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Word Mole FAQs 2.0

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In past years we have published a few articles on Word Mole. This has resulted in more and more questions being sent to our mailboxes and commentary boxes. This article should provide some answers to frequently asked questions regarding Blackberry’s word game Word Mole.

Feel free to submit further questions or give us feedback if some answers aren’t sufficient or are incorrect. We are always happy for any assistance.

What is Word Mole?

Word Mole for iPhone Word Mole is most likely familiar to Blackberry smartphone users since it is one of the most played games for Blackberry devices. It is simple, but addicting. A little mole and his garden are at the center of attention for this word game. The garden is divided into 36 sections containing letters. You have to use these letters to create words and earn points using letters directly above, below, or next to each other. If you do it this way, you will receive new letters which can be used to form new words. If you apply letters that are not directly side by side, your garden will get holey. In order to get rid of those nasty holes, just try to use a letter located beside a hole when forming another word. Read our Word Mole article for detailed instructions.

How do I get help for Word Mole on Blackberry?

First, we started by reaching out for help directly from RIM, the company behind Blackberry. We thought it might be interesting for them to have another channel providing help to their clients. Unfortunately, our emails to the support team were answered by an automatic message, but without direct contact. In any case, the only information that might be helpful to one or the other Word Mole player can be found in their forum. Another option is to leave a comment below this FAQ and hope for help from our hardworking editors or other experienced Word Mole addicts visiting

I deleted word mole, so how can I get it back?

First of all you have to check if Word Mole really is lost on your Blackberry device. In order to do this, take the following steps:  Options > Advanced Options > Applications. If it’s completely deleted and you can’t find it, reinstall your Blackberry operating system. In doing so, it is crucial to select Word Mole during the installation process.
Alternatively, you can use the Desktop Manager on your PC (assuming it is installed) to add the app to your phone again.

Are there alternative games like Word Mole?

An avid fan of Blackberry’s Word Mole wouldn’t accept any other alternatives to Word Mole itself, but it is worth risking a look at some similar games. Try out Bookworm to link letter tiles to build words, keeping the bookworm sated and smiling. You can play it on your PC, Mac or on different mobile devices. Another Word Mole alternative is Word King. It claims to be the most addictive word game for Android. Similar to Word Mole, each level has a certain number of points required to progress, each level requiring more speed and skill to conquer. In our Game Articles section you can keep watch for other interesting word games.

Are there recommendable Word Mole clones?

Unfortunately, the Word Mole alternatives for iPhone, Android and iPad that we have tested so far were not really convincing. Asking visitors of our website their opinion on these clones has resulted in a moderate rating: It is okay, but not the same.

Can iPhone users play multiplayer with Blackberry users?

The Blackberry game can be played in multiplayer mode with other Blackberry owners. The version of Word Mole for iPhone (Earth Eagle INC.) we tested is not even playable in a multiplayer mode. Since there is no official iPhone version provided by the developers of the original Word Mole, however, it probably wouldn’t be possible to play against Blackberry users anyway. If you find different information please let us know.

Is there a recommendable Word Mole cheat?

The Letter Sorting word search helps you to make words from letters with the option of using a pattern. This word generator is not bound to a specific word game and might help you to find words for competitions, newspaper riddles, or your homework. Thus it is perfect for use in training for Word Mole games.

It is, however, not recommended to use a word cheat program in a multiplayer or a single-player game where you want to submit your score. Using the Letter Sorting word search to improve your skills, learn new words, and become faster is absolutely legit.

Where can I find Word Mole high scores?

You can submit a score to the Leaderboard on the Word Mole game website at the end of a single-player game. If you do not submit your score when prompted, you can submit your score at a later time. In order to do this, you have to go to the High Scores screen and type a user name into the Username field. Afterwards, you will have to type a password in the Password field and click Submit.

How many levels does the Word Mole game consist off?

There appears to be no level limit in Word Mole. We have found proven high scores to level 91. There are reports that people have even reached high scores up to level 119.

Why does the game end at varying rounds and how does it determine when the game is over?

In the version of Word Mole we presented, you have to receive 60 points within 120 seconds in level one. Ten additional points must be awarded in each subsequent level, increasing the difficulty as you go. The time frame remains the same. Here are my theories for success concerning this issue:

1. Sometimes you build longer words that get you more points than short words and vice versa.
2. Using vegetable bonus letters in a word earns you extra points and helps you reach the demanded score earlier.
3. Time bonus letters in a word buy you time to reach the required score.

Can I save the level I have reached? Every time I fail in a certain level it takes me back to level 1.

As far as we know, it isn’t possible to save the level you have reached to continue at that point after you have lost all your lives. You can only save the existing game. Good luck passing that level in the near future.

Where can I find the exact scoring algorithm?

The scoring algorithm seems to be a mystery even for us. Blackberry’s user guide only states that you gain more points by using longer words, less common words, bonus letters, taking less time, etc.


Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below this FAQ. We are trying to find an answer and hope for support from other experienced Word Mole addicts visiting

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