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Scrabble in the National Toy Hall of Fame

created on by Stephanie Napp

Growing up and being thrown into a complex and hectic adult world can sometimes cause you to take a retrospective point of view on the unconcerned times in life when you were a child. The museum The Strong in Rochester, NY gives you the opportunity to relive this feeling as you walk through their National Toy Hall of Fame. We asked two of the people in charge about how the word game Scrabble was inducted. » read more

From your Local Tennis Club straight to Wimbledon – An Interview with Scrabble Player Brigitte Brath

Interviews with Scrabble Players

created on by Stephanie Napp

In early January Brigitte Brath, a German Scrabble tournament player, attended the UK Open. Between returning to Germany and taking off to attend her next tournament, the Israeli Open, she gave us an interview about her tournament experience and offered tips for Scrabble players. » read more

Beware the Ides of March – Scrabble Prize Draw

created on by Thomas Maier

Find the highest scoring scrabble word possible for this board an win a voucher for worth 20 USD. » read more

John Chew on Strategy with Scrabble Word Lists

John Chew on Word Lists

created on by Stephanie Napp

There are different tools and strategies professional SCRABBLE players use in the game. The most essential tools next to your SCRABBLE board are probably the different word lists, which are valid for clubs and tournaments. But how do you start to use those lists? We asked John Chew, co-president of the NASPA, who is one of the biggest names among the international Scrabble community. As a longtime organizer of club sessions and tournaments the passionate Scrabble enthusiast gave us a small insight how to approach those lists. » read more

Our Happy Holidays Raffle Winner: a letter carrier’s way with words

created on by Stephanie Napp

Even though Christmas time has passed now, we are happy to be giving presents to select readers of our site. At word-grabber’s Happy Holidays Raffle you had the chance to win a Scrabble Deluxe Edition as well as other things. Read how our first prize winner Jeff Kelley, a passionate Scrabble player, didn’t really get first prize – but was lucky after all. » read more

Scrabble for Kids – Scrabble Junior and more

Scrabble for Kids

created on by Philipp Schröder

Scrabble is the ideal way to learn and play with letters. Read the following three game reviews and choose the right one for your kid. » read more

Chutney for 15 Points – Scrabble in India

Chutney Scrabble India

created on by Stefanie Holke

Scrabble in India is about increasing numbers of players, associations, tournaments and even about hosting the worldwide championship in 2007. Time to have a look to the new trend of the subcontinent. » read more

Scrabble Champions Tournament 2013

created on by Stephanie Napp

From 4th to 8th December the 12th international Scrabble Champions Tournament took place in Prague. Among 110 players, who came from all over the world, three-times-winner Nigel Richards won the first price and took $10.000 as prize-money with him. » read more

Scrabble Twists and Turns Review

created on by Kristin Bußmann

There are many Scrabble versions out there, one of the most recent once is Scrabble Twists and Turns. It seems younger, more modern and a bit more creative. Read about our experience with it in this article. » read more

Funny Scrabble Commercials

created on by Kristin Bußmann

Funny Scrabble commercials can be found all over the internet, and there are tons of different ones out there. We have looked through some videos for you and have collected a few good ones in this article. » read more