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Answer EROS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Quiver-carrying godEROS 4
Shooter of gold arrowsEROS 4
Shooter of heartsEROS 4
Winged god of loveEROS 4
Winged symbol of loveEROS 4
Winged youth of mythEROS 4
Youngest of the godsEROS 4
First asteroid orbited by a NASA spacecraftEROS 4
Marcuse's "___ and Civilization"EROS 4
Status taken down from Piccadilly in '84EROS 4
Antony's friend in EgyptEROS 4
Oldest of the gods, in Plato's "Symposium"EROS 4
Life instinct, to FreudEROS 4
Asteroid viewed by the NEAR spacecraft, 2000EROS 4
Amor, in ancient AthensEROS 4
Circus sight in LondonEROS 4
Himerus' sidekick, to Spill CanvasEROS 4
Life instinct of Freudian psychologyEROS 4
Winged figure of Greek mythologyEROS 4
Arrow shooter of Greek mythEROS 4
Christian metalcores Demise of ___ with 4 letters
Christian metalcores Demise of ___EROS 4
Italian musician RamazzottiEROS 4
God offended by DaphnisEROS 4
God waited on by the GracesEROS 4
Greek counterpart of CupidEROS 4
Symposium topic, for PlatoEROS 4
Conductor of the San Diego Symphony OrchestraEROS 4
Statue at one end of Regent St.EROS 4
God whose name is 6-Down reversedEROS 4
Youngest of the Greek godsEROS 4
It's opposed by Thanatos, in Freudian theoryEROS 4
Greek equivalent of CupidEROS 4
Lover who abandoned PsycheEROS 4
Tortoise song about Cupid?EROS 4
A god of loveEROS 4
Amatory archerEROS 4
Amorous archerEROS 4
Amorous deityEROS 4
Antony's friendEROS 4
Aphrodite's boyEROS 4
Aphrodite's kidEROS 4
Aphrodite's sonEROS 4
Archer of mythEROS 4
Ardent loveEROS 4
Arrow shooterEROS 4
Asteroid #433EROS 4
Asteroid ___EROS 4
Athenian archerEROS 4
Bow-toting godEROS 4
Bow wielderEROS 4

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