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Improved mobile versions for anagrams and scrabble helper

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During the last few weeks there have already been made some layout changes when it comes to mobile presentation of

But by now you can use and its anagram solver on all kind of browser sizes easily – on your mobile, your tablet as well as on any “normal” kind of browser. The reason for this is that all manual settings for mobile devices have been switched off.

More space for the Header

Mainly one visual change is made by leaving the links for the mobile version and the desktop version respectively. Instead of them a new smartphone friendly navigation is planned to come up next.

Problems with banner ads?

All of these new layout changes make banner ads going to fit to different browser sizes as well. This has been checked on several kinds of browsers and no mentionable errors could be found. However, should there be any kind of problems with banner ads on your display – like an overlapping with the texts – then we would be very pleased if you contact us and name your problem and kind of device.

One small bug was found using especially small mobile devices when the logo was presented rather oversized. It is posed correctly at the second attempt to open the page. But this problem should appear just once after that it will work like normal.

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