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WordON Review

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This summer is full of fresh wordgames for mobile devices. After we reviewed the decent games WordStone and Word King  for mobile devices and computers, we review WordOn released by German publisher Flaregames. Is this another game keeping you away from the normal summer activities or is it just a waste of time that could better be spend in the sun?

Simple but complex

In WordOn you are challenging another player. You have seven letters which you can set into seven fields to combine them to words. Two of these fields are specially marked. They are the so called WordOns which means, that the letters which you place on these fields will be available to use for your opponent in the next round. So you don’t only have to think about your own combinations but also about which letters you are giving to your opponent by forming your words. You have to make your own tactic: Which words do you place, so you don’t give your opponent the best letters?

But that’s not all. On some fields you get bonuses like a multiplicator. Also you find blanks, well known from Scrabble, with which you can replace every letter you want. If you laid down a word and have submitted it, it’s your opponent’s turn. But instead of waiting for his move, you can already set your words and check, if they are playable. A very good way to await your opponent’s move.

A typical playscene in WordOn.
A typical playscene in WordOn.

If you have played a word, you get points for it. You can exchange these points for stars. With these stars you can buy certain abilities which you can use in the game. For example, you can take a look into the remaining letters of your opponent. With this abilities, the game get’s very tactical, because you can see which words your opponent can build. So you have to ponder what to do. Your goal is to lose all your letters by the end of the game and to score the most points.


If you are stuck and can’t find a word, you get tips from the game itself by spending your earned stars. For example, you’ll get the initial letters of a possible word. After your game has ended you can watch all relevant statistics. For example which words you have formed or how many points you received. These information will be very useful for more experienced players.

At the end of the game you can see all game statistics
At the end of the game you can see all game statistics

By creating words you don’t only get points, but also coins. They are the official currency of the game. You can also buy these coins with real money in the virtual in-game-shop. That will save you time. It’s also possible to deactivate the commercials, shown inbetween games. But because developer Flaregames is not showing that much of commercial, this investment isn’t that useful. Instead, you can invest in a coin-booster, which will increase the amount of coins you can get in a game. The so called „Wordreport“ shows you how many points you can get for a certain word.

WordOn and Facebook

But who are you playing against? Just like in Words with Friends, WordOn is very strong connected with Facebook. Which means, that you can search for new players by searching your Facebook friends list. You can also use your profile photo and you can release your results on your timeline. It’s also possible to arrange tournaments with friends. There is another way to play ff you don’t have a Facebook account. Just use your e-mail address and type in the e-mail address of your friend or your wished opponent. WordOn is then looking for your opponent and is sending him an invitation.

You can also play entire tournaments
You can play entire tournaments

WordOn in seven languages

You are not only able to play WordOn in English but also in other languages such as German, French, Italian, Swedish, Dutch and Spanish. So if you want to train your vocabularies in those languages, you can use WordOn as well. By the way. If you are searching for Spanish words, you are welcome to visit our Spanish Scrabble Helper.

With the feature of different playable languages and the connection to Facebook, you can play WordOn over both, country- and language borders. By the intern chat you can also communicate with your opponents. The possibilities to connect with new players are well thought and manifold. But on the other hand it’s a bit annoying to get so many requests from the system like „Do you want to play with this friend?“.

Pretty word game

If we take a look at the visual presentation, WordOn is a very decent game. It is well designed and very colorful. The gameplay is very rounded down and bugfree. The buttons are big enough and there are only few times, when you are questioning the gameplay. For us, WordOn is one of the more attractive word game apps on the market.

In WordOn you can play several games at the same time
In WordOn you can play several games at the same time

Quick Start

In most word games you don’t get a proper introduction. Not so with WordOn. From the beginning, you get the explanation you need. An interactive tutorial led by the official mascot (a smiling star) tells you everything relevant. We can also praise the other ways of help, which developer Flaregames is offering you. In the option menu is a link to the official FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)-site with lots of answers and information. If you want to get in touch with the developers or other players you can access to the official WordOn-Community. It’s a forum, where you can ask your questions. All in all a good service.

WordOn is definitely one of the more caring developed games on the market of free to play games. It’s entertaining, offers tournaments, chats and is playable in many different languages. It contains enough stuff for long lasting fun. We had the most joy playing the game direct and face-to-face with a partner. In this constellation WordOn is getting a fast, enjoyable and pretty game. And it’s free to play!

Have you already played WordOn? How do you think about the possibility of playing it in seven different languages and in which language do you play?

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