fried, Fir, Red, Rid, Dire, Fire, Ride, Rife, Fired

Rock Level: #9: Dig, Glide, Gel, Led, Leg, Lid, Lie, Lied, Deli, Idle

Rock Level: #10: Nor, Wrong, Now, Own, Row, Won, Gown, Grow, Worn, Grown

Rock Level: #11: Her, Their, Hit, The, Tie, Hire, Tire, Heir, Rite, Tier

Rock Level: #12: Lay, Salty, Sat, Say, Sly, Last, Salt, Stay, Slat, Slay

Rock Level: #13: Ion, Not, Tin, Ton, Jot, Nit, Into, Join, Joint

Rock Level: #14: Ale, Pale, Plea, Place, Ape, Cap, Pal, Pea, Cape, Lace, Leap, Pace

Rock Level: #15: Rig, Sip, Sir, Pigs, Sprig, Grip, Rips

Rock Level: #16: Art, Par, Rap, Rat, Tar, Part, Tarp, Trap, Apart

Wordscapes – What’s for DESERT?



Sierra Level: #1: Age, Ape, Gap, Pad, Pea, Aged, Page, Gape, Gaped

Sierra Level: #2: Are, Herb, Rehab, Bar, Bra, Ear, Era, Bare, Bear, Hare, Hear

Sierra Level: #3: Ill, Lip, Pill, Slip, Lisp, Spill

Sierra Level: #4: Ate, Fates, Feast, Safe, Eat, Fat, Tea, East, Fast, Fate, Seat, Feat

Sierra Level: #5: Act, Cap, Cat, Hat, Chat, Pact, Path, Patch

Sierra Level: #6: Pen, Dens, Send, Sped, Spend, End

Sierra Level: #7: Let, Inlet, Lie, Lit, Tie, Tin, Nit, Line, Tile, Lent

Sierra Level: #8: Met, Rim, Item, Term, Time, Trim, Emit, Merit, Timer

Sierra Level: #9: Its, Sat, Saw, Sit, Was, Wit, Swat, Wait, Waist

Sierra Level: #10: Ale, Van, Lane, Lean, Veal, Vane, Navel

Sierra Level: #11: Net, Tween, New, Tee, Ten, Wet, Ewe, Wee, Teen, Went

Sierra Level: #12: Ore, Roved, Red, Rod, Doe, Dove, Over, Rode, Rove, Drove

Sierra Level: #13: Nut, Pin, Put, Nip, Pint, Punt, Unit, Input

Sierra Level: #14: Ads, Head, Ash, Has, Sad, Sea, She, Dash, Shed, Shade

Sierra Level: #15: Arm, Mar, Oar, Ram, Roam, Roar, Armor

Sierra Level: #16: Ace, Cape, Each, Pace, Ache, Heap, Cheap, Peach

The Spice must flow…



Dune Level: #1: Day, Lad, Lay, Lid, Dial, Lady, Laid, Idly, Daily

Dune Level: #2: Den, End, New, Win, Din, Dine, Wind, Wine, Widen

Dune Level: #3: Hot, How, Rot, Row, Tow, Two, Who, Throw, Worth

Dune Level: #4: Cue, Due, Red, Rue, Cure, Rude, Crud, Crude, Cured

Dune Level: #5: Low, Now, Owl, Own, Won, Flow, Wolf, Flown

Dune Level: #6: Ash, Harps, Sharp, Has, Sap, Spa, Harp, Pars, Raps, Rash, Spar

Dune Level: #7: See, Set, Stew, Tees, West, Wets, Ewes, Sweet

Dune Level: #8: Aid, Pair, Raid, Arid, Rapid, Air, Par, Rap, Rid, Rip, Rad, Drip, Paid

Dune Level: #9: Ark, Task, Stark, Art, Ask, Rat, Tar, Arks, Arts, Rats, Star

Dune Level: #10: Nor, Rope, Peon, Prone, One, Ore, Pen, Per, Pro, Rep, Nope, Open

Dune Level: #11: Arc, Scary, Car, Cry, Ray, Say, Arcs, Cars, Rays, Scar

Dune Level: #12: And, Mean, Name, Dame, Named, Amend, Dam, Mad, Man, Men, Amen, Dean, Made, Mane

Dune Level: #13: Ant, Nut, Tan, Aunt, Tuna, Taut, Taunt

Dune Level: #14: Con, Into, Tonic, Ion, Not, Tin, Ton, Cot, Nit, Coin, Icon

Dune Level: #15: Aye, Bay, Bye, May, Yam, Bam, Beam, Maybe

Dune Level: #16: Ale, Flea, Late, Leaf, Left, Tale, Fetal, Ate, Eat, Elf, Fat, Tea, Fate, Felt, Flat

Coarse, rough, irritating… gets everywhere

SAND Level Answers


Sand Level: #1: Raw, Wad, War, Rad, Draw, Ward, Award

Sand Level: #2: See, Sue, Use, Sure, User, Seer, Ruse, Reuse

Sand Level: #3: Too, Root, Soot, Sort, Torso, Rot

Sand Level: #4: Pot, Stop, Sport, Rots, Pro, Top, Opt, Sop, Ops, Port, Post, Spot

Sand Level: #5: Cut, Hue, Hut, The, Cute, Tech, Etch, Chute

Sand Level: #6: Age, Gear, Grab, Rage, Brag, Barge, Bag, Bar, Beg, Bra, Rag, Bare, Bear, Garb

Sand Level: #7: Act, Cat, Hat, Chat, What, Thaw, Watch

Sand Level: #8: Ore, Toe, Tot, Tore, Tort, Rote, Tote, Trot, Otter

Sand Level: #9: For, Not, Ton, Fro, Fort, Torn, Font, Front

Sand Level: #10: Fee, Err, Ref, Free, Reef, Refer, Freer

Sand Level: #11: Dog, Ego, God, Odd, Doe, Ode, Dodge

Sand Level: #12: Ace, Acre, Rave, Carve, Crave, Arc, Are, Car, Ear, Era, Care, Cave, Race

Sand Level: #13: Eve, Eye, Rye, Ever, Very, Veer, Every

Sand Level: #14: Rim, Sim, Sir, Ski, Risk, Skim, Irks, Smirk

Sand Level: #15: Bun, Turn, Runt, Brunt, Burnt, But, Rub, Run, Rut, Tub, Urn, Nub, Burn

Sand Level: #16: Let, Tee, Eel, Else, Lest, Steel, Sleet

BLUE Level Answers

Blue Level: #1: Ore, Red, Rod, Doe, Err, Ode, Rode, Redo, Order

Blue Level: #2: Ale, Flare, Feral, Elf, Far, Earl, Fare, Fear, Flea, Leaf, Real

Blue Level: #3: Fan, Fat, Fin, Tin, Nit, Aft, Anti, Faint

Blue Level: #4: Low, Owl, Row, Dow, Lord, Word, World

Blue Level: #5: Him, Hip, Chi, Imp, Phi, Pic, Chip, Chimp

Blue Level: #6: Fit, Life, Lift, Tile, Lite, Filet, Let, Lie, Lit, Tie, Til, Felt, File, Left

Blue Level: #7: Ace, Raze, Craze, Arc, Are, Car, Ear, Era, Care, Race, Acre

Blue Level: #8: Arm, March, Ham, Mar, Ram, Cam, Arch, Harm, Cram, Charm

Blue Level: #9: Ash, Has, Hah, Rash, Hash, Shah, Harsh

Blue Level: #10: Ads, Sad, Aide, Idea, Said, Side, Aside, Aid

Blue Level: #11: Age, Ago, Ego, Gem, Mag, Game, Mage, Mega, Omega

Blue Level: #12: Net, Pine, Pint, Inept, Pen, Pet, Pie, Pin, Pit, Ten, Tip, Nip

Blue Level: #13: Its, Sit, Via, Vat, Vast, Visa, Vista

Blue Level: #14: Air, Iota, Ratio, Art, Oar, Rat, Rot, Tar, Oat, Riot, Trio

Blue Level: #15: Hay, Hats, Sat, Say, Shy, Stay, Ashy, Hasty, Ash, Has

Blue Level: #16: Sip, Sop, Ops, Pose, Poise, Pie

DEPTH Level Answers


Depth Level: #1: Art, Rat, Ray, Tar, Try, Tart, Tray, Ratty

Depth Level: #2: Ant, Nag, Tag, Tan, Git, Gain, Tang, Gait, Giant

Depth Level: #3: Aim, Gas, Sim, Sag, Mags, Sigma

Depth Level: #4: Nil, Nail, Sail, Lain, Snail, Slain, Ails

Depth Level: #5: Bus, Buy, Hub, Sub, Bush, Busy, Bushy

Depth Level: #6: Law, Saw, Was, Wash, Lash, Slaw, Shawl

Depth Level: #7: Dog, Dug, Duh, Duo, God, Hog, Hug, Ugh, Dough

Depth Level: #8: Ate, Beat, Beta, Hate, Heat, Bathe, Bat, Bet, Eat, Hat, Tab, Tea, The, Bath

Depth Level: #9: Ion, One, Sin, Son, Nose, Eons, Noise

Depth Level: #10: Aid, Raid, Arid, Acrid, Air, Arc, Car, Rid, Cad, Rad, Acid, Card

Depth Level: #11: Gin, Rig, Wig, Win, Grin, Ring, Wing, Wring

Depth Level: #12: Rob, Orb, Bot, Bro, Both, Broth, Throb

Depth Level: #13: Ice, Rim, Ire, Rem, Mice, Rice, Crime

Depth Level: #14: Far, Fat, Rag, Aft, Raft, Frat, Graft

Depth Level: #15: Beg, Globe, Bog, Gel, Leg, Lob, Log, Blog, Lobe, Glob

Depth Level: #16: Dam, Dim, Mad, Mat, Mid, Tad, Amid, Maid, Admit

RAVINE Level Answers


Ravine Level: #1: Dye, Dupe, Pet, Put, Yep, Yet, Yup, Duty, Typed, Deputy

Ravine Level: #2: Fir, Fit, Tie, Rift, Tire, Rite, Trite, Fitter

Ravine Level: #3: Dud, Due, Jug, Dude, Judge, Judged

Ravine Level: #4: Got, Worth, Growth, Grow, Hog, Hot, Rot, Row, Tow, Two, Who, Throw

Ravine Level: #5: Via, Lava, Visa, Alas, Vial, Vials, Saliva

Ravine Level: #6: Cut, Out, Sum, Cost, Most, Must, Cots, Scout, Custom

Ravine Level: #7: Ace, Clay, Lace, Cagey, Legacy, Age, Ale, Aye, Gal, Gel, Lay, Leg, Cage

Ravine Level: #8: Elm, Men, Lone, Mole, Only, Lemon, Melon, Money, Lemony

Ravine Level: #9: Hem, Theme, Helmet, Let, Met, Tee, Heel, Helm, Meet, Melt, Them

Ravine Level: #10: Icy, Sickly, Ski, Sky, Sly, Lick, Sick, Silk, Silky, Slick

Ravine Level: #11: Ape, Pal, Pea, Leap, Pale, Plea, Equal, Plaque

Ravine Level: #12: Den, Dined, Hidden, Did, End, Hen, Hid, Died, Dine, Hide, Hind

Ravine Level: #13: Sea, Aces, Case, Seas, Cases, Access

Ravine Level: #14: Lad, Vale, Led, Deal, Dual, Duel, Lead, Veal, Value, Valued

Ravine Level: #15: Red, Dire, Dive, Ride, Drive, Rider, River, Driver, Drier

Ravine Level: #16: Soy, Spy, Sop, Oops, Pony, Soon, Spoon, Snoopy

PASS Level Answers


Pass Level: #1: Bed, Birdie, Bid, Rib, Rid, Bird, Bred, Dire, Ride, Bride

Pass Level: #2: Pry, Crispy, Rip, Sip, Sir, Spy, Pic, Spry, Crisp, Spicy

Pass Level: #3: Ice, Cot, Cite, Exit, Toxic, Exotic

Pass Level: #4: Fin, Info, Iron, Minor, Inform, Fir, For, Ion, Nor, Rim, Firm, Form, From

Pass Level: #5: Ivy, Rye, Fire, Five, Very, Rife, Fiery, Verify

Pass Level: #6: Ham, Name, Human, Humane, Hue, Hum, Man, Emu, Amen, Mane, Mean, Menu

Pass Level: #7: Led, Meld, Old, Demo, Dome, Mode, Lode, Model, Melody, Moldy

Pass Level: #8: Ads, Dues, Used, Cause, Sauce, Caused, Cue, Sad, Sea, Sue, Use, Aces, Case, Cues

Pass Level: #9: Net, Turn, Runt, Tuner, Untrue, Nut, Run, Rut, Ten, Rue, Rent, True, Tune

Pass Level: #10: Den, Dined, Did, End, Deed, Died, Need, Ended, Denied, Indeed

Pass Level: #11: Dog, Odder, Dodger, Ego, God, Odd, Red, Doe, Rode, Ogre, Dodge

Pass Level: #12: Her, Shire, Hikers, Shirk, Heirs, Sire, His, She, Ski, Hers, Hire, Rise, Risk, Skier

Pass Level: #13: Bet, Root, Tore, Robot, Reboot, Ore, Rob, Toe, Too, Orb, Boot, Bore, Robe

Pass Level: #14: Beg, Inn, Bin, Nine, Begin, Being, Binge, Benign

Pass Level: #15: Gut, Guy, Lit, Lug, Tug, Ugly, Guilty, Glut

Pass Level: #16: Lie, Ripe, Peril, Ripple, Lip, Pep, Per, Pie, Pier, Pile, Pipe, Prep

ARCH Level Answers


Arch Level: #1: Eve, Van, Even, Have, Vane, Haven, Heaven

Arch Level: #2: All, Allow, Allows, Law, Owl, Saw, Was, Also, Lows, Owls, Slow, Wall

Arch Level: #3: Ale, Veal, Ear, Era, Area, Earl, Lava, Real, Larva, Larvae

Arch Level: #4: Sum, Assume, Amuse, Emu, Sea, Mass, Mess, Same, Sues, Sums, Uses, Muse, Seams

Arch Level: #5: Vie, Dive, Dove, Void, Video, Diode, Voided, Devoid

Arch Level: #6: Bad, Bond, Undo, Bound, Abound, Ban, Bud, Bun, Nab, Nod, Dub, Nub, Band

Arch Level: #7: Cut, Out, Cost, Cuts, Outs, Cots, Scout, Stucco

Arch Level: #8: Cab, Lab, Able, Blah, Each, Lace, Beach, Cable, Bleach

Arch Level: #9: Our, Hour, Ouch, Ours, Rush, Sour, Such, Crush, Chorus

Arch Level: #10: Else, Less, Sees, Elves, Vessel, Selves, Eve

Arch Level: #11: Big, Bit, Hit, Rig, Brig, Grit, Birth, Right, Bright

Arch Level: #12: Ego, More, Urge, Euro, Ogre, Rogue, Rouge, Morgue, Gem, Gum, Mug, Ore, Rug, Rum, Emu, Germ

Arch Level: #13: Are, Brave, Beaver, Bar, Bee, Bra, Bare, Bear, Beer, Ever, Verb

Arch Level: #14: Hen, Nicer, Niche, Enrich, Her, Chi, Chin, Inch, Nice, Rice, Rich, Heir

Arch Level: #15: Ant, Man, Mat, Nut, Tan, Aunt, Tuna, Taunt, Mutant

Arch Level: #16: Inn, New, Win, Nine, Wine, Wire, Inner, Winner

CLIFF Level Answers


Cliff Level: #1: Red, Deer, Edge, Reed, Greed, Degree

Cliff Level: #2: Let, Eldest, See, Set, Else, Seed, Sled, Tees, Lest, Steel

Cliff Level: #3: Hip, Plight, Hilt, Hit, Lip, Lit, Pig, Pit, Tip, Phi, Light

Cliff Level: #4: Con, Nose, Once, Ones, Shoe, Chose, Shone, Chosen, Cones, Hen, One, She, Son, Cons, Echo, Hens, Hose

Cliff Level: #5: Got, Throng, Thorn, Hog, Hot, Not, Rot, Ton, Horn, Torn, North

Cliff Level: #6: Due, Duel, Loud, Mode, Mold, Mole, Lode, Meld, Model, Module, Duo, Elm, Led, Mud, Old, Doe, Demo, Dome

Cliff Level: #7: Arc, Oar, Arcs, Cars, Oars, Scar, Soar, Cross, Across

Cliff Level: #8: Her, Isle, Rile, Heirs, Riles, Shire, Relish, His, Lie, Sir, Hers, Hire, Lies, Rise, Heir

Cliff Level: #9: Gel, Leg, Deep, Glee, Peel, Ledge, Pledge, Peg, Pled

Cliff Level: #10: Ego, Ogre, Rein, Goner, Reign, Ignore, Region, Gin, Ion, Nor, Ore, Gone, Grin, Iron, Ring

Cliff Level: #11: Gee, Gem, Germ, Mere, Merge, Merger

Cliff Level: #12: Arch, Coal, Cola, Oral, Halo, Coral, Roach, Choral

Cliff Level: #13: Net, Tee, Ten, Rent, Teen, Tree, Enter, Entree

Cliff Level: #14: Ate, Fade, Fate, Feed, Feet, Fated, Defeat, Eat, Fad, Fat, Fed, Fee, Tad, Date, Deaf

Cliff Level: #15: Ice, Sin, Ices, Nice, Since, Scenic

Cliff Level: #16: Air, Garlic, Lag, Rag, Rig, Girl, Liar, Rail, Cigar, Grail

PILLAR Level Answers


Pillar Level: #1: Cry, Outcry, Curt, Out, Toy, Try, You, Cot, Tour, Your, Court

Pillar Level: #2: Sly, Yes, Lose, Sell, Sole, Yell, Yells, Solely

Pillar Level: #3: Ant, Neat, Take, Tank, Taken, Intake, Ink, Kin, Tan, Tea, Ten, Tie, Tin, Kite

Pillar Level: #4: Cut, Stuck, Truck, Tucks, Turks, Struck, Rut, Cuts, Rust, Ruts, Suck, Tuck, Tusk, Crust

Pillar Level: #5: Act, Arctic, Arc, Art, Car, Cat, Rat, Tar, Cart, Circa

Pillar Level: #6: Air, Bran, Rain, Yarn, Airy, Brain, Rainy, Binary, Any, Ban, Bay, Bra, Nab, Ran, Rib, Barn

Pillar Level: #7: Con, Nice, Once, Mince, Income, Ice, Ion, Men, One, Coin, Come, Icon, Mine

Pillar Level: #8: Red, Seed, Side, Seer, Dries, Reeds, Rides, Desire, Reside, Rid, See, Deer, Dire, Reds, Reed, Ride, Rids

Pillar Level: #9: Dot, Devote, Vetoed, Eve, Tee, Toe, Doe, Dove, Veto, Vote, Voted

Pillar Level: #10: Ale, Meal, Real, Realm, Marvel, Elm, Era, Mar, Ram, Earl, Lame, Male, Mare

Pillar Level: #11: Nor, Norms, Omens, Snore, Sermon, Son, More, Nose, Ores, Rose, Some, Sore, Norm

Pillar Level: #12: Her, Tier, Their, There, Three, Either, Hit, The, Here, Hire, Tire, Tree, Heir, Rite

Pillar Level: #13: Dog, Drug, Dung, Rung, Round, Ground, Dug, Gun, Nod, Our, Rod, Rug, Run, Urn

Pillar Level: #14: Ease, Sesame, Mass, Mess, Same, Seas, Sees, Eases, Seams, Seems

Pillar Level: #15: Sun, Hunk, Runs, Sunk, Urns, Husk, Hunks, Shrunk

Pillar Level: #16: Ore, Voter, Covet, Covert, Vector, Rot, Vet, Core, Cove, Over, Tore, Rove, Cover

WIND Level Answers


Wind Level: #1: Kid, Ilk, Nil, Kind, Link, Idly, Dinky, Kindly

Wind Level: #2: Her, Hive, Their, Thrive, The, Vie, Ire, Hire, Tire, Heir, Rite, Tier

Wind Level: #3: Per, Prim, Prime, Empire, Pie, Rip, Imp, Rep, Rem, Peer, Pier, Ripe

Wind Level: #4: Cut, Curt, Crust, Citrus, Rustic, Its, Rut, Sir, Sit, Rust, Ruts, Stir, Suit

Wind Level: #5: Gala, Goal, Loan, Long, Along, Anglo, Analog

Wind Level: #6: Cop, Cue, Cup, Clue, Cope, Pole, Coupe, Couple

Wind Level: #7: Let, Rove, Lover, Voter, Overt, Revolt, Lot, Ore, Rot, Vet, Love, Over, Role, Tore

Wind Level: #8: Den, Dues, Undue, Sued, End, Sun, Use, Dens, Send, Used, Unused, Dunes

Wind Level: #9: Ace, Apiece, Ape, Cap, Pea, Cape, Epic, Pace, Peace, Piece

Wind Level: #10: Did, Filed, Fiddle, Life, Deli, Idle, Elf, Fed, Led, Lid, Lie, Died, Fled, Field

Wind Level: #11: Oil, Foil, Loss, Oils, Soil, Silo, Soils, Floss, Fossil

Wind Level: #12: Inn, Sea, Nan, Nine, Sane, Nines, Insane, Sienna

Wind Level: #13: Had, Have, Head, Heed, Evade, Heaved

Wind Level: #14: Oar, Roars, Sorry, Rosary, Ray, Say, Soy, Oars, Rays, Roar, Rosy, Soar

Wind Level: #15: Foe, Odder, Fodder, Forded, For, Odd, Red, Rod, Ode, Fore, Rode, Redo

Wind Level: #16: File, Fill, Fire, Life, Rife, Rile, Rifle, Flier, Filler

RAYS Level Answers


Rays Level: #1: Elf, Flu, Fuel, Fuse, Self, Fuels, Useful

Rays Level: #2: Can, Hen, Acne, Cane, Each, Ache, Cache, Chance

Rays Level: #3: Gin, Net, Ten, Tin, Nit, Git, Gent, Tinge, Ignite

Rays Level: #4: Duh, Hours, Shroud, Rush, Duo, Our, Rod, Sod, Ours, Rods, Sour, Dour

Rays Level: #5: Not, Torn, Troop, Proton, Pot, Pro, Too, Top, Onto, Poor, Port, Root

Rays Level: #6: Let, Title, Trite, Litter, Lie, Lit, Til, Tile, Tilt, Rile, Lite, Liter

Rays Level: #7: Blog, Lobe, Glob, Blob, Globe, Gobble

Rays Level: #8: Bus, Rush, Brush, Shrub, Hubris, Hub, Rib, Rub, Sub, Bush, Hubs, Ribs, Rubs

Rays Level: #9: Sin, Din, Send, Side, Dines, Inside, Ends, Dens, Den

Rays Level: #10: Aid, Nod, Amid, Maid, Main, Mind, Amino, Domain, Aim, And, Dam, Dim, Ion, Mad, Man, Mid

Rays Level: #11: Via, Sail, Visa, Ails, Vials, Visual

Rays Level: #12: Ale, Apple, Appeal, App, Lap, Pal, Pep, Leap, Pale, Papa, Plea

Rays Level: #13: Set, Toe, Coke, Sock, Cots, Sect, Stock, Socket

Rays Level: #14: Lay, Orally, Alloy, Oar, Ray, Ally, Oral, Roll, Loyal, Rally, Royal

Rays Level: #15: Gym, Log, Moo, Goo, Logo, Loom, Gloom, Gloomy

Rays Level: #16: Sim, Stoic, Sitcom, Cot, Cost, Mist, Most, Omit, Tics, Moist, Omits

DUSK Level Answers


Dusk Level: #1: Pie, Impose, Poems, Imps, Mops, Sim, Sip, Sop, Ops, Pies, Pose, Some, Poise

Dusk Level: #2: Ace, Locale, All, Call, Cell, Coal, Cola, Lace, Cello, Local

Dusk Level: #3: Fee, Err, Ref, Free, Peer, Reef, Refer, Freer, Prefer

Dusk Level: #4: Dire, Ride, Rind, Rein, Nerd, Diner, Dried, Dined, Ridden

Dusk Level: #5: Hey, Hit, The, Tie, Thy, Git, They, Eight, Eighty

Dusk Level: #6: Out, Tot, Sum, Most, Must, Mutt, Oust, Stout, Utmost, Touts

Dusk Level: #7: Son, Ones, Sane, Eons, Noses, Season, Sea

Dusk Level: #8: Act, Cat, Tic, Tact, Attic, Tacit, Cacti, Tactic

Dusk Level: #9: Did, Ice, Deed, Dice, Died, Iced, Cede, Diced, Decide

Dusk Level: #10: Age, Game, Home, Mage, Mega, Omega, Homage, Ago, Ego, Gem, Hem, Hog, Hag, Hoe, Mag

Dusk Level: #11: Hot, Rot, Coo, Cot, Ooh, Root, Hoot, Torch, Cohort

Dusk Level: #12: Ices, Slice, Relic, Relics, Slicer, Lies, Rice, Rise, Isle, Rile, Lice, Sire, Cries

Dusk Level: #13: Abs, Bypass, Bass, Sap, Say, Spa, Spy, Bays, Pass, Pays, Abyss

Dusk Level: #14: Gel, Glen, Gulp, Lunge, Plunge, Pun, Gun, Leg, Lug, Pug, Peg, Glue, Lung, Plug

Dusk Level: #15: Nor, Over, Rope, Peon, Pore, Prone, Prove, Proven, One, Ore, Pen, Per, Rep, Nope, Open, Oven

Dusk Level: #16: Else, Eels, Elves, Levee, Sleeve, Levees

CLOUD Level Answers


Cloud Level: #1: Its, Test, Ties, Tire, Rite, Tier, Sire, Tries, Trite, Sitter, Set, Sir, Sit, Ire, Rest, Rise, Site, Stir

Cloud Level: #2: Cite, Itch, Tech, Chic, Etch, Ethic, Hectic

Cloud Level: #3: Able, Bales, Base, Labs, Sale, Seal, Slab, Abuse, Usable, Blues

Cloud Level: #4: Cue, Reuse, Rescue, Secure, See, Use, Rue, Cure, Sure, User, Seer, Curse

Cloud Level: #5: Age, Gale, Eagle, League, Ale, Gal, Gee, Gel, Lag, Lug, Glee, Glue

Cloud Level: #6: Ads, Said, Save, Side, Vase, Visa, Avid, Aside, Saved, Advise, Aid, Sad, Sea, Via, Vie, Aide, Dive, Idea

Cloud Level: #7: Hem, More, Chore, Homer, Chrome, Her, Ore, Hoe, Come, Core, Echo, Hero, Home

Cloud Level: #8: Hail, Heal, Lane, Lean, Line, Nail, Lain, Alien, Inhale

Cloud Level: #9: Our, Lousy, Surly, Sourly, Sly, Soy, You, Ours, Rosy, Sour, Your, Slur

Cloud Level: #10: Ski, Sky, Spy, Skim, Skip, Imps, Skimp, Spiky, Skimpy

Cloud Level: #11: Con, Son, Sun, Cons, Soul, Locus, Consul

Cloud Level: #12: Cod, Coed, Redo, Coder, Order, Decor, Cored, Credo, Record, Doc, Red, Rod, Doe, Ode, Code, Cord, Rode

Cloud Level: #13: Not, Thorny, Ton, Toy, Try, Yon, Horn, Torn, North, Thorn

Cloud Level: #14: Act, Vote, Taco, Covet, Octave, Cat, Eat, Toe, Vet, Cave, Coat, Cove, Veto

Cloud Level: #15: Let, Set, See, Eel, Else, Lets, Tees, Lest, Steel, Sleet, Settle

Cloud Level: #16: Arch, Barn, Bran, Crab, Carb, Ranch, Branch

SUN Level Answers


Sun Level: #1: Hop, Photon, Pot, Top, Ooh, Opt, Hoop, Onto, Hoot, Photo

Sun Level: #2: Dual, Land, Load, Loan, Loud, Undo, Aloud, Unload

Sun Level: #3: Cod, Coded, Decode, Doc, Odd, Doe, Ode, Code, Deed, Cede, Coed

Sun Level: #4: Dawn, Drawn, Drown, Adorn, Radon, Onward, Down, Draw, Road, Wand, Ward, Warn, Word, Worn

Sun Level: #5: Ace, Flea, Lace, Leaf, Life, Facile, Elf, Ice, Lie, Cafe, Calf, Face, Fail, File

Sun Level: #6: Net, Green, Greet, Regent, Gent, Tee, Ten, Gene, Rent, Teen, Tree, Enter, Genre

Sun Level: #7: Aye, Heady, Heyday, Day, Dye, Had, Hay, Hey, Yea, Head, Yeah

Sun Level: #8: Are, Rate, Real, Tale, Tart, Tear, Alert, Alter, Later, Treat, Latter, Art, Rattle, Ear, Era, Let, Rat, Tar, Earl, Late

Sun Level: #9: Ores, Rose, Sore, Cores, Score, Soccer

Sun Level: #10: Ate, Date, Gate, Gated, Gadget, Tagged, Eat, Egg, Gag, Get, Tad, Tag, Tea, Aged

Sun Level: #11: Pits, Rips, Spit, Tips, Trip, Iris, Strip, Trips, Spirit

Sun Level: #12: Arc, Roam, Camo, Clam, Cram, Coral, Moral, Molar, Carol, Macro, Clamor, Arm, Car, Mar, Oar, Ram, Calm, Cola, Oral

Sun Level: #13: Him, His, Sim, Why, Swim, Wish, Whims, Whimsy

Sun Level: #14: Hit, Night, Thing, Think, Knight, Ink, Kin, Tin, Git, Hint, King, Thin, Knit

Sun Level: #15: Boom, Boot, Tomb, Moot, Motto, Bottom

Sun Level: #16: Eve, Veer, Lever, Liver, Revel, Relive, Eel, Evil, Live, Reel, Vile, Leer, Rile, Veil

SHORE Level Answers


Shore Level: #1: Jet, Tee, Tree, Jeer, Erect, Eject, Reject

Shore Level: #2: Rut, User, Ruse, Trust, Strut, Truest, Set, Sue, Use, Rest, Rust, Sure, Test, True

Shore Level: #3: Tie, Tin, Yen, Yet, Nit, Nine, Tiny, Tinny, Ninety

Shore Level: #4: Gels, Lines, Sling, Singe, Single, Liens, Isle, Legs, Lens, Lies, Line, Sign, Sing, Glen, Sine

Shore Level: #5: Leg, Rig, Ire, Girl, Gill, Rile, Grill, Grille

Shore Level: #6: Elm, Mile, Limo, Bile, Limbo, Mobile, Lob, Mob, Oil, Bio, Mil, Limb, Lime, Lobe

Shore Level: #7: Did, See, Died, Seed, Side, Deeds, Sided, Eddies

Shore Level: #8: Fall, Flaw, Flow, Loaf, Wolf, Fowl, Allow, Fallow

Shore Level: #9: Eve, Van, Even, Vane, Nave, Venue, Avenue

Shore Level: #10: Bend, Lube, Blue, Duel, Dune, Lend, Bled, Nude, Blend, Bundle

Shore Level: #11: Atom, Norm, Mart, Roam, Roan, Torn, Moan, Moat, Rant, Roman, Manor, Matron, Tram

Shore Level: #12: Act, Cat, Hat, Chat, That, Tact, Hatch, Thatch, Hah

Shore Level: #13: Lay, Slay, Mauls, Asylum, Alms, Alum, May, Say, Sly, Sum, Yam, Lam, Slam, Slum

Shore Level: #14: Cape, Each, Hype, Chap, Cheap, Peach, Peachy, Heap, Ache

Shore Level: #15: Net, Ten, Cent, Rent, Teen, Tern, Enter, Recent, Erect

Shore Level: #16: Aunt, Nuns, Nuts, Tans, Tuna, Stun, Aunts, Suntan

FROND Level Answers


Frond Level: #1: Bus, Stub, Lusty, Subtly, But, Buy, Sly, Sub, Tub, Bust, Busy, Lust

Frond Level: #2: Dice, Idle, Lice, Slice, Slide, Sliced, Delis, Disc, Iced, Lids, Lied, Lies, Side, Sled, Slid

Frond Level: #3: Dud, Led, Eel, Deed, Dude, Elude, Dueled, Eluded

Frond Level: #4: Elms, Miles, Piles, Smile, Slime, Simple, Lips, Pies, Pile, Slim, Slip, Isle, Limes, Limps

Frond Level: #5: Gee, Greed, Ledge, Ledger, Gel, Red, Deer, Edge, Glee, Reed, Leer, Elder

Frond Level: #6: Core, Clove, Clover, Cove, Love, Over, Role, Lore, Rove, Cover, Lover

Frond Level: #7: Met, Yes, Mess, Sets, Stem, Messy, Stems, System

Frond Level: #8: Demo, Dome, Meet, Mode, Deem, Tome, Emote, Demote

Frond Level: #9: Cans, Coin, Cons, Icon, Ions, Scan, Sonic, Casino, Scion

Frond Level: #10: Rate, Rotate, Tote, Tore, Tart, Tear, Tort, Rote, Trot, Treat, Otter, Tarot

Frond Level: #11: Hop, Apron, Orphan, Nor, Oar, Pan, Par, Ran, Rap, Harp, Horn

Frond Level: #12: Onto, Nosy, Soon, Soot, Tons, Snot, Toon, Stony, Sooty, Snooty

Frond Level: #13: Lie, Lives, Views, Wives, Swivel, Veils, Wise, Sew, Vie, Evil, Live, View, Vile, Slew, Vise, Evils

Frond Level: #14: Gain, Grainy, Grin, Rain, Rang, Nary, Angry, Grain, Rainy, Rangy

Frond Level: #15: New, Sewn, Swine, Wines, Unwise, Sine, Sew, Sin, Sun, Win, News, Wine, Wins, Wise

Frond Level: #16: Dens, Design, Signed, Singed, Digs, Dine, Ding, Ends, Send, Dines, Dings, Snide

PALM Level Answers


Palm Level: #1: Net, Preen, Repent, Per, Tee, Ten, Peer, Rent, Teen, Tree, Enter

Palm Level: #2: Made, Owed, Wade, Dame, Mead, Meow, Awed, Mowed, Meadow

Palm Level: #3: Some, Sues, Sums, Uses, Moss, Muse, Mouse, Muses, Mousse

Palm Level: #4: Fees, Seer, Ruse, Reefs, Reuse, Refuse, Free, Furs, Fuse, Reef, Sure, Surf, User, Refs

Palm Level: #5: Ash, Slap, Spas, Lash, Lass, Sash, Slash, Splash, Has, Lap, Pal, Sap, Spa, Asp, Pals, Pass

Palm Level: #6: Elm, Emote, Omelet, Let, Toe, Meet, Melt, Mole, Tome, Molt, Motel

Palm Level: #7: Its, Trips, Pics, Stir, Sir, Pit, Rip, Sip, Sit, Spit, Tics, Tips, Crisp, Strip, Script

Palm Level: #8: Firs, First, Shift, Shirt, Shrift, Fish, Fist, Fits, Hits, Rift, Sift, Stir, This

Palm Level: #9: Arc, Racoon, Can, Car, Con, Coo, Corn, Orca, Acorn, Corona

Palm Level: #10: Hero, Hope, Rope, Ogre, Pore, Gore, Repo, Grope, Gopher

Palm Level: #11: Pet, Petit, Tiptoe, Pot, Tie, Tip, Top, Opt, Tot, Poet, Tote

Palm Level: #12: Else, Gels, Legs, Seed, Eels, Sledge, Edge, Ledge, Sled

Palm Level: #13: Lay, Slat, Slay, Salty, Vastly, Last, Sat, Say, Vat, Alt, Lat, Salt, Stay, Vast

Palm Level: #14: Beer, Belt, Reel, Leer, Beet, Rebel, Beret, Treble

Palm Level: #15: Air, Sir, Airs, Iris, Rains, Raisin, Rain, Ran

Palm Level: #16: Hole, Shove, Solve, Hovel, Shovel, Hose, Lose, Shoe, Sole, Hoes, Vole, Holes, Loves

BEACH Level Answers


Beach Level: #1: Egg, Gorge, Logger, Ego, Gel, Leg, Log, Role, Lore, Ogre, Gore

Beach Level: #2: Blew, Blow, Bowl, Lobe, Blob, Below, Elbow, Wobble

Beach Level: #3: Ant, Jaunt, Jaunty, Any, Jay, Nut, Tan, Jut, Nay, Tau, Aunt, Tuna

Beach Level: #4: Dope, Pooled, Poodle, Loop, Pole, Polo, Pool, Pled, Dole, Loped, Looped

Beach Level: #5: Ever, Over, Reek, Rove, Veer, Evoke, Revoke

Beach Level: #6: Led, Deli, Idle, Isle, Slide, Diesel, Slid, Lid, Lie, See, Eel, Else, Seed, Side, Sled

Beach Level: #7: Act, Coat, Roar, Taco, Actor, Carrot, Art, Cat, Rat, Rot, Tar, Cot, Oat, Cart

Beach Level: #8: Fell, Lilt, Lite, Filet, Fillet, Felt, File, Fill, Left, Life, Lift, Tile, Till

Beach Level: #9: Ago, Cargo, Cougar, Arc, Car, Oar, Our, Rag, Rug, Cog, Orca

Beach Level: #10: Ale, Raze, Zeal, Blaze, Zebra, Blazer, Bar, Bra, Ear, Era, Lab, Able, Bear, Earl

Beach Level: #11: Any, Canny, Cranny, Cry, Ran, Ray, Nan, Cay, Yarn, Racy, Nary

Beach Level: #12: Gals, Lags, Lays, Says, Sags, Slay, Gassy, Glass, Glassy

Beach Level: #13: Him, Hit, Icy, Thy, City, Itch, Myth, Itchy, Mythic

Beach Level: #14: Rest, Stoke, Stroke, Rose, Rots, Sore, Sort, Tore, Trek, Rote, Store

Beach Level: #15: Ice, Erect, Recite, Tie, Ire, Tic, Cite, Rice, Tire, Rite, Tier

Beach Level: #16: Dare, Read, Reed, Heard, Header, Adhere, Dear, Deer, Hard, Hare, Hear, Heed, Herd, Here

COAST Level Answers


Coast Level: #1: Ages, Wages, Sewage, Awes, Ease, Gees, Sage, Wage, Ewes, Swag, Wags

Coast Level: #2: Punk, Spun, Sunk, Puns, Puny, Punks, Spunk, Spunky

Coast Level: #3: Let, Lusts, Set, Sue, Use, Less, Sues, Lest, Lute, Tussle

Coast Level: #4: Cape, Apache, Each, Pace, Ache, Heap, Chap, Cheap, Peach, Apace

Coast Level: #5: Ice, Its, Sit, Tie, Tic, Site, Sect, Cites, Cities

Coast Level: #6: Atop, Auto, Iota, Pita, Pout, Patio, Utopia

Coast Level: #7: Arm, Loaf, Oral, Roam, Loam, Moral, Molar, Formal, Afro, Form, Farm, For, Mar, Oar, Ram, Fro, Lam, Foam, From

Coast Level: #8: Runs, Reuse, Sneer, Ensure, Seen, Sure, Urns, User, Seer, Ruse, Nurse, Ensue

Coast Level: #9: Dean, Laden, Handle, Hand, Head, Heal, Held, Land, Lane, Lean, Lend

Coast Level: #10: Deal, Dual, Duel, Dull, Lead, Dale, Dell, Ladle, Allude

Coast Level: #11: Con, Envoy, Covey, Convey, Yen, Coy, Yon, Cone, Cove, Envy, Once, Oven

Coast Level: #12: Nest, Wets, Sewn, Sweet, Tense, Tween, Newest, News, Sent, Stew, Teen, Tees, Tens, Went, West

Coast Level: #13: Fat, Flay, Tally, Flatly, Fly, Lay, Aft, Alt, Lat, Fall, Flat, Tall

Coast Level: #14: Most, Rosy, Rots, Sort, Toys, Storm, Story, Stormy

Coast Level: #15: Hall, Lathe, Lethal, Halt, Hate, Heat, Hell, Late, Tale, Tell, Teal

Coast Level: #16: Earl, Alter, Early, Later, Layer, Relay, Teary, Realty, Rate, Real, Rely, Tear, Tray, Year, Arty, Alert

CREST Level Answers


Crest Level: #1: Sod, Dote, Ode, Toe, Doe, Desk, Does, Dose, Toes, Stoke, Stoked

Crest Level: #2: Ore, Overt, Trove, Vortex, Rot, Vet, Over, Tore, Veto, Rove, Rote, Voter

Crest Level: #3: Rem, More, Ores, Rose, Some, Sore, Smoke, Smoker

Crest Level: #4: Dear, Read, Dare, Pear, Prep, Reap, Paper, Pared, Drape, Rapped, Dapper

Crest Level: #5: Big, Brie, Bilge, Gerbil, Gel, Lie, Rib, Brig, Girl, Rile, Bile, Glib

Crest Level: #6: Diet, Tiled, Dilute, Duet, Duel, Edit, Lied, Tide, Tied, Deli, Idle, Lute

Crest Level: #7: Icy, Skit, Icky, Kit, Ski, Sky, City, Sick, Tick, Cyst, Sticky

Crest Level: #8: Lift, Tiny, Lint, Flit, Flint, Nifty, Flinty

Crest Level: #9: Met, Veto, Toe, Mote, Item, Emit, Vie, Move, Omit, Vote, Tome, Movie, Motive, Mite

Crest Level: #10: Neon, None, Wore, Worn, Wren, Owner, Renown

Crest Level: #11: Clue, Line, Nice, Lice, Lien, Uncle, Nuclei

Crest Level: #12: Herd, Held, Duel, Lure, Rude, Rule, Hurl, Lured, Ruled, Hurdle, Hurled

Crest Level: #13: Boy, Booty, Tomboy, Mob, Moo, Too, Toy, Boom, Boot, Tomb, Moot

Crest Level: #14: Aunt, Auntie, Neat, Tuna, Tune, Unit, Anti, Tine, Unite, Untie

Crest Level: #15: Fir, Grief, Figure, Fur, Rig, Rug, Rue, Ire, Fire, Urge, Rife

Crest Level: #16: Rest, Ires, Tries, Rivet, Strive, Site, Rise, Stir, Tire, Vest, Vets, Rite, Tier, Sire

FJORD Level Answers


Fjord Level: #1: Bed, Bodies, Dose, Does, Bid, Bod, Bio, Ode, Side, Bios, Bide, Bodes

Fjord Level: #2: Torn, Donut, Rotund, Tour, Turn, Runt, Undo, Unto, Dour, Trod, Round

Fjord Level: #3: Gun, Slung, Snugly, Lungs, Guy, Lug, Sun, Gnu, Slug, Snug, Sung, Ugly

Fjord Level: #4: Dare, Afro, Ford, Doer, Adore, Fared, Fedora, Deaf, Fade, Fare, Fear, Fore, Read, Rode, Redo

Fjord Level: #5: Boat, Bola, Bolt, Tall, Toll, Boll, Bloat, Atoll, Ballot, Blot

Fjord Level: #6: Nuts, Suit, Tins, Nits, Stun, Units, Squint, Quits

Fjord Level: #7: Shy, Sly, Hull, Lush, Hulls, Sully, Lushly

Fjord Level: #8: Boar, Road, Bard, Drab, Board, Broad, Aboard, Abroad

Fjord Level: #9: Son, Also, Loan, Solo, Soon, Loon, Salon, Saloon

Fjord Level: #10: Huts, Push, Puts, Shut, Thus, Tush, Pushy, Typhus

Fjord Level: #11: Ace, Lance, Cancel, Ale, Can, Acne, Cane, Clan, Lace, Lean, Clean

Fjord Level: #12: Here, Seer, Seep, Hers, Reps, Peers, Sheep, Sheer, Spree, Sphere, Peer

Fjord Level: #13: Due, Used, Feud, Sued, Fused, Suede, Defuse, Fed, Fee, See, Sue, Use, Feed, Fuse, Seed

Fjord Level: #14: Able, Bale, Rehab, Blare, Herbal, Bare, Bear, Blah, Earl, Hare, Heal, Hear, Herb

Fjord Level: #15: Atom, Roam, Roar, Mart, Moat, Tram, Armor, Mortar

Fjord Level: #16: Cost, Oust, Lout, Scout, Clout, Locus, Lotus, Clots, Colts, Locust, Cult, Lost, Lots, Lust, Slot, Soul, Clot, Colt

CLIMB Level Answers


Climb Level: #1: Aid, Raid, Rail, Arid, Lair, Lard, Lizard, Air, Lad, Lid, Rad, Ail, Dial, Laid, Liar

Climb Level: #2: Mere, Resume, Seem, Sure, User, Muse, Seer, Ruse, Serum, Reuse

Climb Level: #3: Art, Rat, Sat, Star, Tart, Stat, Start, Strata

Climb Level: #4: Cake, Crate, React, Trace, Track, Taker, Racket, Creak, Care, Race, Rack, Tack, Trek, Acre, Rake, Cater

Climb Level: #5: Cry, Crepe, Creepy, Pry, Rye, Yep, Rep, Peer, Prey, Pyre, Creep

Climb Level: #6: Cola, Oils, Sail, Soil, Ails, Silo, Coils, Social, Coals

Climb Level: #7: Any, Yarn, Nary, Angry, Gnarl, Gnarly, Gal, Lag, Lay, Nag, Rag, Ran, Gray, Rang

Climb Level: #8: Feel, File, Fine, Flee, Life, Line, Lien, Elfin, Feline

Climb Level: #9: Door, Dove, Odor, Over, Rove, Drove, Rodeo, Roved, Overdo

Climb Level: #10: Ice, Bicker, Rib, Ire, Bike, Crib, Beck, Brie, Biker, Brick

Climb Level: #11: Hot, Torn, Town, Worn, North, Throw, Worth, Thrown, Thorn, How, Now, Own, Rot, Tow, Who, Won, Horn

Climb Level: #12: Bras, Subpar, Pars, Pubs, Raps, Rubs, Spar, Spur, Rasp, Burps

Climb Level: #13: Not, Nut, Out, Ton, Tot, Mutt, Tout, Mount, Mutton

Climb Level: #14: Rut, Surest, Russet, Ruse, Use, Sure, Users, Set, Sue, Rue, Rest, Rust, Ruts, True, Truss

Climb Level: #15: Due, Led, Eel, Duel, Elude, Exude, Deluxe

Climb Level: #16: Hire, Pier, Pipe, Prep, Ripe, Heir, Piper, Hipper

SCALE Level Answers


Scale Level: #1: Far, Fir, Sir, Airs, Fair, Firs, Afar, Fairs, Safari

Scale Level: #2: Deal, Late, Lead, Tale, Dale, Teal, Dealt, Delta, Elated

Scale Level: #3: Ill, Limply, Lip, Imp, Ply, Limp, Mill, Pill, Lily, Imply

Scale Level: #4: Deer, Erode, Redone, Need, Reed, Rode, Nerd, Redo, Rend, Doer, Drone

Scale Level: #5: Tee, Seer, Terse, Reset, Tees, Test, Tree, Steer, Street, Tester, Setter, Retest

Scale Level: #6: Dual, Load, Loud, Opal, Laud, Aloud, Upload

Scale Level: #7: Sets, Stews, Sites, Sews, Sits, Ties, West, Wets, Wise, Wits, Wisest

Scale Level: #8: Melt, Merlot, Molt, Mole, Role, Term, Tore, Rote, Tome, Metro, Motel

Scale Level: #9: Ago, Gallon, All, Log, Goal, Loan, Long, Gall, Along, Anglo

Scale Level: #10: Date, Sated, Yeast, Stayed, Steady, Days, Dyes, East, Easy, Eats, Seat, Stay, Teas

Scale Level: #11: Code, Come, Demo, Dome, Mode, Coed, Decoy, Comedy

Scale Level: #12: Clay, Classy, Lays, Says, Slay, Lacy, Lass, Sacs, Class, Scaly

Scale Level: #13: Act, Cast, Chat, Swat, Wash, What, Watch, Swath, Swatch, Thaw, Saw, Ash, Cat, Has, Hat, Sat, Was, Sac, Cash

Scale Level: #14: Neat, Nine, Anti, Ante, Tine, Inane, Innate

Scale Level: #15: Den, Lode, Dole, Loon, Noel, Olden, Noodle, Led, Old, Doe, Ode, Done, Lend, Lone, Node

Scale Level: #16: Atom, Moral, Molar, Mortal, Oral, Mart, Malt, Moat, Tram, Alto, Loam, Molt

PEAK Level Answers


Peak Level: #1: Fore, Fort, Frog, Fret, Forge, Forte, Forget

Peak Level: #2: Bars, Bards, Absurd, Bras, Buds, Rubs, Bard, Dabs, Dubs, Drab, Drub

Peak Level: #3: Air, Arrive, Ear, Era, Via, Ire, Rare, Rear, Rave, River

Peak Level: #4: Earn, Anger, Grain, Range, Reign, Gainer, Regain, Gain, Grin, Near, Rage, Rain, Rang, Ring, Rein

Peak Level: #5: Egg, Ego, Ore, Jog, Ogre, Gore, Gorge, Jogger

Peak Level: #6: Ease, Sent, Tans, Teen, Ante, Eaten, Tense, Tease, Senate, East, Eats, Neat, Nest, Nets, Sane, Seat, Seen

Peak Level: #7: Ale, Ally, Yell, Gale, Alley, Legal, Galley, Aye, Gal, Gel, Lag, Lay, Leg, Yea, Lye

Peak Level: #8: Dots, Soil, Sold, Told, Silo, Toil, Silt, Slit, Solid, Stolid, Idol, Lids, List, Lost, Lots, Oils, Slid, Slot

Peak Level: #9: Aces, Case, Seed, Cede, Aced, Cease, Eased, Ceased

Peak Level: #10: Earl, Really, Real, Rely, Year, Lyre, Early, Layer, Rally, Relay

Peak Level: #11: Fail, Frail, Fairly, Fray, Liar, Rail, Airy, Lair, Flay, Fairy, Flair

Peak Level: #12: Ours, Sour, Croc, Occur, Scour, Occurs, Succor

Peak Level: #13: Den, Dine, Mice, Mind, Mine, Nice, Mend, Medic, Denim, Mince, Mined, Dim, Minced, End, Ice, Men, Mid, Din, Dice, Dime

Peak Level: #14: Hose, Those, Ethos, Sooth, Soothe, Hoes, Host, Shoe, Shot, Soot, Toes, Shoo, Hoot, Shoot

Peak Level: #15: Evil, Pelvis, Veils, Live, Lies, Lips, Pies, Slip, Vile, Isle, Lisp, Piles

Peak Level: #16: Dire, Riled, Relied, Lied, Reel, Ride, Deli, Idle, Leer, Rile, Elder

Wordscapes – Winter is here!

CHILL Level Answers


Chill Level: #1: Pry, Syrupy, Spy, Ups, Yup, Sup, Pus, Spry, Spur, Syrup

Chill Level: #2: Best, Busts, Tubes, Stubs, Subset, Bets, Buts, Sets, Subs, Sues, Tubs, Uses, Buses

Chill Level: #3: End, Green, Gender, Edger, Reed, Gee, Red, Edge, Gene, Need, Rend, Genre, Greed

Chill Level: #4: Rate, Valet, Avert, Ravel, Travel, Real, Rave, Tale, Tear, Veal, Vale, Teal, Alert, Alter, Later

Chill Level: #5: Knew, Wake, Weak, Anew, Wane, Wean, Awake, Waken, Awaken

Chill Level: #6: Keen, Knee, Reel, Leer, Reek, Keel, Leek, Kneel, Kernel

Chill Level: #7: Cod, Doc, Old, Coy, Cold, Doll, Clod, Dolly, Coldly

Chill Level: #8: Hare, Heart, Treat, Theta, Threat, Hatter, Hate, Hear, Heat, Tart, That, Hart, Earth, Hater

Chill Level: #9: Rim, Trims, Truism, Strum, Mist, Rum, Rut, Sir, Sum, Must, Rust, Stir, Suit

Chill Level: #10: Aids, Maids, Daisy, Dismay, Aims, Amid, Dams, Days, Dims, Mids, Said, Yams

Chill Level: #11: Ore, Rot, Toe, Err, Tore, Rote, Error, Retro, Terror

Chill Level: #12: Dime, Meld, Lewd, Wield, Mildew, Lime, Mild, Mile, Weld, Wide, Wild, Deli, Idle

Chill Level: #13: Its, Mist, Site, Stem, Time, Emit, Misty, Stymie, Yeti, Mites, Semi, Met, Set, Sim, Sit, Tie, Yes, Yet, Item

Chill Level: #14: Loaf, Oral, Oval, Afro, Fora, Foal, Favor, Valor, Flavor

Chill Level: #15: Are, Bear, Bran, Raze, Zebra, Brazen, Bane, Ban, Bar, Bra, Nab, Ran, Bare, Barn, Bean

Chill Level: #16: Acne, Carve, Crave, Raven, Cavern, Craven, Cane, Care, Cave, Race, Acre, Vane, Nave, Crane

BITE Level Answers


Bite Level: #1: Ale, Squeal, Sea, Sue, Use, Ales, Sale, Seal, Equal, Equals

Bite Level: #2: Hiss, Heists, Hits, Site, Sits, This, Ties, Sites, Heist, Thesis

Bite Level: #3: Bun, Ounce, Bounce, Con, Cub, Cue, One, Bone, Cone, Cube, Once

Bite Level: #4: Moos, Moors, Morose, More, Ores, Room, Rose, Some, Sore, Moor, Rooms

Bite Level: #5: Let, Steel, Sleet, Elects, Select, See, Tee, Else, Lets, Tees, Lest, Sect, Elect

Bite Level: #6: Cues, Seduce, Dues, Seed, Used, Sued, Cede, Scud, Suede, Deuce

Bite Level: #7: Her, Choker, Hoe, Coke, Cork, Echo, Rock, Hock, Chore, Ochre

Bite Level: #8: Lame, Team, Lute, Malt, Alum, Metal, Amulet, Male, Mate, Meal, Meat, Melt, Mule, Mute, Tame

Bite Level: #9: Egos, Slog, Slop, Lope, Poles, Slope, Gospel, Gels, Goes, Legs, Logs, Lose, Pole, Pose, Sole

Bite Level: #10: Rest, Sure, True, User, Ruse, Rusty, Surety

Bite Level: #11: Hot, Soot, Shoo, Hoot, Moths, Shoot, Hoots, Sooth, Smooth, Moo, Too, Ooh, Ohm, Host, Most, Moth, Shot

Bite Level: #12: Date, Asked, Sated, Skate, Stake, Steak, Takes, Stead, Tasked, Staked, Desk, East, Eats, Sake, Seat, Take, Task, Teas

Bite Level: #13: Boar, Baron, Carbon, Born, Bran, Crab, Carb, Orca, Acorn, Bacon, Cobra

Bite Level: #14: Dent, Denote, Done, Node, Note, Teen, Tone, Dote, Noted, Toned

Bite Level: #15: Net, Rent, Sent, Entry, Stern, Sentry, Rye, Set, Ten, Try, Yen, Yes, Yet, Nest

Bite Level: #16: Rims, Rise, Sire, Ires, Mire, Semi, Miser, Misery

FLAKE Level Answers


Flake Level: #1: Loud, Nods, Sold, Soul, Undo, Dons, Onus, Sound, Unsold

Flake Level: #2: Awe, Weld, Awed, Lewd, Dale, Waded, Waddle, Dawdle, Dad, Dew, Lad, Wad, Wed, Dead, Lead, Wade

Flake Level: #3: Hen, There, Three, Ether, Nether, Net, Ten, The, Here, Rent, Thee, Tern, Enter

Flake Level: #4: Diet, Trio, Rite, Tier, Redo, Dote, Trod, Tired, Tried, Editor, Rioted, Dire, Dirt, Edit, Riot, Rode, Tide, Tied, Tire

Flake Level: #5: Arm, Tram, Marry, Tarry, Martyr, Arty, May, Mat, Rat, Ray, Try, Yam, Army, Tray, Mart

Flake Level: #6: Ants, Stun, Lats, Slant, Sultan, Aunt, Last, Lust, Nuts, Salt, Tans, Tuna, Slat

Flake Level: #7: Icy, Tic, Its, Sim, Sit, City, Mist, Cyst, Misty, Mystic

Flake Level: #8: Gate, Gloat, Gelato, Goal, Goat, Toga, Gale, Aloe, Alto, Teal, Ogle

Flake Level: #9: Due, Sis, Side, Sues, Uses, Suds, Issue, Sides, Issued

Flake Level: #10: Fate, Fetal, Fealty, Teal, Feta, Felt, Flea, Late, Left, Tale, Feat, Flay, Leafy

Flake Level: #11: Hero, Tort, Tote, Trot, Other, Otter, Torte, Hotter

Flake Level: #12: Poet, Trope, Report, Porter, Port, Rope, Tore, Pore, Rote, Pert, Repo, Retro

Flake Level: #13: Ate, Tape, Pate, Taupe, Uptake, Teak, Eat, Pat, Put, Tap, Tea, Kept, Peak, Take

Flake Level: #14: Tour, Your, Rout, Tout, Trout, Tutor, Tryout, Trot

Flake Level: #15: Sly, Yelp, Sleep, Yelps, Sleepy, Else, Peels, Spy, Yep, Yes, Ply, Lye, Eyes, Eels, Seep

Flake Level: #16: Does, Douse, Dosed, Doused, Dose, Dude, Duds, Dues, Odds, Used, Sued, Dudes

WHITE Level Answers


White Level: #1: Aide, Vied, Caved, Advice, Acid, Dice, Dive, Iced, Idea, Vice, Avid, Diva, Aced

White Level: #2: Airs, Ails, Silo, Lair, Roil, Solar, Sailor, Rails, Also, Liar, Oars, Oils, Oral, Sail, Soar, Soil

White Level: #3: Ale, Lane, Lean, Lure, Real, Rule, Learn, Lunar, Renal, Neural, Unreal, Are, Era, Ran, Run, Urn, Rue, Earl, Earn

White Level: #4: Able, Ravel, Blare, Verbal, Bare, Bear, Veal, Verb, Bale, Rave, Vale, Brave

White Level: #5: Boy, Boldly, Lob, Old, Bod, Body, Bold, Doll, Boll, Dolly

White Level: #6: Love, Over, Role, Euro, Lore, Rove, Vole, Lover, Velour

White Level: #7: Ease, Taste, Tease, Estate, East, Eats, Seat, Teas, Tees, Test, Stat, State

White Level: #8: Gift, Lift, Gilt, Hilt, Flit, Fight, Light, Filth, Flight

White Level: #9: Ever, Wave, Wear, Were, Veer, Weave, Waver, Weaver

White Level: #10: Fire, Fridge, Grid, Ride, Rife, Fired, Fried, Grief, Ridge, Dirge

White Level: #11: Cent, Tone, Tonic, Notice, Tine, Cite, Coin, Cone, Icon, Into, Nice, Note, Once

White Level: #12: Dent, Tuned, Unite, Untie, United, Untied, Dine, Dune, Tend, Unit, Duet, Nude, Dint, Tine

White Level: #13: Fly, Sky, Sly, Soy, Folk, Yolks, Folksy

White Level: #14: Nose, Sores, Sensor, Snores, Ones, Ores, Rose, Sons, Sore, Eons, Noses, Roses

White Level: #15: Ads, Arid, Raids, Radius, Aid, Air, Sad, Sir, Rad, Aids, Rids, Said

White Level: #16: Arch, Char, Grace, Reach, Charge, Cage, Gear, Hare, Hear, Race, Rage, Ache, Acre

FROST Level Answers


Frost Level: #1: Aid, Pic, Ail, Acid, Clip, Paid, Clad, Clap, Pail, Plaid, Placid, Cap, Dip, Lad, Lap, Lid, Lip, Pal, Cad

Frost Level: #2: Cent, Lien, Tine, Inlet, Client, Cite, Line, Nice, Tile, Lent, Lice, Lint, Lite

Frost Level: #3: Gee, Hedge, Hedger, Edger, Her, Red, Deer, Heed, Herd, Here, Reed, Greed

Frost Level: #4: Rods, Drowsy, Rosy, Rows, Word, Rowdy, Sword, Words, Dowry, Wordy

Frost Level: #5: Bail, Ball, Bell, Bill, Bile, Label, Libel, Liable

Frost Level: #6: Boat, Bloat, Cobalt, Talc, Bolt, Coal, Clot, Colt, Taco, Alto, Blot, Bola

Frost Level: #7: Coil, Core, Rice, Role, Lore, Rile, Relic, Recoil, Roil

Frost Level: #8: Laps, Spar, Rasp, Liars, Pairs, Rails, Pails, Spiral, Lair, Lips, Pals, Pars, Raps, Rips, Slap, Slip, Lisp

Frost Level: #9: Hero, They, Tore, Rote, Yore, Other, Theory

Frost Level: #10: Bred, Bread, Raved, Braved, Adverb, Brave, Verb, Dear, Read, Bard, Bead, Drab, Bade, Bared, Beard

Frost Level: #11: Dine, Diner, Diver, Drive, Driven, Vied, Dire, Rind, Vein, Vine, Rein, Nerd, Rend, Vend

Frost Level: #12: Dust, Ruse, Duets, Duster, Rusted, Rudest, Rest, Rude, Stud, Sure, True, Used, User, Sued

Frost Level: #13: Done, Fond, Fund, Fend, Feud, Undo, Found, Fondue, Nude

Frost Level: #14: Lads, Sand, Alas, Lands, Salad, Sandal, Nasal

Frost Level: #15: Beat, Barter, Beta, Rare, Rate, Rear, Tear, Brat, Rater, Terra

Frost Level: #16: One, Open, Pole, Pony, Peon, Noel, Yelp, Lope, Pylon, Openly, Pen, Yen, Yep, Ply, Yon, Lye, Lone, Only

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