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Answer EROS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

433 ___ (near-Earth asteroid)EROS 4
"___ and Civilization": MarcuseEROS 4
CupidEROS 4
''Aeneid'' characterEROS 4
DesireEROS 4
LibidoEROS 4
"Aphrodite and ___" (classic art subject)EROS 4
"Theogony" figureEROS 4
"Aeneid" figureEROS 4
"Engraved on My Palm" Demise of ___EROS 4
"Antony and Cleopatra" characterEROS 4
"___ Turannos": E.A. Robinson poem about a complex marriageEROS 4
"The Garden of ___" (Wilde poem)EROS 4
"The Garden of ___" (Oscar Wilde poem)EROS 4
Name hidden in seven other answers in this puzzleEROS 4
Greek god whose name is one letter off from 118-DownEROS 4
First asteroid landed on by a spacecraftEROS 4
Greek god sometimes pictured as blindfoldedEROS 4
Greek god who figures in an annual holidayEROS 4
Word hidden in three answers of this puzzleEROS 4
Early wielder of a bow and arrow with 4 letters
Early wielder of a bow and arrowEROS 4
God often depicted as a young manEROS 4
God often depicted unclothed in artEROS 4
Winged god who's a symbol of romanceEROS 4
London statue originally called the Shaftesbury MonumentEROS 4
Antony's faithful friendEROS 4
Antony's faithful servantEROS 4
Antony's faithful soldierEROS 4
Archer who aims for the heartEROS 4
Asteroid discovered in 1898EROS 4
Asteroid first seen in 1898EROS 4
Asteroid landed on in 2001EROS 4
Boy armed with bows and arrowsEROS 4
Carrier of a bow and arrowsEROS 4
Controversial 1960's magazineEROS 4
Deity with a bow and arrowEROS 4
Demise of ___ (metalcore)EROS 4
God evoked in many a sex shopEROS 4
God that leaves one smittenEROS 4
God who had gold-tipped arrowsEROS 4
God with a bow and arrowEROS 4
Greek god hatched from an eggEROS 4
Greek god with a bow and arrowEROS 4
Greek who played with matches?EROS 4
He's in the mood for loveEROS 4
Mythical mischievous intervenerEROS 4
Mythological arrow shooterEROS 4
Mythological love child?EROS 4
One who might take a bowEROS 4
Personification of desireEROS 4

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