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We really LOVE word games. Not only because good word games are addictive. Puzzles or word games train the brain. The most popular word game apps are played by millions of players daily and there are always new games to play. We play and review not only the well-known games like Words with Friends, CodyCross or Word Chums for you. We look at the new releases every day and tell you which game is really worth playing. And of course we have the best word game cheats for you!

Wrack Your Brain with Boggle With Friends

boggle with friends review

created on by Anja Goritzka

Boggle with Friends is a challenging game of deduction, where you need to think through the letters available and find loads of words. You can play this game all on your own, or choose to challenge your friends and family to beat the clock and make more words than you within two minutes. Play this game on Android as well as iPhone devices, and enjoy hours of entertainment. » read more

Words of Wonders: Use Simple Words to travel around the World

finding words in words of wonders

created on by Anja Goritzka

Words of Wonders is a brilliant game that will take you around the world. As you make simple words, you will be able to visit the wonders of the world. The words can easily be created with a quick swipe. This game brings together two amazing game makers, Fugo Games and Good Job Games: It can be enjoyed on both iPhone and Android devices. Go on an adventure today, and try out this game. » read more

Word Link: Connect Simple Words – A Review

all about word link

created on by Anja Goritzka

Word Link is a brilliant and exceptionally simple crossword game. It is great for building up your deductive skills, as well as your reasoning skills. Anyone can play this game. Get ready for hours of simple and pure joy when you choose to play this game. Download this game totally free, and being playing from this very moment. » read more

Swipe and Solve Word Mysteries with Word Finder

How to play Word Finder

created on by Anja Goritzka

Word Finder is a brilliant Word Search game. It is the perfect way for you to pass some time. There are a great number of categories that you can choose from. You can also make your choice from different difficulty levels. The best thing about this game is that it is easy to play. Build up your word power with hours of play. Download this game and start playing this game right away. » read more

Treat Yourself to the 5 Best Word Games for Mobile


created on by Anja Goritzka

You can elevate your deduction skills, and build up your vocabulary with the best word games for mobile. These are not your typical crossword puzzle word games, or mega quick word searches. These are fun games with a twist, all of which promise to deliver hours of fun. Here is a quick review to help you decide which one you should try out first. Brace yourself, because you will want to try them all. » read more

Word Domination – Prove your Quick Thinking Skills

Word Domination Review

created on by Anja Goritzka

Words Domination is a fast paced, competitive and highly addictive word game that is bound to enthral anyone who loves word games. This is a game from MAG Interactive, which is great for on the go gamers who love playing on their mobile devices. While playing, you will need to think quick, be strategic and know your language. » read more

Searching Words with Word Search – A Review

Review of Word Search App

created on by Anja Goritzka

Word Search is an auto-generated application that can be enjoyed on Android devices. There is so much variety on this word game that when you start playing, you will find that you can be enthralled for hours. It is simple and easy to understand for both adults and children. Quicken your thinking and build up your vocabulary. » read more

Surge into the Stratosphere with CodyCross

Review App CodyCross Crosswords Word Game

created on by Anja Goritzka

Looking for a crossword game that will give you an out of this world experience? Then you need to try out CodyCross, the word game that promises a new concept when it comes to Word Puzzles. It revolves around an alien that has crash landed on the earth and he needs your help to explore this world. He discovers all the world’s mysteries by solving puzzles. » read more

The Explosive Enjoyable Slide and Swipe Wordscapes in Bloom

Wordscapes in Bloom with Flower

created on by Anja Goritzka

Wordscapes in Bloom is a game that is surely explosive and enjoyable, though not in a dangerous way. As you make words, or move from one level to the next, beautiful blooms explode all around you. This game has been created by People Fun and is an amazing game to play on an Android or iPhone device. It will help sharpen your deduction skills and elevate your learning more than other games out there. » read more

Power your Day with Crosswords With Friends

title screenshot crosswords with friends review

created on by Anja Goritzka

Crosswords With Friends is a daily crossword puzzle that is created for the ultra modern crossword lover. This fresh app will test your brain power each day, and help you think faster and sharper. Download this game from Zynga the developer of Words With Friends and enjoy a free crossword puzzle to kick off each day. Read all about Crosswords With Friends in our Review on » read more