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I started in 2010 to help word enthusiasts like me to find and learn the right words for Scrabble and other word games. Thanks to your feedback, I was able to extend the site not only with more word tools, but articles and other resources around words, letters and word games.

Articles by Thomas Maier

Abbreviations in Scrabble and Words with Friends

Players often get confused about abbreviations being used in Apps like Words with Friends or Scrabble. Don’t be frustrated! Learn more about abbreviations – or what seems to be one – in word games from this article.

Beware the Ides of March – Scrabble Prize Draw

Find the highest scoring scrabble word possible for this board an win a voucher for worth 20 USD.

News and Feedback in July and August

Despite my vacation, a lot of things happened on Read more about some changes and my answers on your feedback and requests in this post.

News and Feedback in June 2013

A lot did happen on in June. Let me give you an overview of the new features and respond to some of your questions on our hangman game.

News and Feedback in May 2013

Choosing from the last entered patterns and author profiles are the main new features from May. Read more about them and my answers to your questions.

Your feedback in April

April is actually great to go out and not play word games, but still, I received a lot of feedback from you that I am going to answer in this article.

Your feedback in February and March

February and March where busy months for In this article I am going to answer the questions I received from you via email or the contact forms.

Words With Friends Letter Group

3 Words With Friends Strategies

This article introduces you to the top 3 Words With Friends Strategies you don’t even need tools for. Read more about pluralization, short and connected words and learn how to use them properly.


Spanish Scrabble helper online

Since last week,, the Spanish version of is online. If you’d like to use the tools you find here with Spanish words, please don’t hesitate to visit the Spanish Scrabble Helper.

Win in Hangman

Hangman online

Hangman is one of the most popular word games. When I thought about publishing my “own” word game on it was sure that hangman will be one of the first. I just published it and want to use this post to tell you more about “my” version of hangman.