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List with Scrabble-Helper bonus squares

Added help to enter bonus squares in scrabbler-helper

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I just added another nice feature to make using patterns in the Scrabble Helper, the Words With Friends Cheat and other anagram solvers for word games as easy as possible.

Below the pattern field you find the new “Help”-Button. On desktop browsers you can just hover with your mouse over it. On a touchscreen simply click on it once. A small window will open and list the bonus squares you can highlight in the pattern field. This new window has two meanings.

1. it helps you easily remember the numbers used to symbolize the bonus squares in the pattern input field.

2. you can insert any of these characters by simply clicking on the lines. This might help visitors with mobile devices. It inserts the characters right there, where the focus is in the field. So you can also insert them between other characters.

I hope this helps some of you and would be glad about any feedback and comments below.

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