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Word Stacks Adds a Whole New Dimension to Word Games

Review Word Game App by People Fun

created on by Thadeus Geodfrey

Word Stacks is a game that offers the latest word experiences. This game is brand new and helps build up your powers of deduction. It is simple; just fill in the little circles on the top of the board with words at each stage. Experience the chapters and levels of this game and brace yourself for hours of fun. You can play this game anywhere, as it is compatible on all devices. Take on the challenge and build some words right away. » read more

How to score high in your Word Chums Game

score high in word chums hints

created on by Anja Goritzka

You want to make your Chum happy in Word Chums? You have to score high in your Word Game. We`ve got some hints for you how you can score high and win your Word Chums Game. » read more

Outrunning Your Opponent in Scrabble

scrabble with gerry carter outrunning in scrabble

created on by gerryc

In this feature, Gerry Carter tells us something about Scrabble strategies like “leave one in the bag” or “outruning” your opponent. He shows us how this works based on an example playing against Ikekeregor Dennis. » read more

Are you a word genius in WWF? Prove it by making words with these letters

make words with these letters be a genius

created on by Guest Post

It’s fun to kick back and relax with a good old game of Words with Friends, but there’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck trying to make up words with blocks of letters that don’t seem to be producing any results. We show you how you can easily make words with your letters in Words with Friends. » read more

Watch out Nigel – Scrabble Player A-Cubed is Coming for You!

scrabble player pakistani wunderkind

created on by gerryc

Gerry Carter had the opportunity to speak with Ahmed Abdullah Abbasi, called A-Cubed or AAA. The 26-year-old man is one of the Scrabble wunderkinds coming from Pakistan. Just read more about his path to getting involved in tournaments and his thoughts about Scrabble worldwide. » read more

Words with only Consonants in Scrabble

words with only consonants in scrabble

created on by Juliane Fritz

A rack full of consonants is pretty useless in a Scrabble game. But you will be surprised how many interesting words with only vowels are valid in Scrabble! In this article you will get to know words like CWM and PNW. Have fun! » read more

Solving Crosswords with Don Manley’s Crossword Manual

Solving Crosswords with Chamber'`s Crossword Manual

created on by Stefanie Holke

Professional crossword setters, editors, solvers, and general enthusiasts all have one thing in common – a copy of Don Manley’s Crossword Manual on their shelves. Read on to find out how you can get better at solving crosswords. » read more

Learning Scrabble with Gerry Carter – About Stems

Learning Scrabble with Gerry Carter

created on by gerryc

Gerry Carter, 1998 Scrabble Champion of Asia and the Pacific, tells us some important things about Scrabble stems and learning the longer Scrabble words so you can get in the game. » read more

About the Joy of Word Chums – Word Chums Player told us

word chums player having fun with a cute word game

created on by Anja Goritzka

Every player has their own reasons for playing games like Word Chums. Two gamers from the States told us why they play and what they like most about the word game Word Chums. Want to meet Karol and David? Just follow us! » read more

How People Find Words in Words with Friends – Our Five Types

How to find words in words with friends

created on by Juliane Fritz

There are so many ways to find words in Words with Friends – and every one of us has his special way to succeed. We got to know five types of players. But maybe we forgot one? Just tell us. » read more