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Word Cognition Makes Scrambled Letters Readable

created on by Stefanie Holke

Due to Word Cognition we are able to read texts full of scrambled letters. explains. » read more

Review Scrabble app

created on by Sascha Sharma

There are a lot of clones of the most famous word game we all know as Scrabble in the world. After having reviewed so many copies of this famous concept, it is now time to take a look at the official Scrabble app for iPhone and iOS devices. » read more

Scrabble vs. Words with Friends

created on by Sascha Sharma

A very popular Scrabble clone these days is Words with Friends. In our review at, we were so impressed by the game produced by Zynga that we decided to stage a face-off with the official Scrabble app. So here is our special comparison: Scrabble versus Words with Friends. » read more

Schools in Abu Dhabi Introduce Scrabble Program

created on by Sascha Sharma

The capital city of the United Arab Emirates will start a Scrabble program this September, when classes resume. Classrooms will then change into playgrounds for the most popular word game which should make the school to a more exciting place for students. » read more

Scrabble in Literature, Movies and on TV

created on by Kristin Bußmann

Scrabble is a major part of popular culture, as you can see by its extensive use in literature, movies and TV shows. Sometimes Scrabble is simply used in a scene, other times it actually contributes to the story, and yet again sometimes it even is the story. Find some examples in the article. » read more

Cheating at Scrabble

Scrabble Cheats - Word Grabber logo

created on by Sascha Sharma

It is as old as gaming itself. Many might have thought about it in desperate situations in gaming, whether they should or they should not pick this unfair method to fool their opponents. Cheating is always used, when a player has a problem, that he can´t solve with his own abilities. » read more

Scrabble word list compilation

created on by Philipp Schröder

Scrabble word lists help you get better in a game. Since luck is not the only aspect needed to improve vocabulary skills. Here is a selection of word lists. » read more

How much does luck affect a typical Scrabble game?

created on by Philipp Schröder

Diehard Scrabble players know that it's not enough to have inexhaustible vocabulary to win a game, but to have at least as much luck on your side. To what extend these two aspects influence a game, shows a study of a professor in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University, Andrew C. Thomas. » read more

The longest Word without Vowels

Myrrh Word without Vowels

created on by Guest Post

If you're the kind of person who always seems to get stuck with a load of consonants when playing Scrabble, why not try a few of the longest words without vowels? Here are a few of the most interesting longest words without vowels starting with a couple which can't be used for Scrabble, but which are useful to know nevertheless. » read more

Acceptable Scrabble words

created on by Guest Post

There is often confusion about whether a word is an acceptable Scrabble word or not. Abbreviations and proper count are normally not accepted, but did you know the exceptions? » read more