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Wordfeud – got 2 bonuses and still loosing

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I already mentioned in my Wordfeud Helper article that Wordfeud on iPad really got me. I just wanted to share a screenshot from my iPad showing you how I started a recent game with two bonuses in the early rounds. I think I also got lucky and with MAINLINE and OUTLAWED I could have been able to accomplish this without the Wordfeud Cheat. Anyway, this was much faster 🙂
Now it is going to be a lot more difficult. I have ATXBGQT left on my rack. I am still waiting for my opponents move, but already prepared QAT on the board with Q on the triple letter field. It is always good to know two and three letter words that can serve you well.

Wordfeud Cheat doesn’t win the game alone

Btw, even though I pulled a bonus twice, my opponent played the word with the most points and this was even my fault. See AVIATOR on the left side? I prepared that one with my OUTLAWED and he was able to play over two triple word fields what nine-folded his points. So don’t switch off your brain while using our Wordfeud Cheat.

I am still ahead with 229 points against 166 points, but have to be more careful where to place my tiles. There are 44 tiles left, so plenty of opportunities.

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