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Welcome to the Alphabet Jungle – Review

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Last month we integrated another enjoyable word game into our site called Alphabet Jungle. We gave the trip to the jungle a try and took a closer look at this word game.

Welcome to the Jungle

The plot of Alphabet Jungle is a bit atypical and bizarre for a word game. You take the role of a nameless explorer in a remote jungle. Man-eaters capture you and want to cook you. The only way to prevent them from putting you into the kettle is to teach them English. Yes, these days teaching someone another language seems to be a very effective method for avoiding the danger of being cooked alive.

Easy Gameplay

But the story is not all that important for the mechanics of the game. It is just an explanation for the setup. Your character is hung above a kettle and is slowly moving down towards the cooking water. The game ends if he reaches it. So what can you do?

You’ll get six letters and you will have to form as many words as possible with these letters in a certain amount of time. Usually there are many possible combinations. The first words seem to be easy but it gets harder the more you find. Finding variations is the key to getting as many words as possible. If you can’t think of a new word, you can scramble the letters, which gives you another perspective on the tiles you already have. Every time you find a new word, your time will be extended.

Find all possible words before the man eaters cook you.
Find all possible words before the man eaters cook you.

Using Alphabet Jungle is easy. Just click the tiles you want to form a word with. As soon as the word is finished, click on submit. The buttons are easy to find and after a while you will get to know the shortest ways to enter words.

If you feel that the difficulty level is too high, you can choose between three different settings. Playing it on „Easy“ you will only have to find 60 percent of all possible words. On „Medium“ you will only need to find 75 percent and if you try it on „Hard“ you’ll have to find every word. Also, the time limit for finding the words decreases the higher the difficulty level gets. No matter what you do it is always a run for the words.


The principle of Alphabet Jungle is pretty similar to another game that weplayed a few months ago titled WordTrap Dungeon. In this game you have to fight your way through a dungeon full of monsters with the magic power of the words you create from random letters. Take a look into our preview to find out more about the game from Polish developer Crunching Koalas.

Good Scrabble Training

Alphabet Jungle is a good game for training your skills in Scrabble. Many word games published these days have the same potential considering the mechanics (such as WordOn). But they fail when you consider the word lists they are using. Alphabet Jungle is different, as it is using the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD). If you look at the game mechanics and structure you will find a perfect training tool for competitive Scrabble or even for some Scrabble variations where time is a factor. That makes it a clever alternative to the “usual” Scrabble game.

The game is simple but challenging
The game is simple but challenging

Alphabet Jungle is the result of a cooperation between developers from Ocean Breeze Games and Busy Bee Arcade which are both known for creating browser games. As it is a browser-based game, it doesn’t have that much to offer by way of graphics or sound. Alphabet Jungle is a very minimalistic and simply designed game. The game melody does get a bit annoying after a while and you won’t spend much time looking at the poor graphics.


If you play word games just for fun and you are looking for a little game to pass the time with, Alphabet Jungle will do the job. Technically it is not notable enough mention at all. Its strength lies in the gameplay. More competitive players can use the game mechanics to improve their skills in Scrabble. Because it uses the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD), Alphabet Jungle is a perfect training tool for competition players to get better at finding words.

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