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Scrabble impressions from Twitter

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Some friends of mine recently surprised me with a very nice gadget they developed to get pictures from Twitter. They called it Sammlr from the German word for collector = Sammler. Sammlr is not really useful, but pretty and I am definitely thinking about embedding it on the front page of

Update: As I learned from my contacts, sammlr is currently offline. I hope they can resolve their issues soon.

What does Sammlr do?

Sammlr does collect pictures from Twitter and creates a slideshow out of it. The limitation or feature (as you like to see it) is that is only gets the most recent pictures like as if you would search directly on twitter. So every time you come back to this page the following slide presentation will be updated and you can enjoy some other pictures. The Sammlr I created collects pictures connected with Scrabble.

Update: As you can see now, the Sammlr is probably dead. I am really sad about that and hope it will be back soon.

As you see, the original iframe is bigger than the weblayout on word-grabber. This is probably going to fit in the new layout.

The website isn`t avaible anymore.

Feel free to use my slideshow that you can access on

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