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The world’s most famous word game, Scrabble, fills millions of people with enthusiasm and joy of playing. However, sometimes it can lead to brutal family disputes, fatal break-ups, or just endless discussions. To avoid these why not get yourself a printed Scrabble dictionary to have the truth in black and white? Here we want to present you some recommendable Scrabble dictionaries. 

Collins Official Scrabble Words

This hardcover book claims to be the most comprehensive Scrabble wordlist ever, including World English from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, and USA brought together in a single list. This edition contains more than a quarter of a million permissible words. Thus Collins Official SCRABBLE Words is one of the most comprehensive Scrabble dictionaries. No more fighting over permitted words and correct spellings. This book will definitely help you cutting down the even most controversial discussions.

Collins Official Scrabble Lists

If you need a Scrabble dictionary to learn lists and be prepared winning the even hardest tournaments the Collins Official SCRABBLE Lists should be suitable for you. You can find word lists sorted by length and by type. There are also lists of useful suffixes, prefixes, anagrams, unusual letter combinations, and high-scoring words. It will help you learning groups of words easily and spot every opportunity to maximize your Scrabble score.

To promote these two Scrabble dictionaries, the Collins Official SCRABBLE Words and Collins Official SCRABBLE Lists, they collected different winning words in their advertising film:

Collins Official Scrabble Words and Lists

Everything Scrabble

To have a more handy version of a Scrabble dictionary we recommend the paperback book Everything Scrabble. It is not a complete Scrabble dictionary containing all words that can be played in this game, but it contains some valuable lists. From high scoring words to a complete two-letter word list. Also lists occupying with the letters Q or QU can be found in that book. Additionally, readers can track back the history of Scrabble, get facts on Scrabble cultures all over the world, or learn some useful game strategies. Probably a must have for all Scrabble addicts.

The Scrabble Word-Building Book

Again this Scrabble dictionary doesn’t claim to be complete but seems to have all necessary Scrabble lists. Including a handy list of the 94 two-letter words to pile on the points, over 800 three-letter words with 550 that can be formed from two-letter words, or all eight-letter words that can be formed from seven-letter words. The Scrabble Word-Building Book maybe a book for all professionals but should be useful for every hobby Scrabbler that wants to improve his skills as well.

Another fast and easy way to avoid discussions is our Scrabble Helper. Just type in the word you want to check.

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  1. Is it not so…if you tag a an existing word with say an “S” unlike scrabble you only get points for the “S” and not for the entire newly formed word. Scrabble counts the entire new word.

  2. What I am looking for is something electronic to hold in my hand, put in the letters on my rack, press a tab and then different words, using those letters, appear. As yet I cannot find this although I had one many moons ago.

    • You can use word-grabber on your smartphone and it should work like you explained here.

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