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Review Scrabble app

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There are a lot of clones of the most famous word game we all know as Scrabble in the world. After having reviewed so many copies of this famous concept, it is now time to take a look at the official Scrabble app for iPhone and iOS devices.

The Original Scrabble

Since the debut of mobile devices like iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy on the market, quite a few word games have been released. These word games share the same concept as the original Scrabble, but don´t carry the original name. One example is the very popular Words with Friends. Game producer Hasbro (who owns the license for Scrabble in the USA and Canada) has now released its own official Scrabble app. We quickly fell in love with it and think that it was about time.

A typical scene in Scrabble
A typical scene in Scrabble

The Scrabble app is absolutely free for iOS devices like the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad. You do, however, have to watch commercials in between moves. If you want to discontinue them, you have to buy the commercial-free version for 1.99 dollars. The iPad version is more expensive and costs 4.99 dollars. If you have an Android device you can also download the Scrabble app. In this article we only review the iPhone version.

Easy to Start

The introduction is exemplary. You get very detailed explanations of every aspect of gameplay. Everything is very uncomplicated and easy to handle. Electronic Arts has done a good job adapting Scrabble to the iPhone. Playing the game is like playing a real match of Scrabble. The aim of the game hasn’t changed in its virtual version. You get seven tiles and then start forming words. After you have ended your turn and received your points, your partner has the chance to score.

Scrabble fans will feel very comfortable from the beginning. If you still have questions, you can take a look at the game’s guide. Any useful information will be listed here. You will find information about the point system, the rules, and the word lists.

If you play the Scrabble app in its English version you have the choice between the following three dictionaries: The Tournament wordlist (which is the official dictionary for North America), the Merriam Webster wordlist (based on OSPD4, the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary) and the Collins-Dictionary. If you are a professional English-speaking Scrabble player, this is a great reason for you to choose this app. This is because, in contrast to the original, it is sometimes unclear which wordlist is being used when playing the Scrabble clones. This means you can use the official Scrabble app to train for upcoming competitions.

You can play Scrabble online and offline
You can play Scrabble online and offline

Play it Differently

This app is playable in many different language versions like French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Spanish. The thing is that it’s not clear which word lists are in use while playing these versions. If you need some help finding words in the German or Spanish version, we recommend that you visit one of our partner sites, or There you can find and use our word generators, which will make your next Scrabble game a little bit easier.

Scrabble as Usual

So is there a difference between the Scrabble app and the real board game? Mattel is adding just a few meaningful features to the game such as the mentor. This function is very interesting for competitors. After you have laid down your words, the mentor will show the combination that would have earned the most points. Beginners and more experienced players alike can improve their game with this feature. You also have the opportunity to take a look into the word list at all times. With this feature you can check your words before you lay them down.

All your previous actions are listed and you also get a point counter. We can praise all of these features, because in other word games you usually have to pay for them. If you play the iOS Version of Scrabble you can log in with your Apple game center account. You also have the option to log on with your Facebook profile or your Origin account (which is Electronic Arts’ own distribution system). With so many possibilities, it is easy for you to find opponents. Even if you have no account whatsoever, you’ll find somebody to play with. These opponents are chosen by the system. The only thing that’s missing is the capability to play tournaments like in Words with Friends.

You can play several games simultaneous
You can play several games simultaneous

Scrabble Offline

If you are not into online gaming and you just want to have a match with your friend, who is sitting right next to you, you can use the Pass N´Play function. You just make your move and then give the iPhone to your opponent so he can make his. You can play Scrabble like this with up to four players, which makes it a perfect activity for long journeys on a bus or train. If you buy the full version of the game, you can even play against the computer.

Like in Words with Friends, you can play several matches simultaneously while waiting for your opponent’s move. Via the internal chat you can stay in touch with all players. We think that there are too few possibilities to personalize the game. You only have a few boards and tiles to choose from. We wish that there were more options and extra content. Maybe the developers will add additional features in the future.


The official Scrabble app has the potential to set the bar in the market of mobile word games. It shows how it’s done right. Gameplay, tutorial, and graphics are well-done. A big plus for competitors are the official word lists. With the Scrabble app, you can find opponents quickly and easily. The possibility to play with up to four opponents offline is fun. Anyone wanting to have a Scrabble app for his or her iPhone will find that the original is the best alternative.

What do you think about the original Scrabble app for iPhone? Have you already played it?

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11 Responses

  1. Hello
    Played this with English official scrabble dictionary
    Great and works well but but but
    Computor opponent uses words not in any dictionary and plurals
    Zingy dayz qatto

    • Hello Peter, is it this Scrabble App you are referring to or another one? Is there an information about the word lists available?

  2. When I try to play the Pass and Play function it tells me that I need an internet connection. I want to play without the internet, for example when we’re away in a caravan. What am I doing wrong?

    • Hi Adrienne, unfortunately, you can’t do anything. I perfectly know the frustration from when I want to play against the computer while going to the countryside without mobile internet. My best guess is they kept the dictionary online and so the Scrabble App needs to connect every time you play or check a word.

  3. In the Spanish version it didn’t recognize words such as “derecho” and “derroche”…

  4. Hi, I have iPad Air, and would like to play scrabble, or any word games when at our cabin where we have no internet connection.
    Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought the article said I could, but then the reply seemed to say I couldn’t…..???

    • We are sorry, but this is not possible. You can use the Pass n`play function if you just want to have a match with your friend, who is sitting right next to you: You just make your move and then give the iPhone to your opponent so he can make his. But even therefore you need to be online.

      Greetings Anja

  5. Still looking for an Offline scrabble game… use on my MacBook Air……anybody??
    Years ago I played the Hoyle words games – offline, from a CD, actually I had 4 Hoyle game disks and love them all…..they say they will work with MacBook also, so all I need is an external DVD/CD drive. (probably can’t load the games onto my MacBook so that I don’t need to haul the external drive around…?). These games are about 14 yrs old, and looking at the again, they weren’t made to be used online with the MacBook.
    The eternal disk drives from Apple cost 2-3 times what others cost, are they worth that much more??

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