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Wordscapes Uncrossed Review

Wordscapes Uncrossed: Word Swipe Action

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Wordscapes games continue to evolve and People Fun now brings you Wordscapes Uncrossed. It is a swipe and fills word game. After you swipe and connect letters, you are able to create words. People Fun has created a number of Wordscapes games. This one is unique as you can play it by just creating words, rather than having to connect them in a crossword setting.

Getting Started without any Barriers

Once you have downloaded the game, then you need to get started. From the get go, you will receive prompts on how to do so. You will begin with simple words, which have between two and three letters. Each word is highlighted in a line with blank boxes. At the bottom of the screen is a circle with the letters that you are able to use. You need to create a word by linking the letters. As you do so, make sure that you do not use the same letter more than one. If you have filled in the correct word, then the blank tiles will fill up with the word that you have entered.

Welcome to Wordscapes Uncrossed

This is a game that will keep you occupied for hours, since there are so many different layers that you can experience. In fact, you will find that there are more than 3000 levels for you to discover. With so much to look forward to, you will keep your mind enthralled. There are a significant number of levels to play through, starting with the Outback. Within each of these levels, there are a number of games that you need to play. Finishing a game at one level means you can move on to the next level.

levels in wordscapes uncrossed

The Little Things That Make This Game worth It.

Each day gives you the opportunity to start gaming with a brand new unique puzzle. The more that you play, and the better that you are at the game, the more rewards you are able to win. They come through in an interesting way: You need to collect butterflies on a daily basis. There are two types fluttering away when you get started, and if you fill in a word where the butterflies are, you get a bonus point. , They then move to a different empty tile. With these butterflies, you actually get to develop a skill: It is being able to deduce which words you need to use.

butterflies wordscapes uncrossed

Little Helpers for your Game

After you play the daily puzzle, you will be able to plunge into the main game. Here, there are several things that you can do to help you along. There is a light bulb, which if you click on it, will give you a hint that will help you complete one of the words that are on the tiles. There is also a bullseye, which is where you can get a free letter and place it anywhere on the board. This way, you can make a complete word by using your wits and deduction. If you need a new way to look at the letters that you have available, you can simple shuffle them around. Hopefully, this will help a new word stand out for you.

daily reward

Earn Some Coins during Game Time

The more that you play this game, the more benefits you are likely to discover. Key benefits to look out for are the coins. When you begin the game, you start off on the right foot. This is because you will have 200 coins in the cart to get you started. Then, in some games there are coins on the tiles. When you fill these in, the coins will automatically fly towards the card. With these, you are able to buy some more hints or bulls eyes when you need them. With these, you can progress faster through the game.

Play and Learn all at the Same Time

There are times that you may discover or create a word and have no idea what it means. Rather than moving from one level to the next without understanding the word, you have the chance to discover the meaning of it. There is a small symbol with the letters Aa on it at the top right hand corner of the screen. When you click on this symbol, a window will pop up with all the meanings of the word that you need to understand. This will help you to learn, even when you are playing. You can grow your vocabulary with ease.

wordscapes uncrossed words

In-App Purchases

There is so much that you can enjoy with this game for absolutely no cost. You do need to watch out for in-app purchases to further boost your playing performance. This can be done by clicking on the shopping cart and seeing all the bundles that you are able to purchase. If you are not a fan of advertisements, then you can purchase some coins which will remove all the ads while you are playing. The ads will typically pop up every time that you complete a game, and for many people, they can be considerably irritating.

Uncrossing everything Wordscapes

Wordscapes Uncrossed is a brilliant addition to the family of the Wordscapes games. It will keep players busy for hours. Each level of the game has been fabulously thought out. You will find that there are loads of words that you can learn. This game is easy to play, for players with any level of skill. From the time you begin gaming, you will enjoy it through to the end.

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