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Free Word Game Reviews

We really LOVE word games. Not only because good word games are addictive. Puzzles or word games train the brain. The most popular word game apps are played by millions of players daily and there are always new games to play. We play and review not only the well-known games like Words with Friends, CodyCross or Word Chums for you. We look at the new releases every day and tell you which game is really worth playing. And of course we have the best word game cheats for you!

Boggle – Classic Word Game Reinvented

Screenshot of Boggle

created on by Guest Post

Players who enjoy their daily dose of word games often find themselves going back to the old classics. Boggle Free from EA Swiss Sarl, is a word-search game that is certainly worth going back to. Some of you will enjoy the nostalgia evoked by the name itself- remember those lettered dice cubes and the sand-clock timer? But even those who haven't played the game before will love the digital version. Available for the Android market, Boggle is suitable for players of all ages- it can even be a great educational device for those just learning how to spell! » read more

A Mastermind with Words – Jotto

created on by Philipp Schröder

Jotto is a simple but entertaining decrypting game with words. The only thing you need is a paper and a pencil. There are different ways to play. Here you can learn the rules and possible variations. » read more

WordON Review

created on by Sascha Sharma

This summer is full of fresh word games for mobile devices. After we reviewed the decent games WordStone and Word King for mobile devices and Computers there is coming WordOn from German publisher Flaregames. Is this another game keeping you away from the normal summer activities or is it just a waste of time that could be spend in the sun? » read more

Word King Review

created on by Guest Post

If you are one of those who miss the good old days of playing simple but addictive word games, then Word King will keep you engaged for hours. Reminiscent of old-time board games like Scrabble, Word King is right up there with some of the other best word games of the android market. » read more

WordStone Review

Screenshot Word Stone

created on by Guest Post

WordStone offers a unique twist on the average word game, combining the mental challenge of games like Scrabble with the time constraints of gamer favorites like Bejeweled. Read more about WordStone from our game review. » read more

Burble Select

The Logo of Burble and Burble Select

created on by Philipp Schröder

Recently, we learned more on Burble. A game that reminds us of Scrabble and Zuma. Another version of this game is available online and in the Android Market. We explain the changes and give you some opinions of Burble and Burble Select players. » read more


The Logo of Burble and Burble Select

created on by Philipp Schröder

If you like Zuma and Scrabble you will love Burble. Making words out of letters under time pressure with funny bubbles and tubes. Learn how to play this funny game, understand the rules, and become a Burble fan. » read more

Play Wordfeud online on your PC

created on by Philipp Schröder

Wordfeud is one of the most played international word games. Available in up to seven languages and played by more than 15 million users it now takes a step forward. From now on it is possible to play Wordfeud Online on your PC against your mobile opponents whether you are at home or in the office. Here is a quick guide how to get Wordfeud Online and how to get help playing this word game. » read more

Mole Word for iOS and Android

created on by Philipp Schröder

Dear word game friends, good news for all of you who are still desperate to find a mobile word game similar to the Blackberry game Word Mole. We are proud to introduce you to an excellent alternative that pleases you maybe even more than the original: Mole Word. » read more

Word Mole high scores and points

created on by Philipp Schröder

Not only your skills determine your success in Word Mole: Find out more about Word Mole bonus letters and high scores. » read more