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Scrabble HelperBecome the best you can be in Scrabble! On this page you’ll find all the tips and tricks, the basics and the best cheats for Scrabble. We have put together over 100 articles with important information about the game for you. Enjoy!

Spanish Scrabble helper online


created on by Thomas Maier

Since last week,, the Spanish version of is online. If you'd like to use the tools you find here with Spanish words, please don't hesitate to visit the Spanish Scrabble Helper. » read more

Added help to enter bonus squares in scrabbler-helper

List with Scrabble-Helper bonus squares

created on by Thomas Maier

I just added another nice feature to make using patterns in the Scrabble Helper, the Words With Friends Cheat and other anagram solvers for word games as easy as possible. » read more

Find information by topics

Start of anagram topic page

created on by Thomas Maier

Within the last few years, we covered a lot of topics around word games. For some of them there are already quite a few articles and we decided to gather them on their own topic pages. Find a list of these pages below. Anagrams Scrabble Word Mole Wordfeud Words With Friends Each page contains short [...] » read more

Improved mobile versions for anagrams and scrabble helper

created on by Stefanie Holke

News for your mobile devices: by now you can use and its anagram solver on any mobile device without having to switch anything manually - on your mobile phone, your tablet and any other kind of browser. » read more

Wrong Scrabble-Words

created on by Thomas Maier

Our Scrabble Helper might suggest words that are not accepted in your Scrabble app. Read here about the reasons. » read more

Scrabble help is mobile (again)

created on by Thomas Maier

Is more mobile possible? The new layout of the Scrabble Help is now also mobile. You can access with any device and the layout will adapt. » read more

Scrabble impressions from Twitter

created on by Thomas Maier

I just try the Sammlr app on the term "Scrabble". It shows me all related images from Twitter. So this is an always up to date and never ending presentation of Scrabble on Twitter. » read more

Scrabble Dictionaries

created on by Philipp Schröder

The world’s most famous word game, Scrabble, fills millions of people with enthusiasm and joy of playing. However, sometimes it can lead to brutal family disputes, fatal break-ups, or just endless discussions. Here we want to present you some recommendable Scrabble dictionaries. » read more

4 reasons to love Bananagrams

created on by Philipp Schröder

Four reasons that characterize Bananagrams as an educational and socializing word game that is similar but quite different to Scrabble. » read more

Wordfeud Helper online

created on by Thomas Maier

Since I read Philipp's article on the online and mobile word game Wordfeud, I wasn't able to stop playing this game on my iPad. The only annoying thing is the reminder to purchase the paid version each time I played a word. Anyway, I got so dragged into that game that there was no question whether to start a Wordfeud Helper on or not. » read more