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Scrabble HelperBecome the best you can be in Scrabble! On this page you’ll find all the tips and tricks, the basics and the best cheats for Scrabble. We have put together over 100 articles with important information about the game for you. Enjoy!

QWERTY – the Scrabble film

created on by Thomas Maier

QWERTY is some kind of a Scrabble film I recently stumbled upon. Find the trailer and some additional information in this article. » read more

Scrabble and Twitter

created on by Thomas Maier

I took a short look on tweets about Scrabble and it took me some time to review this great content I found. Check it out from this post. » read more

How to improve your Scrabble Strategy

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created on by Philipp Schröder

Every Scrabble expert has their very own Scrabble strategy. Here are four rules that almost always pay off. Grab a pen and read carefully. » read more

History of Scrabble

created on by Thomas Maier

Learn about the history of Scrabble from our recent article. Did you know, that the rights of Scrabble were sold a couple of times? » read more

Not only a Scrabble helper

created on by Philipp Schröder

You have probably reached because you love words and word games. Building tools that help you to create words from letters, we have learned a lot. A few month ago we started to share our insights on word games with you. Now it is time to give you an overview of our work and […] » read more

Changes to the Scrabble helper – results, blanks and Wikipedia

created on by Thomas Maier

  We updated the Scrabble helper and Words With Friends Cheat. Results order Until now, results were either sorted by word length or points. If there were more results with the same length or value, they were mixed. We changed this behavior to a more logic approach. At first, results are now sorted as specified […] » read more

Scrabble word list

created on by Thomas Maier

Every word game needs a clear set of rules to avoid conflicts when playing the game. Concerning this matter one special aspect has to be clarified in word games: which words are allowed to use? English speaking Scrabble countries have a long history in word list extensions, adaptions, reductions or integrations. Today there are two […] » read more

Two Scrabble helpers

created on by Thomas Maier

As many of you noticed, we changed our Scrabble helper almost two days ago. The new version is more powerful, but surprisingly wasn’t able to handle a lot of traffic. So yesterday, we decided to switch back to the old word finder (a.k.a. Grabber) that some of you already missed. The new Scrabble helper is […] » read more

Scrabble helper in your mobile browser online

created on by Philipp Schröder

We proudly present a mobile web version of After a week of hard work and less spare time than usual, a special modified website of our Scrabble helper is now accessible from any mobile device. That means less scrolling and faster browsing for those of you who use it. As you might have experienced, […] » read more