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Wrong Scrabble-Words

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Yesterday I received a comment regarding some results in our Scrabble Helper that are not accepted by a Scrabble game. The user estimated that about 20% of the words are being rejected. That is a problem I take very seriously.

Our Scrabble Word Finder uses the official lists for the game. If you play Scrabble as a board game you probably know discussions about (non-) existing words. But still, everything can be discussed. If you play Scrabble through an app, a program or website, there is normally no discussion about right or wrong. The program decides this for you. This decision is depending on the word list the program uses. There are not only the TWL and SOWPODS word lists out there but many others too. No doubt, that all these lists are different.

So if one or another word from our Scrabble Helper results is not accepted in your app, it is neither the developers nor our fault, but simply a different word list in use.

We also know, that some results from the Words With Friends Cheat are not accepted by the game and that this is due to changes in the games word lists. Since not all apps are updated frequently there will always be differences. For more information see our article about the Words With Friends Word List and the problems with the word lists.

I am very sorry, that we are not able to provide a Scrabble Helper for all the Scrabble apps out there, but there are definitely too many. Next time a word from our Scrabble Help is not accepted by your Scrabble app, please drop me a line through the feedback form and tell me which app you are using. Maybe we can solve this problem in the future.

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