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Wordfeud Helper online

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Since I read Philipp’s article on the online and mobile word game Wordfeud, I wasn’t able to stop playing this game on my iPad. The only annoying thing is the reminder to purchase the paid version each time I played a word. Anyway, I got so dragged into that game that there was no question whether to start a Wordfeud Helper on or not.

Wordfeud Helper is a Scrabble Helper

Due to the equal word lists TWL and SOWPODS, the Wordfeud Helper is working like the Scrabble Helper. Simply type in your letters and an optional pattern, choose the number of blank tiles and how to sort the results. You can also specify the word list to TWL (for the US, Canada and Thailand)  or SOWPODS (for the rest of the world).

Like with our Scrabble Helper the Wordfeud Helper also offers further information in the result list. So you can quickly check the word in Wikipedia or Wiktionary or tweet your best result.

The Wordfeud Helper already helped me cheating on Wordfeud and to find words like MAINLINE or ANTIDOTE and so getting a nice 40 points bonus. I also learned the meaning of QAT, when I was finding myself in the well known position to have a Q without a U. So our helper is more like a Wordfeud Training than a Wordfeud Cheat 🙂


Do you miss something in our Wordfeud Helper? You can use the comments to let us know.

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