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QWERTY – the Scrabble film

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I just stumbled upon a new movie called QWERTY. The main supporting actor is the word game Scrabble. So, is this a Scrabble film?

QWERTY – a Scrabble film

The film just recently aired on April 15th 2012 at the Dallas International Film Festival. I am not sure when it will come to the US theatres and I am afraid it won’t jump over to Europe.
The comedy is produced by Bill Sebastian. Main characters are Dana Pupkin, Eric Hailey and Bill Redding.

From the trailer I can only review that this is kind of a low budget romance / comedy that looks promising not only for Scrabble enthusiasts. See for yourself in the trailer.

You can also visit the official facebook-site of QWERTY – the movie.

Unfortunately, I am not able to see the movie here in Europe, so I can only review some other articles about it. Below you find one of the best parts I found in a review to this film.

Bill Sebastian’s film is centered around a self-proclaimed “word nerd” named Zoe, who has the absolute best job ever– translating vanity plate requests for the state of Illinois to make sure they aren’t naughty words. The movie starts out with the vanity plate request “Tohzah,” which turns out to be the Klingon version of the F-word. Brilliant….

More at Here you can find a review of the movie.

Have you already seen QWERTY – the movie? I would love to read your opinion about this film in our comments.

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    Thanks for the interest. E-mail us, we’d love to talk to you. Are there any film festivals in your area? We really don’t know the European market at all.

    Still, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be able to buy it at some sort of VOD place in Europe next year.

    Thanks again!

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