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4 reasons to love Bananagrams

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This word game consists of 144 letter tiles packed in a banana shaped bag. Similar to Scrabble you have to make words from letters but this time without a grid. Playing the game correctly you have to remember four words that needs to be shouted out during the game: Split, PeelDump and Bananas. Read the full instructions in our Board Games with Words Selection article.

You learn for life

Bananagrams brings both creativity and word knowledge. Especially children can try out what they have learned so far regarding spelling and vocabulary skills. When playing with children you can easily set a specific topic to promote and demand the spelling of words of a certain semantic field.
Adults prefer this game as well. It is often used as a learning summary in a session or workshop to repeat the key issues that were discussed earlier.
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Bananagrams is better than Scrabble

Unlike Scrabble, you play somewhat independently and are able to rearrange words constantly to make your letters fit and to create new words. There is a variety of ways you can play Bananagrams. You can use three or four sets for a large “extended” family game or you can give bonus points at the end of each for the most creative word, longest word, etc. The best is, you don’t need to wait for your turn since everyone plays by himself simultaneously. Another advantage is that the words you build don’t have to fit into any particular pattern. No grid limits your creativeness in word forming.

Easy to carry with you

Wherever you go it is easy to take it with you. It fits in a puts, backpack, or car glove box. A great game to travel with, play in hotel, at pool, on plane, keep kids busy at restaurant while waiting for dinner! The only thing you need when playing the game is a table or other plain surfaces.

Good to socialize with other people

Building words from letters can be nine times out of ten funny, sometimes frustrating, but always socializing. Whether you play with friends, your family, or completely strangers, Bananagrams breaks the ice in nearly every situation. It’s simpleness stills fears not to understand the game and invites anyone to join a group who is playing Bananagrams.

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